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Golden Sun Series


Arcane Of The Wild
Not to many threads down here
Anyway I wanted to devote a thread to these awesome games and I was hoping for some info on the release of the sequel to dark dawn

blaze boy

Aka SamuraiDon
One of the most boring game I have ever played.

blaze boy

Aka SamuraiDon
XD is that so >? XD.

Why was it boring? Enlighten me.

Because the story or rather lack of was so dull and I just lost the motivation to keep playing the game.


Arcane Of The Wild
Because the story or rather lack of was so dull and I just lost the motivation to keep playing the game.
Lack of story?

Hah? I think you missed the point of the game.... its a puzzle adventure game, the story is made clear from the beginning and then it evolves as it progresses, if you enter a dry spell story wise then it means you need to go to an event location after solving some puzzles in a dungeon and getting a type of synergy or something else, you have to travel and go into towns so if you stopped playing in the middle of it I dont know what to say.
I liked the series before it spiraled into the gow-awful easy Dark Dawn. The only thing I like about Golden Sun is the music.


Arcane Of The Wild
TBH Dark Dawn unlike the first game ( Which actually felt like a first game in a series) felt like half a game. I should have known something was up when the map was drastically smaller and the shadow eclipse monsters gave 3 times the xp XD I mean when I was playing the second game I got stuck somewhere in champa and I couldnt figure out what to do, so I kinda stopped playing it then I thought to go online 2 years later and finally figured out what I was supposed to do then finished the game on my own XD

I finished dark dawn yesterday so Im going to look for the places that open with the Sol Blade.

But I really want to go back to benlisk so I can get the rest of the Djinn, but Im afraid that if I go that way Ill end up stuck since Port Rago is closed off with ice and the Passaj Mountain Village is the only real way to travel to craggy peak down but since the ports back your kinda stuck their unless you can go back to the sky map from craggy peak...

I have a copy of the first two ( the second one was very long so it was very enjoyable)

The update to the style though was very enjoyable for me when playing dark dawn


Mr. F
The first two games were amazing. Dark Dawn was okay, I hated being blocked out of half of the world at a certain point in time, and there being no way to retrieve the lost Djinn and items.


Arcane Of The Wild
.... *****........... I was trying to figure out how to get them after getting slapped, insight didnt help either and that earth djinn wasnt allowing me to catch it at all and I tried moving the pillar but it wouldnt move at all... so I was at lost how to catch it

I was surprised they put Jenna as the mother, didnt think they would go that route, was wondering if the last couple of scenes with Matt and Sveta were trying to push something.

I felt the crew kinda missed out on a couple of points that could have helped expand the story, like being able to go to biblin <_< XD
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super noob
I liked Dark Dawn, but the first two were much better. The points of no return where a huge turn off for me.

woot21 out dawgs


I thought the dark dawn was okay, but the inability to return to half the world was a disappointment. Plus, I expected more bosses. There weren't too many in my opinion.
It's because there weren't that many bosses. COUNT OFF!

Freaky Mandragora
Cheap Cardboard Dragon
(and Third-Hand Cardboard Dragon for those who bothered taking the test again)
Three Random Soldiers
Red and Blue Generals
Ice Woman
The Saturos & Menardi expies
Repeat + Werewolf
Chimera thing of DEATH

The Black Mage guy
Four-eyes with a possession spell (bent on taking that Sveta off your hands)
The Seven Dwarves
The armor guy with the corrected blade attack's name
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Arcane Of The Wild
I went on gamefaqs two days ago to see what I missed, *this one* it was really helpful, if you played dark dawn I recommend you read it

Dulluhan was horrible.

The last boss is a Bamf Mofo :(