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Golden Dragon Shop (Rule Update: 7/15/11)

What new drawing-based offerings would you most like to see in the future?

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Shiny Master
Kyaah~! Skiyomi! You opened another shop! /way too excited

Requesting please~

Chaotic Disintegrate

Graphic Type: Banner
Image(s): Here~
Size: 300x200, but if it looks better in a different size, that's fine too~
Text: If you can do Japanese text, then "やっぱり..." but if not, no text is fine~
Color Preferences: Matching their clothes, so blue, orange, gold, etc.
Additional Information: If you could focus on the two in the middle that'd be great.

Thank you so much in advance. :3
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The Lunescent

Izanagi the Creator
Full Signature Banner:

Images:http://i1185.photobucket.com/albums/z347/ScreenieCollector/Naruto/Itachi Uchiha/Hawks.jpg

Size:400 x 160

"You see me dead at your feet? Show me you can make it happen..."

Red and Black, I love the little texture effects you put on your banners, thats why I came here cause its what I am looking for, see if you can find something dark and ominous while matching those colors.

Additional Info
I would like Itachi to be on the right hand side, all the way against the banner, so there are no awkward cutoffs in the image, I want the bottom half of him cropped off (for size and format reasons) A good marking point is the tip of his highest fingers on the handsign, cut it off a little bit above that, this will fix the awkward shoulder, also complete omit the blue background and raven on the far left side of him, again to avoid an awkward cutoff. On the left side of the banner is where I want the text, format it as you see fit with the remaining room, and the Uchiha fan image I would like to have faintly in the backround behind the font, so its still very readable, but you can see the fan. (Like turning the opacity down) Sorry if this sounded too complicated, I'd honestly make it myself if my computer was fast enough to run Photoshop. I look forward to your results, and thanks in advance. :)

Edit: If its easy, just change the color of the sky, I just realized it might actually look cool if its red in the banner, if you can fade it out. Anyways your the artist you know what to do. :)
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Mr. E Goods

Gone for good
Chaotic Disintegrate

Graphic Type: Avatar
Image(s): Here
Size:100x100, standard avatar
Text: #420 Cherubi
Color Preferences: Any really, more orange pink though.
Additional Information: small writing @ Bottom of avatar


Nutter t.KK

can Mega Evolve!
Upon the Sea of Chaos

Text Signature? - Closest to what I think matches

Text: The Tales of the Soju Masters.
Color Preferences: None, however this could be used in several places.
Font Type: No Comic Sans, Preference- Serif font
Additional Information: Intended for Logo, See PM for details, also free ask me via the any details in the contract thread.

I know there's 3 already.. but I did contact you about 12 hours ago.


Only Mostly Dead
Road: Accepted and added to the list.

The Lunescent: Denied. Your second link doesn't work. Also, I'd check on form-usage if you want to request again. You're asking for a "Full Signature Banner" but your description sounds like just a banner. Either way, I can tell you're not using the actual form I've provided. Please do use the actual form I've provided. It's there for a reason.

Mr. E Goods: Accepted and added to the list.

Big Nutter: Accepted and added to the list. Though I am going to need more information on size.
Chaotic Disintegrate

Graphic Type: Banner
Size:You can crop the image to be around 200x384 as long as it doesn't make the image blurry or anything. The whole image can be about 600x384.
Color Preferences:None Really.
Additional Information: Could the word "tylon" be taken off of the bottom left? Heres what I though would look good for the background. Have Froslass on the left side of the image but not to close to the edges. Behind her there is snow on the ground and there is aurora borealis in the sky. If possible, I think it would look better if the background wasn't a real picture but more of a drawing or effect. I think it should be night time as well but the aurora borealis should give off some good light. Maybe some snow flakes coming down as well would be a nice added touch.

Thank You! :D
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Only Mostly Dead
You're welcome, Giggity :p

samurottwarrior: Denied. All the request slots are filled. Not only that but your account is only two weeks old and you're not allowed to make a request here unless its a month old. Strike one. I'd say that's a 24-hour ban from requesting, but your account still won't be old enough by then.
Oh, sorry about that, the other shops I had looked at didn't have an account prerequisite. See you in a couple of weeks and sorry again.

Keep up the great art!


Only Mostly Dead
Alrighty then. Road, Mr. E Goods, and Big Nutter, your requests are all done. Don't forget to save/host these on your own accounts and to give credit. Hope you like them!



Mr. E Goods:


Big Nutter: Already sent yours to you.


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Only Mostly Dead
ElectiCrow: Accepted. Though please remember to use to include the opening tag of the form the next time you request.

Zozo1999: Denied. Sorry, but for a web-site header/thread header I'm really going to need more specific size information.

Rule Change: I've decided to nix the week limit before you can request again after making a request. It just seemed a little too harsh. If people start wanting to replace their sig banners right after I finish making them one something that happened last time I'll have to make a rule to address it, but for the time being there won't be a limit on when you can request again.


has left Serebii
I'm Sorry x3x I changed it :D


just a passerby
Chaotic Disintegrate

Graphic Type: Avatar/Banner/Header/Wallpaper
Image(s): http://i51.*******.com/2vdiv11.jpg
Size: Anything, really.
The spirit Pokémon
Color Preferences: Gold and dark grey.
Additional Information: Give it a bit of a 'sad' feeling.

Thanks =]


Shiny Master
HNNNNNG SKIYOMI I LOVE YOU. It's absolutely wonderful~ Thank you so much! /skips off to change signature


Only Mostly Dead
You're both welcome!

ElectiCrow, Zozo1999, and EzzPeon, your requests are all done. Don't forget to save/host these on your own accounts and to give credit. Hope you like them!






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