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Going, Going, Yawn! (332)


Fiery Destroyer! <3
I like Flannery but the battle wasn't really interesting tbh.Team Rocket scenes were fun to watch. 6.5/10.

Mrs. Oreo

I was impressed by how status conditions were used against Ash's pokemon, especially when Yawn was used to make Corphish fall asleep. Flannery's Torkoal vs Corphish was my favourite match here.


Flannery's team was stronger than I was expecting and my biggest regret was that Ash used Treecko again instead of his Taillow. 6.5/10
The Lavaridge Gym battle was everything I wanted and more. My favorite scene: Flannery using Magcargo's Yawn strategy to make Corphish sleepy. :)
I loved Flannery. Corphish's reaction to Overheat was pretty funny lol. It was fun to see Flannery being strong, but also not fully confident. And I like the Team Rocket scenes in the hot spring.


It was nice to see Mura stick around to act as the referee, and I enjoyed how Satoshi had to deal with status conditions such as Kimori's burn and Heigani's sleep status. Asuna's Cotoise was really strong, and I thought that the Rocket-dan's hot springs drama involving those wild Ringuma was worth a few chuckles.


Flannery had seemed weak when Ash first met her, yet she turned it around here by becoming a threat. I loved how we saw Yawn for the first time ever.


In hindsight, I wish Satoshi's Kimori had evolved here as a way of justifying Satoshi's decision to use a Grass-type at a Fire-type Gym. Juptile's involvement would've been neat in general.


I call you honey
I figured all along that Ash was going to use Corphish in this Gym battle, since it's a Water type. I had no idea that he'd choose to use Treecko too though. I mean, since it had a type disadvantage.


Frankly, given that we knew that Asuna was still new at being a Gym Leader, I was astonished when we saw how strong her Cotoise was. It seemed like Asuna shouldn't have been able to control it, yet she did.
Meh gym battle. Wasn't all that impressive to me. I love that Corphish did well though.