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Going, Going, Yawn! (332)


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Corphish was cool in this battle,Crabhammering it's way through the sandstorm.Piklachu did a good job,too,with the quick attack and thunderbolt combo.


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There's something that's been bothering me for a while about this episode (and to some extent, the Pokeringer one), and surprise, surprise, it concerns the animation; Just who the hell did provide the direction? Now, I've seen Hirooka credited for working on this one alone, but the fact that a lot of scenes have an art style that just reeks of Tokuda (just LOOK at Haruka and Flannery) makes me think otherwise. I'm certain that there must have been a little collaboration going on at the very least, so is it possible that Tokuda went uncredited or could it simply be down to a translation error?
I know that few people around here actually know/care about this sort of thing, but if anyone has any insight into the matter, some elaboration would be appreciated~


Good gym battle
The battle between Pikachu and Slugma was great, i loved it.
And Corphish was amazing in this battle...


I liked the fact that it took place outside for once.

Flannery was actually stronger than in the games. Her Torkoal's Overheat really took it's toll on Ash's Pokemon.

Overall, a 6/10

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This and Poetry Commotion are pretty much two favorite episodes of mine soley because of Flannery since she's one of my favorite characters (Glad she got two episodes instead of one, but five or even random appearances like Gardenia would have been awesome). The battle was pretty good though, interesting that out of all the Gym leaders Ash caught a Pokemon because Flannery had the same one (Torkoal) and real soon after the episode.


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This was a very good episode and the Gym battle was great.

I just wish Flannery had a Camerupt like she does in Emerald.


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This episode was very cool. I really liked this 3 on 3 gym battle. It was cool to see Slugma's Yawn attack for the 1st time. It was cool to see Corphish use Crabhammer on Torkoal and then it just spun around getting dizzy. It made no sense for Ash to use Treecko in this battle, and it didn't even win a battle. I'm glad Ash won this gym battle.



It was an interesting episode to say the least. I'm not really going to comment on the battle in this episode since it wasn't very interesting. Obviously, Flannery wasn't the best Gym Leader in terms of battling but she was rather impressive for a new Gym Leader.


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I think this gym battle was really solid done (even if it was a little forgettable). I think both Flannery and Ash did a great display in this gym battle and I loved how Ash used his strategy of recalling when necessary. I also think it displayed Torkoal as a very powerful Pokémon and I was happy to see Ash capturing one later.


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I loved how Corphish slept through a couple of Fire attacks from Torkoal. Corphish's reaction when it woke up in the fire was hilarious too. I liked how Corphish hit Torkoal on the side in order to get it to come out of its shell, that was a great strategy IMO. I would have preferred seeing Ash use Taillow over Treecko in this battle, though I did find it funny when Treecko fainted right away against Torkoal.

Team Rocket at the hot spring was funny. They just seemed so high out of it and I liked it when the Ursaring attacked them.
I'm a fan of Flannery, she's cool, it was fun to watch the battle. Overheat is a move I always saw as cool in the games, and in the anime too. And like Aquarelle said in the post above mine, Corpish's reaction was pretty epic. It was fun to see Flannery being strong, but also not fully confident, her clumsiness is cute. And I like the Team Rocket scenes in the hot spring. The episode was forgettable, but still cool, I know that sounds contradictionary, but still. 7/10.


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"Going, Going, Yawn!"

"Going, Going, Yawn"?! Eeeh, what a crappy dub title. Titles like this are the reason why I don't like punny dub titles. 4kids should've picked a better dub title for this episode.

Anyways, this episode picked up from where "Poetry Commotion!" Ash and Flannery started their Gym battle by sending out Magcargo and Corphish respectively. Magcargo didn't give Ash much trouble, as his Corphish was pretty much owning Magcargo in the battle. Magcargo tried to block Cophish's attacks with Reflect, but Corphish took it out a powerful Crabhammer. But then he sent out Trekoo against Flannery's Slugma! Ugh, why did he choose Treecko aganist Slugma even after knowing that Grass-type is weak to Fire-type ? I would be better if Ash used Taillow over Treecko in the battle. It's a shame that Treecko and Corphish didn't do much aganist Slugma, but I liked how Pikachu defeated Magmer by electrifying the Smog with Thunderbolt. It was smart of Ash to use Thunderbolt on Slugma's Smog to zap it. Flannery's next and final Pokémon was Torkoal. I have to admit, Torkoal's Iron Defence/Overheat combo was really powerful. First Torkoal blocked Pikachu's Iron tail with Iron Defence, then it took down Pikachu with Overheat.

Treecko fainting so fast against Torkoal wasn't surprising, since he's weak to Fire-Type Pokémon. Corphish was Ash's only Pokémon left. . . .and he totally owned the battle. It's awesome how Corphish managed to take a couple of Fire-type moves from Torkoal. Also, Ash's strategy of hitting Torkoal on its side and forcing it out was really good, it worked like it should.

Overall, a great episode. The battle between Ash and Flannery was really awesome and both of them did great in the battle. I'm glad Ash got the Heat Badge. Also, I liked seeing Flannery in action, she is the Hottest Hoenn Gym leader.
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I can definitely say that this battle was much better than the Mauville City battle, well, at least to me.
I liked seeing Ash make all those substitutions of his Pokemon. :)


I liked that Flannery's Magcargo used Reflect and Sandstorm to try to prevent Ash's Corphish from doing too much damage. Too bad that Corphish won anyway. I cackled when Ash used Corphish again to fight Slugma, only for Yawn to put him to sleep. I was really hoping that Pikachu would slay Torkoal instead, but alas. At least Ash won his badge.


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Not a bad episode.It was cool to see Yawn in action,but luckily Corphish eventually woke up.Flannery's grandfather scolding her before the battle started was hilarious.Using Treecko against a Fire-type opponent was a poor decision,at least it didn't win despite the type disadvantage.