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Golden Hearts [a Journeymen FanFic] (PG:14)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Keyo61491, Oct 11, 2012.

  1. Keyo61491

    Keyo61491 Hakumei Tenshi

    Keyo61491’s Pokemon Fan-Fiction: Golden Hearts. Rated PG: 14

    Author's Note: Golden Hearts takes place 4 years before the events of Dark Waters, and 2 years before the events of Pokemon Red/Blue.


    “Goldenrod City, city of gold...and my hometown. Man, it’s been a long time since I’ve been home. I think it’s been almost 2 years since I last saw my mother, and to think that my journey started because I wanted nothing more than to get away from her. Now I’m starting to miss those skyscrapers almost literally scraping off chunks of the sky. The constantly busy, crowded streets. The gigantic 5 story mall, that sells virtually EVERYTHING. And despite all odds, I’m even starting to miss Whitney of all people. But what I miss the most about Goldenrod is the reason why it’s so famous. Every afternoon when the sun sets, the entire city is engulfed in a shroud of gold. It’s even more beautiful when you’re sitting at the edge of the harbor where the ocean reflects the sun set. Man, you have to be there to see it, I doubt I can explain it in words, but I can say very easily that Goldenrod is the greatest city there is.

    Except for one thing…”

    Chapter 1: Heart of Cold

    Our story begins in a small white house in Goldenrod city, located right outside the border of what’s considered downtown. Not that it matters, since the non-residential buildings are just as tall as any other skyscraper, and the streets are just as noisy and crowded as any other financial district. Either way, there’s no possible way to get from point A to point B without having to say “excuse me” at least once or twice.

    This is one of the many reasons why Keyo almost never goes outside. His social skills are so poor that no matter where he goes, he never says “excuse me” nor does he ever apologize, even if he were to bump into someone, knocking them over. That’s what happens when you coop yourself in your room and do nothing but play video games, and watch anime all day, everyday. His mother doesn’t seem to mind how secluded her son has become, so long as he stays out of trouble, or at least she didn’t seem to mind. Ever since Keyo’s 10th birthday a few weeks ago, she’s been trying to get him out of the house, to do something constructive with himself, even if it’s something as small as a walk to the store for some exercise.

    Keyo of course hates to leave his house for 2 reasons. The first is having to interact with people. His lack of social skills isn’t an accident, for some unknown reason, Keyo hates people. Maybe someone did something to him to cause this; perhaps it’s all due to a misunderstanding. No one, not even Keyo knows the real reason. One thing he does know for sure is that saying hello to a stranger is one of the most difficult things for him to do. Whenever his mother sends him off to the store he just pulls his hood over his eyes, puts his hands in his jacket pockets, and walks looking at the ground without saying a word until he got back home.

    The second reason is Whitney, the daughter of the Goldenrod city Pokemon Gym leader. Whitney is a happy-go-lucky kind of girl, who’s always positive about anything, and tries to be optimistic about everything. Although, she fails most of the time, due to her being a huge crybaby. She also loves Pokemon, which is a rare trait in Goldenrod. Since the city is so big and loud, hardly any wild Pokemon come anywhere near it, with the exception of hungry Rattata that dig through people’s garbage at night, Wingulls that can be found at the beach during the day, and the Pokemon at the local Gym of course. But of course, being the daughter of the Gym leader, it’s expected that she’d be at least a little attached. However, despite preferring a positive atmosphere, she’s somehow found a kind of charm within Keyo’s reclusive attitude, and tries to spend as much time with him as possible in an attempt to unravel the mysteries of his mind.

    How they became friends is a mystery of nature. The only reason why Keyo tolerates her company is because his mother and Whitney’s father were high school friends, not to mention that Whitney’s father isn’t necessarily fond of Keyo either, so he has no choice but to be nice to her. But deep inside Keyo would love nothing more than to be away from her forever, along with everything else.

    Goldenrod City Harbor, East of the Railroad station. 7:18pm

    There is one thing that Keyo doesn’t absolutely hate about leaving his house. Every afternoon before Keyo goes home, he stops by the harbor to watch the sunset. The golden horizon somehow washes away all of the stress of the day. Even the everyday clatter of the city is drowned out by the serene atmosphere of the harbor at twilight. Keyo thought today was especially calm, considering he hasn’t seen or heard from Whitney all day, which usually spelled disaster later on. But today was a good day, so Keyo let his guard down just this once, and just focused on the half set sun, letting his legs hang freely off the edge of the boardwalk.

    “Keeeeeeeeeeeeeeyooooooooooo!!!!” .Keyo immediately recognized that accursed voice coming from behind him, it was Whitney of course. Normally her sudden appearance would break his Zen, but since it was so late in the day, he didn’t mind this one time. “Keyo! I figured you’d be here, I haven’t seen you all day! How have you been?” Keyo laid back with his arms crossed behind his head. “Same as yesterday, and the day before, and the day before…”. “Aww, you need to get out more, have some fun! Make some friends!” Keyo was too Zen’d out to get up and punch Whitney in the face, she knows that he’s too anti-social to do those kinds of things. Whitney sat next to Keyo with her legs hanging off the boardwalk. “Hey Keyo, y’know what today is?” Keyo didn’t respond. He knew the answer, but didn’t want Whitney to know he knew. “It’s my birthday you jerk!” “Oh yeeeeeeah” Keyo responded with a bit of half-assed acting. “We had a party and everything, with cake, and ice cream, and games, there was even a juggler! That’s why I didn’t get to see you today…” “Well you’re seeing me now….oh yeah and happy birthday”. “Thanks, sorry I couldn’t invite you, you know, my dad” “Pfft like I would’ve gone otherwise” Keyo mumbled under his breath. “What?” “Nothing......so why are you here again?” “I just wanted to see you today that’s all...” After that, was silence. Keyo was quietly staring at the darkening sky, while Whitney gazed at the fading sea of gold. Keyo was a bit bewildered; Whitney wasn’t as talkative as she normally was. He felt that she was waiting for him to say something first. “What’s on your mind?” Keyo said to break the silence. Whitney was thrown off to hear Keyo ask such a thing. “Oh nothing, it’s just that...I was sad that you couldn’t be there.” Keyo’s seen enough anime to know where this was going. Whenever a girl mentions her feelings in a casual conversation, it usually leads to a confession of some kind, he thought to himself. He stood up quickly opt to leave her without saying a word. “Keyo...” Keyo paused with his back turned. “Will you see me tomorrow?” Whitney asked. Keyo stopped to think about his answer, he didn’t want hear what he had to say, but he didn’t want to tell her no either. He didn’t know what she’d do if he told her that he didn’t want to see her again. Although he doesn’t care for Whitney that much, he’d still feel guilty if she did something to herself because of something he said. He went for the safe answer “Maybe” and walked away with his hood over his eyes.

    Keyo could barely sleep that night. He didn’t know what he’d do if Whitney confessed her love for him or something. Being responsible for someone else’s feelings especially for someone, whom he barely likes as a friend, was a nightmare. Not to mention how her father would react if he turned her down. He needed to get away somehow; he needed an excuse to not see her tomorrow.

    The Next Day. Goldenrod City, Residential Area, Keyo’s House. 11:14am

    “Keeeeeyo! Whitney’s at the door for you!”
    Keyo’s eyes shot open quickly to the voice of his mother calling him. “What?! She’s here?!?” Keyo thought to himself in panic. A few minutes later Keyo came to the front porch, still groggy from lack of sleep. “Good morning Keyo! Ohayo Gozaimasu!” Whitney greeted cheerfully while lowering her head. “What are you, Kantonese?” Keyo asked with a bit of grump to his voice. “Say, are you free to talk today?” Twas the moment Keyo was dreading all night, having to answer questions while still half asleep. “Uh....no, I’m not” “What? Why not?” It was then that Keyo understood why the characters on TV would rather lie their asses off, than tell the truth. Why meet certain doom by telling the truth, when you can leave the situation to chance by lying? “I just remembered that I have work later!” “Huh?” Whitney questioned, “Huh?” Keyo’s mother questioned overhearing the conversation. “I said I have work tonight! I’m gonna be busy all day today....and tomorrow...and this week!” Keyo’s mother walked up behind him “You don’t have a jo-““Isn’t that right mom?” Keyo interrupted. “Why are you lying to the poor gir-“”ISN”T THAT RIGHT MOM?!?!” Keyo yelled to his mother. “Yes, very busy indeed” Keyo’s mother finally complied. “You’re working now? Where?” Whitney asked with her head tilted. Keyo didn’t think that far ahead, he looked at his mother with a “Please for the love of Arceus, Help me!” look on his face. “Don’t you remember Keyo? You’re working with that young man who just moved in down the street, that computer genius, William.” Keyo’s mother answered. “Yeah...that guy! Thanks for reminding me mom!” “Oh okay then, just let me know whenever you’re free, I’ll see you later then” Whitney accepted the answer and left with a wave.

    Keyo shut the door with a sigh of relief. “Phew! Nice save mom, thanks a bunch” Keyo raced up the stairs ready to lock himself in his room for the day until his mother stopped him, “Hold it right there mister, it’s a bit early to thank me yet” Keyo cursed under his breath, he knew wasn’t gonna get out of this scot-free. “I don’t know why you lied to poor Whitney, and I didn’t raise any liars” “What? But you lied too!” “No I didn’t. That boy William was going up and down the neighborhood putting up fliers looking for an intern, I was going to ask you if you were interested, but I think this will make the perfect punishment for lying to that poor girl” “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!” Keyo thought to himself. He actually did want to scream on the outside, but he was too tired. “I’m going to call William right now to tell him that you’re coming over, you go put some real clothes on, and take a shower, and be on your best behavior or else!” Keyo went into his room without a word, he’d normally try to argue himself out of this situation, but he knows too well that he pretty much did this to himself. So he finally found his excuse to be away from Whitney, but now he has to follow up on his word...a nightmare indeed.

    What will this William person have in store for our young hero?
    How will Keyo cope with this new lifestyle?
    What the hell does any of this have to do with Pokemon?

    All will be revealed in the next chapter of Golden Hearts!
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2012
  2. Blaziken10285

    Blaziken10285 The Dojo Master

    Interesting new fic. Just a few comments for next time.

    1) Narration is typically in past tense. Not that you have to change it, but it may be a good idea to take into account.

    2) The conversations need help. Remember to always begin a new paragraph when someone new talks (press enter twice for it to work on here). I kept having to figure out who was talking, and this is the way to remedy it.

    Welcome to the world of fan fiction!
  3. Keyo61491

    Keyo61491 Hakumei Tenshi

    Golden Hearts a Pokemon Fan-Fiction.

    Chapter 2: Death of an Otaku.

    Goldenrod City, Residential Area, Keyo’s House, 12:01pm

    It’s not very often, when Keyo of all people tries to be optimistic about something. Not that he’s a pessimist on purpose; it’s just that he’s a very realistic thinker. He doesn’t let things like “hope” or “fate” get in the way of getting things done as quickly and efficiently as possible. This time, Keyo was praying that whatever this William guy need him to do, was a job that he can get done quickly, so he can go home as soon as possible, at the same time he didn’t want to leave too early, or else the job wouldn’t be as time consuming as he want Whitney to believe. He was in a tight spot indeed, Keyo’s seen enough anime to know what happens when you’re caught in a web of lies.

    “Alright mom, I’m going...”

    Keyo’s mom stopped him before he was able to turn the door knob.

    “Wait a minute! You’re not seriously going to work looking like THAT are you?”

    Keyo looked down at his clothes. He didn’t see anything wrong with his attire; on the other hand he doesn’t pay enough attention to other people’s clothing to know that anime esc style clothing isn’t normal wear. He wore a black, white and gold button-up shirt, a black, white and gold short sleeve hooded jacket, with black, white and gold pants, and black and gold sneakers. Needless to say, Keyo is a ***** for black, white and gold.

    “Aw c’mon mom! I hate formal wear, haven’t you punished me enough?” Keyo complained.

    “Alright fine, if anyone asks, you’re not my son, and for future reference, don’t ever ask me that question again.”

    Ignoring that last statement, Keyo left the house after a deep breath. He stared down the street like a western film. His feet dragged on the side walk, taking his sweet ol’ time he made his way towards William’s house. It shall be the longest 4 blocks Keyo has ever walked.

    Goldenrod City, Residential Area, Outside William’s House. 12:13pm

    Keyo let out a sigh. It was time to face his punishment. He thought about what he was going to say when he met William for the first time, and came up with nothing. The best that he can hope for is that he wouldn’t have to say anything at all. Unlikely...he’s going to be working with the guy after all. Keyo pushed the button he assumed to be the door bell.


    “GAH!” Keyo jumped from the sudden appearance of the Chimeco that came seemingly from nowhere.

    “What the hell?” Keyo’s never seen a Chimeco up close before, and by the way it was behaving, it seemed like it’s never seen a human aside from William before.

    “Get away from me!”

    Keyo screamed while swatting at the chime pokemon with his hand, until he heard a voice from behind him


    Keyo turned around quickly with his arms up, as if he was ready to karate chop someone.

    “Are you the new intern?” Keyo realized that whoever this guy is means no harm, and then immediately felt embarrassed for even thinking that way.

    “Um...are you William Fences?” Keyo asked in a formal tone.

    The young man at the door laughed, “Oh please, don’t be so formal, just call me Bill.”

    Bill extended his arm out for a handshake, Keyo stared at his hand for a second, envisioning the devil’s contract he’d be signing, if he took it. Once again he reminded himself that this is already better then dealing with Whitney. He took Bill’s hand with a weak grip.

    “I apologize for my Chimeco; I got it from a foreign country y’see.”

    *Chime!* Cried the Chimeco

    “Come on in, uh....say, I never got your name”

    Keyo was too distracted by the Chimeco’s hovering to respond right away. “Oh uh...it’s Keyo...Keh-Yoh, some pronounce it Key-oh.”

    Bill looked at him strangely. “That’s an odd name, oh well make yourself at home.”

    Keyo took a step inside the house. Part of him was expecting some kind of home office, but it was just an ordinary house to him.

    “So let’s get right to it.” Bill proclaimed. “My name is William Fences, but I prefer to be called Bill. I am a computer engineer. I’m the one who invented the PCs you see in every Pokemon center”

    Keyo was already lost. He’s never used or seen a PC in his life, especially since he’s never been inside a Pokemon center before. Bill continued.

    “Right now I’m working on various projects toward improving the PC system for everyone. But I get so busy with my work, that I don’t have much time to take care of household chores.”

    A red flag flew up in Keyo’s mind as soon as he heard the word “chores”. “You want me to do HOUSEWORK!” Keyo yelled. “What was all that build-up for? Here you have me thinking that I’m about to assist you in something important!”

    “Ah, but you are my friend! By doing this for me, you’ll be make time for me to revolutionize the world as we know it!”

    Keyo couldn’t accept that answer. “This is ********! I don’t even do chores in my own house! Why the hell would I stay here to work for you?”

    “Did I mention that this is a PAID internship?”

    10 Minutes later...

    “....and last but not least, is the basement which is also my personal laboratory. This is where I’ll be working while you handle the household chores.” Bill explained after giving Keyo a tour of the house.

    “Not gonna lie, you got some cool stuff down here Bill.”

    “Thanks, but most of these are just unfinished projects, likely to never be completed.”

    Keyo circled around Bill’s basement, looking at all of the cool gadgets and incomplete gizmos, until something caught his eye. “What’s this....frisbee looking thing?”

    Bill snatched the disc out of Keyo’s hand. “That, my friend is a CD. It goes inside those PCs I told you about.”

    “Well what does it do?”

    “Primarily it just stores information, but this CD in particular is something special.”
    “That doesn’t answer my question”

    Bill sighed at Keyo’s unquenchable curiosity. “Alright come here for a sec.”

    Bill lead Keyo to a desk with two small mechanical containers. “Here I’ll give you a demonstration.” Bill put his fingers to his mouth and gave a loud whistle. Less than seconds later, Keyo heard a fast pitter patter coming from up stairs. Next thing he knew the source of that pitter patter was this tiny brown fox pokemon known as an Eevee.

    *Eevee!* The little fox squeaked.

    “Here Eevee, stand inside the teleporter” Bill commanded.

    The Eevee hopped on top of the desk and into one of the mechanical containers, Keyo watched quietly and carefully as Bill typed some commands on his keyboard.

    “Watch closely Keyo”. And with a mouse click, The Eevee inside one container was engulfed in a pillar of light, and suddenly disappeared.

    “Whoa, What?!?! What just happened! Where did it go?” Keyo yelled in amazement.

    “Now now, don’t worry, Eevee is fine, just watch.”

    Seconds later, the second container began to glow with the same light as the first, and as soon as the light dissipated the Eevee appeared inside of it in a daze. Keyo was speechless. He had only seen teleporters in anime and Sci-fi television. He’d never thought that he’d see one in his life time. Bill opened the container to let the Eevee free, and it jumped off the table and scurried back upstairs. “Well there you have it, as I’ve just shown you, this machine can transfer Pokemon from one place to another in a blink of the eye!” Bill explained. “Although it’s dangerous to transfer Pokemon outside their Pokeballs for long distance travel, this time it was okay since Eevee didn’t leave the basement.”

    Keyo shook his head and closed his jaw “H-How....did you-“

    “You wouldn’t understand if I even tried to explain it to you, this is my life’s work and I soon as you get these documents to Professor Elm in New Bark Town, I will have single handedly revolutionized the world of Pokemon as we know it!”

    Keyo, feeling inspired, threw his fist in the air “YEA—wait what?”

    “That’s right; your first assignment from me is to deliver this suitcase to Professor Elm.” Bill threw a steel suitcase to Keyo and he caught it, it was small but heavy. “It’s a full day trip from here to New Bark by ferry, you’ll leave first thing tomorrow morning, I already bought your ticket and everything.

    Keyo didn’t know how to feel, he had to work, but he gets to travel for free. Then there’s the idea of going to another town. Keyo’s never seen the outside of Goldenrod so he didn’t know what to expect. Not to mention, if this whole thing goes through with the teleporter, Bill will be rich, which had to mean Keyo was going too be rich. It’s a lose-win-lose-win-lose-win-win situation.

    After giving it some thought Keyo gave Bill a confident look. “I’ll do it”.

    “Good, the ferry leaves at 8:00am sharp so make sure you get to the harbor at least an hour early, eat your Cherubi’Os and get a good night sleep. I’ll let you go home early today.”

    “Thanks Bill, I’ll see you tomorrow night”.

    “Good luck”.

    Keyo left Bill’s house with a smile and a wave. He walked home is a strange confidence which seemed to have came from nowhere. Perhaps it’s because everything worked out better than he needed it to. He has a job, he’ll get to see the outside of the city for once, and most importantly, he’s successfully escaped Whitney for good, and it’s all because of a tiny little lie he told. He’s even escaped generic anime plot #42, where lying will only get you in trouble with no hope of getting away with it unscathed. “Tomorrow will be a good day”. Keyo thought to himself.

    Will tomorrow be a good day?
    What awaits Keyo at New Bark town?
    Will generic anime plot #42 have its revenge?

    All will be revealed in the next chapter of GoldenHearts!

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