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Going, Going, Yawn! (332)


Geodude said:
Hopefully the rest of the online community now fully understands the sexiness that is Flannery. :D

They will when they fully understand the utter sexiness and wonderfullness of Roxanne. ^_~ (Who is NOT a man in drag. Seriously. :p)

Anyway... *sweatdrops* I've seen this episode in Japanese. It's the Gym Battle one, yes? (Or is this the Hole Filled Battlefield one? I've seen both.)


Spider Sceptile
Flannery Is Very Sexy but not as much as Misty personally. Since I only saw this ep. missed the first part It was a good badge, liked how they used Status Conditions, Glad Pika lost :), Torkoal's voice was awesome hopefully Ash's will be better. Even though I still prefer Brawly's Rematch as the best Hoenn Gym so far, haven't seen Roxanne's or Brawly first one.


The battle in this episode was good but I think Overheat was over-exagerated a bit when it was making 1 hit KOs. Overall Ash showed good strategy and thats why he won. 8.7/10


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Well, Overheat is a very powerful attack and should not be underestimated. I remember Flannery destroyed me with it a few times before I was able to beat her. Also take into account that both pokémon that were knocked out by overheat had already taken considerable damage.


Old Coot
Man, the dub of this episode wasn't too bad at all. Two things caught my attention. Sean Schmelle (Goku and Kaio-sama of DBZ/DBGT) was doing the voice of Flannery's grandfather and they kept Typhlosion's voice the same in the previous episode. o_o I still don't get why 4Kids has to keep redubbing Magcargo's voice even though it has the same freakin' name in Japanese yet keep Typhlosion's who's clearly shouting "BAKU!" o_O Torkoal's wasn't tolerable either. :\ Although I thought Flannery's voice was absolutely perfect.

And is it me..or did the animators go overboard with Flannery's hips and keep shrinking the size of it? Looked a little TOO skinny at some points. XD


Well now I've seen it about a month after o_O. Anyway, episode was well laid out, and I like the way Sludge Bomb was done, but Iron Defense seems a bit overpowered to me.


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Like what her grandad said, she used overheat both too early and too frequently, hindering her defensive capabilities. Doing Crabhammer on the side? I guess, since Toakoal was too fat to fit in it's shell. Put it on a strict diet regime from now on.

Factory Head Noland

I love this episode but one problem is that there wasn't the Advanced Adventure theme in the background when Corphish uses Crabhammer on Torkoal for the last time.

El Georgio

Hmm... I saw this ep at the weekend (English version) The battle was weird because I thought Ash lost but he still had Corphish and Treecko left

Alakazam said:
but Iron Defense seems a bit overpowered to me.

i agree but overheat looked so cool, so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is the best gym battle yet, flannery is my fav gym leader but i just hate the dub title here are some ideas i thought were better than -going going yawn-

-torkoal troubles- (because ash has trouble with torkoal)
-burning torkoal- (pun on burning charcoal)
-slower than a torkoal- (pun on the words slower than a tortoise)
-a burning flannery- (pun on the words a burning flame)
-fourth badge blues- (dunno why but i like it)
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Old Coot
Advance Adventure's BGM theme plays even to this day. The dub plays it simply because there's nothing wrong with it (they've played OK!'s BGM during Johto). But there are times when they don't play it when it should be playing (like in the Enekororo episode).

As for Kootasu's Iron Defense, it clearly wasn't overpowered. It was taking advantage of its hard shell. Problem was that its weight was in its shell, and flipping it over leaves its vulnerable spot open. Were it really overpowered, there'd be no weak spot.

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El Georgio said:
Hmm... I saw this ep at the weekend (English version) The battle was weird because I thought Ash lost but he still had Corphish and Treecko left
That's because he switched them out before they were actually beaten. Though it sometimes happened in Kanto, since then almost always even if a Pokemon is put to sleep it isn't considered beaten until it has actually been knocked unconscious (sleep being just another level of consciousness).


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~Bayleef~ said:
I saw the japanese ep of this and I love this ep!!!!!!!! It's the best Hoenn Gym Battle so far!

oh i TOTALLY agree with you. this episode seemed like a completely different caliber than they had been previously. I personally think the first few episodes at the beginning of the hoenn series were mega weak sauce plot-wise. this one totally made up for them though.


*swoons for Noland*
This episode played this afternoon. I couldn't pass up seeing it again. Damn, I just love the part when Torkoal kicked the crap out of Pikachu with Sludge Bomb.

Strategically, this was one of Ash's better battles.

Psychic Venusaur said:
The episode didn't have much to do with the Yawn attack, but they found a pun that they could use

The whole point of the title was that Yawn almost lost the battle for Ash. If Corphish had not awakened in time he would have lost.
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This was one of my favorite Gym Battle episodes in a while. Corphish and Pikachu battled great, Corphish the best. My favorite parts were when Pikachu dodged the barrage of Sludge Bomb, and when Corphish spun and flipped over Torkoal.



Team Awesome
At least this was a pretty interesting gym battle episode. I liked Corphish waking up again when it was being cooked with flamethrower (LOL), Corphish spinning around torkoal with crabhammer, and the flashback with Flannery falling asleep while her grandfather's lecturing. I also liked Team Rocket getting to spend some time in the hot springs. :) I'm also glad Ash learned a lesson about underestimating a new gym leader.