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Goldenrod High (Multishipping PG13)

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by Brian Random, Oct 9, 2007.

  1. Brian Random

    Brian Random I WAS FROZEN TODAY!!

    Shadow_Shipper and everyone else, thank you for your patience. ^^

    *Cue opening song ‘Let’s get Started’ by The Black Eyed Peas*

    Year 1, February

    It was bright yet cold day at Goldenrod High. Students were walking calmly towards their destination, except one. He was running towards the school with pure excitement and enthusiasm. He was running so fast that he was a leaving trail of dust behind. All that for one reason: It was Valentine’s Day. He screeched to a halt when he reached the school entrance. “Yo, ladies!” the student yelled. “If anyone wants a date today, there’s plenty of Barry to go around!”

    Both male and female students either just ignored him as they walked past or glared at him awkwardly, much to Barry’s annoyance. “What’s wrong with you people!” he yelled loudly.

    Letting out a small “Humph!” he turned around and entered the building. A distance away, he saw Wes at his locker opening its door. When he did, he saw a large number of letters inside; all of them were presumed to be love letters and Valentines Day cards. Wes let out a small sigh of displeasure before placing them into his schoolbag and walked away.

    “That Wes…!” Barry snarled angrily. “So many love letters and cards! On Valentine’s Day too!”

    He rushed to his locker, quickly opening it and there was…

    “Eeee! A love letter! Someone here actually likes me!” he cried with glee in his tone. “Sure it’s one love letter, but what the hey!”

    He quickly grabbed his letter and rushed into the men’s bathroom and hid himself in one of toilet rooms. He heavily breathed in and out to calm himself down. He slowly opened the envelope and took a sheet of paper that had a number of words written on it, which he read…

    ‘It should be more like April Fools Day instead of Valentines Day to you. Did you actually think that anyone would send you a love letter or a card today? What a loser you are!’

    The letter was signed, ‘Kim’. Angrily gnarling his teeth and shaking furiously, he held on to his letter tightly, so tight that he creased it up before he tore it apart. Outside the bathroom, Barry’s roar of anger was heard, almost making the whole school shake.

    Back outside the school, Rui and Marley were walking towards the entrance, talking casually about various things. Usually, Wes would walk with them to school but today he had some morning errands to run before going there. Rui suddenly stopped, standing on a spot, much to Marley’s puzzlement. “What is it, Rui?” she asked coolly. Rui slowly turned around, seeing a cloud of smoke coming towards her but she wasn’t concerned about that.

    It was actually Ken speeding towards her and Rui had to quickly make an escape after telling Marley where she would go. After seeing Marley, Ken screeched to halt, skidding past her before running back. “Hi, Marley!” Ken said quickly. “Do you know where Rui went?”

    “Girl’s bathroom, she didn’t say which floor though,” Marley replied, still calm as ever.

    “I’m there!” Ken yelled before running in the school entrance.

    Marley walked over to the nearest tree and found Rui hiding behind it. “He’s gone now,” she said.

    Inside the teachers’ office, Miss Whitney couldn’t help but overhear a small chortle, courtesy of her fellow colleague. “Yeah, I got it, my sweet little cupcake,” he said. Curious and excited, she got up from her desk and walked over to the person’s desk. It turned out to be Mr. Surge’s. He was talking to someone on the phone while smiling like a kid in a candy store. “So I’ll be picking at eight tonight, okay? See you later, sweetheart.”

    And with that, he placed the phone down, ending the call. “Who was that?” Miss Whitney asked with curiosity shown on her face.

    “That was a friend of mine,” Mr. Surge said.

    “Cupcake? Sweetheart?” Miss Whitney responded suspiciously. “And why the small blush?”

    “Okay… I got a Valentine’s Day date…”

    Miss Whitney let out an angry roar. “Valentine’s Day is stupid!” she yelled. “It’s just about people looking for a poor excuse to get laid! Stupid, I tell you!!”

    “Hey! What’s got into you!? Calm down! At ease!” Mr. Surge shouted, calming the Language teacher down.

    Inside the classroom of Class Two, Wes was looking outside the window in a grumpy way. His friend Brendan walked up to him after noticing his moody expression. “Alright, Wes? What’s up? No Valentine’s Day gift?” he asked. “I’m used to not getting any, not that I’m interested in them anyway.”

    Wes turned his attention to his Hoenn native friend. “Opposite to that,” he said. “I got plenty.”

    “Well, you are coolest guy around, dude. So it’s no surprise that you would get so many. But you don’t look proud or anything.”

    Wes let out a long sigh. “I checked out some of them and they all want to be my girlfriend but I don’t have the time, money or whatever for them. I mean, what can I offer them?” he said.

    “You work at some store, don’t you?”

    “Yeah, but I only get paid enough to rent and eat.”

    Just outside the classroom, Rui was in a nervous state as she carried a love letter of her own in hand. She saw a letter sticking out of Wes’s schoolbag when she first entered the room, and quickly thought that it would be from one of the people that had a crush on him. “Guess I’m not the only one who likes him,” she mumbled to herself.

    “Morning, Rui,” a girl’s voice said, inadvertently taking her by surprise. Rui yelped jumped in fright before seeing her other friend, Dawn.

    She breathed heavily in and out, trying to calm herself down. “Good morning, Dawn. Phew. You scared me,” she said.

    “I see that you have a love letter with you,” Dawn said noticeably. Rui had forgotten that she was holding it until she looked down on the held object. She freaked out as she quickly hid the letter behind her back.

    “Oh! It’s nothing really!” Rui said, letting out a silly laugh. But that didn’t stop Dawn from asking more questions.

    “Let me guess, it’s for Wes, isn’t it?” she asked excitedly.

    Rui began to nervously stutter. “Well, er…”

    “Happy Valentine’s Day, Dawn,” said a girl’s voice. “From me.”

    The girls turned towards the voice’s attention. It turned out to be Marley with a large stack of Valentine’s Day cards in her hand as she held one of them out to Dawn. “Marley, are you…?” Dawn said with a blush.

    “Oh, a small misunderstanding,” Marley said. “These cards are for people who aren’t likely to get a Valentine’s Day gift this year.”

    Her two friends were dumbfounded by this answer and their faces showed. “You mean… I won’t be getting a card from anyone this year?” Dawn asked.

    “Unfortunately, no.”

    No more than a second later, Dawn stood in a corner, looking down on the floor and sulking. “There’s always next year,” Marley said.

    “So, Marley, am I getting a Valentine’s Day card from anybody?” Rui asked.

    “Yes… from Ken obviously. He’s probably still hanging around outside the girl’s bathroom.”

    Sure enough, Ken was still there after Marley told him the lie of where Rui went, much to Mr. Surge’s annoyance as he walked towards him with a kendo stick. “I don’t like slackers!” the PE teacher snarled.

    Soon, Miss Whitney entered the classroom with an unbothered look on her face. “Good morning, everyone,” she said tonelessly as she slowly walked to her desk while the students quickly sat at theirs.

    “Miss Whitney?” Marley said as she walked up to her teacher.

    “Hmm?” her teacher responded uncaringly.

    “Happy Valentine’s day,” Marley said as she handed her the card. “Before you say anything, it’s not from me, it’s from a secret admirer.”

    “A… secret admirer?” Miss Whitney said as she took the card. It was a couple of seconds later when she changed her expression. “O-o-o-o-h! Show me heaven! Cover me! Leave me breathless!” she sang loudly and very out of tune, much to the awkward shock of her students. “I’m going out for a bit!” she said before running out of the classroom.

    “What is she going to do?” Rui asked.

    “I think she’s going to show it off to the other teachers,” Marley said.

    “So… who is the secret admirer?” Wally asked.

    “No one, I made it up,” Marley replied. “According to the school rules, it’s illegal for a teacher to be dating a student.”

    “But it’s also crime to make some sort of mail fraud,” Brendan said. “Still, as long as we can keep quiet about this then we are safe… especially from Miss Whitney.”

    “Wally! You’re not allowed to say anything!” Barry warned.

    “I don’t intend to,” Wally said quivering with fear.

    At break time, Dawn was looking out of the window with expressionless eyes, trying to get over her feeling of being unwanted, that plus thinking of a particular someone. “Chocolate, Dawn?” a girl’s voice asked. She turned her attention to the girl who was wearing a schoolboy uniform, holding out an opened packet of sweets.

    “Zoey…” she said, becoming shocked of those heart shaped candies. “Are these…?”

    “Yep, chocolate hearts,” Zoey said. “Just came out today. I thought I’d give it a try. Wanna try some?”

    Dawn blushed a small blush as she picked out a small piece. “A… arigato,” she said, which meant ‘Thank you’ in Japanese, before popping it into mouth and tasting the smooth chocolaty with some delicious caramel filling.

    Meanwhile, Wes had been talking to a number of girls regarding the letters and cards that were sent to him. One by one, he turned each person down. Some were very understanding while some were in tears. Having witnessing that, Rui decided that it wasn’t a good time for her to confess her crush. She looked down on her desk, sighing in displeasure. “Rui?” said a familiar voice.

    Recognising it, she quickly raised her head up and looked at the person in surprise. “Wes?” she said.

    “Are you okay?” Wes asked coolly.

    “Yes! Yes, I am!” she answered quickly.

    Despite that little lie, Wes knew better. “I see that you’re nervous about this Valentine’ Day thing, huh?”

    “No! No! No! No! Nothing like that! I’m not afraid of Valentine’s Day cards, letters, getting rejected or anything! Hehe!” she replied frantically, ending it with a small nervous laugh.

    Wes smiled a small smile. “I’m glad to hear it. Just remember… any time you need someone, I’ll be there for you,” he said.

    His friend happily smiled, recognising that same line she said a month ago when she and her friends were looking for him. “Thanks, Wes,” she said.

    Smiling back, Wes turned around to make his way back to his desk. “Hey, Wes,” she called, catching his attention.

    The silver haired cool guy turned around. “Yes?” he asked.

    “If you like someone, and if you want to let them know so badly but you can’t find the words you want to say, what would you do?” she asked, still being frantic.

    Wes looked down on the floor as he deeply thought of an answer. “I suppose you could take your time to calm down before thinking what you want to say. Just take your time. But if you don’t them your feelings, you might regret it.”

    “Today’s Valentine’s Day, right? Is today the right day to confess?”


    “Thanks, Wes.”

    And with that answered, Wes got back to his seat before he looked out of the window while Rui was preparing her confession.

    Elsewhere, Misty looked inside her locker and saw a folded note. Curious, she took it out, unfolded it and read the following words…

    ‘Misty, I’m sick and tired of you getting in my way of confessing my love to Ash. Even today, when I was about to give one simple Valentine’s Day card to him you just go and throw it away! I challenge you to a fight. Meet me at the backyard right now! Sincerely, Macey.’

    “He tried to say no to you a thousand times,” Misty snarled. Angrily, she ripped the note apart.

    No more than a minute later, she stormed towards her destination. When she was almost there, she spotted a girl the same age as her wearing the same school uniform yet she had purple hair and wondered what she was doing there, looking around the corner. “Excuse me,” she said, catching her attention.

    The purple haired girl turned around in shock. “Er… I was supposed to meet someone here in private but…” she said before turning back into the direction she looking into and Misty did the same. It turned out that Ash was being harassed by Macey as usual, with Pikachu staring at this whole situation awkwardly, much to Misty’s anger and disgust.

    “Hiya, Ashy!” Macey said happily as she gently clasped Ash’s hands with her own. “What are you doing here?”

    “Well, er… someone sent me a note to meet here,” Ash said with an awkward feeling.

    “Really!?” Macey said excitedly. “Can I see it!?”

    This shocked Misty after she realised that the purple girl could’ve sent the note to Ash by locker. The purple haired girl blushed deeply when she heard his answer to Macey’s question.

    “Actually, no,” Ash said as he took the note out of his pocket. Macey quickly snatched it from him, much to the shock of the purple haired girl as Macey started the note out loud.

    “Hey, wait!” Ash said in alert.

    “If you can read my mind, Ash,” Macey said, reading the note while keeping Ash away from as he tried to get it back. “What a confession that would be. Better yet, if you can read my heart, I wish for you to love me. Meet me at the backyard, for my heart will be beating for you. When I see your face, I hope that you will love me too. While thinking of you, I will put my hand on my chest. Should you choose not to be with me, I wish you the very best.”

    Macey roared with laughter out of spite after reading the whole poem. “Hahaha! What kind of junk is this!? This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever read!” she said handing the poem back to Ash and making the purple haired girl blush out of embarrassment.

    “Actually…” Ash said as he took his note back before looking at it. “I don’t know about this love thing but it does have feeling… I kinda like it,” he finished with a smile.

    “He… he liked it?” the purple haired girl whispered in surprise and delight. Misty also smiled that this, hoping that something good would come out of this.

    “Actually, I wrote that,” Macey said with passion in her voice as she clasped Ash’s hands again. “I love you.”

    This brought total dismay the girls that were spying on them, now finding out Macey was a liar while Ash smiled sombrely. “Macey… I appreciate that you’ve done for me and you’re a great person to be with,” he said with sincerity. “But I’ve been trying to tell since the very start… I’m not interested. Sorry.”

    And with that, he and Pikachu began walking away, leaving Macey completely shocked. They both stopped and turned around. “Hey, Macey, we’re still friends, right?” Ash asked.

    She didn’t answer. She stood on the same spot for long seconds. Pikachu quickly walked back and poked her on the leg to get her attention but to no avail. He turned towards his friend and shrugged.

    “Well… I’ll see you in class,” Ash said. “C’mon, Pik.”

    Pikachu squeaked in acknowledgement as he followed his friend. No longer than a moment later, Macey fell on her knees and streams of tears came pouring down from her eyes. “Ash!” she cried.

    “Come on, let’s go,” Misty said uncaringly as she started walking away.

    “Wait, what about Macey?” the purple haired girl asked before following her.

    “She stole your note, didn’t she?”

    “Yeah, but… we can’t just leave her here.”

    “She’ll be fine. She’ll get the idea of why I was telling her to leave Ash alone all along.”

    “You know those two?”

    “Yep. Those two guys are in my class, only I have known Ash since pre-school. Ever since those two met, she is like some sort of stalker who keeps on following her favourite star. Ash was never interested in her but she wouldn’t listen.”

    “That’s the reason why you are, like, protecting him?”

    “You could say that. I tried to get the message across but she wouldn’t listen to me either.”

    “I get it, she made a challenge to you, to meet her in the backyard, right?”

    “That sums everything up, doesn’t it?” Misty said with a smile, knowing that the purple-haired girl would get it sooner or later. “By the way, what’s your name?”

    Her new friend moved her hand out. “Anabel,” she said politely, offering to shake Misty’s hand in friendship.

    “Misty,” she replied, accepting it as she shook her hand.

    They continued walking back into the building and were silent for a few short seconds. “Misty… do you like Ash too?” Anabel asked.

    “What do you mean?” Misty asked before realising what Anabel meant. Shocked, she immediately stopped like a car screeching to a halt. She had a big blush on her face as she quickly turned towards her. “Ew! Gross!” she shouted. “Sure he’s a great guy and all but I would never date him! He acts like a kid! His singing’s terrible! He eats like a pig! Me dating him!? That would be totally gross!”

    “Hey! Now you’re getting personal, Misty!” shouted a voice, catching their attention. They turned towards the person who spoke, it was Ash who was returning from his other activity and now standing in front of them. “It’s not my fault that you eat too slow and you’re not exactly Kelly Clarkson yourself!”

    “What did you say!?”

    While they argued, Anabel couldn’t help but notice this whole situation with an astonished look on her face. “(With the way they fight, they must really care for each other),” she thought noticeably.

    A couple of hours later, another lesson had finished after the school bell rang. Rui slowly made her way to one of the lockers. “This is my chance,” she said, with a piece of paper in hand. “If he doesn’t like me that way in return, at least I won’t regret not letting him know.”

    And with that said, she slid the letter inside his locker. Along with that, she asked one of her friends to tell Wes to meet her up on the roof. She stood up on the said location, she clasped her hands, praying that Wes would the one for her. With words from him from earlier, she decided to take the advice to calm down and think of what words she would have to say to Wes.

    She waited patiently for him to arrive during the lunch break as she gazed through the fences that kept people safe from falling. Soon, she heard a door opening behind her and turned around to see who it was, with hope that it would be Wes.

    And indeed it was, he stood by the opened door with an expressionless face, with his yellow eyes looking calm. Rui’s heart was beating fast when she looked at his handsome face, with high hopes and excitement of what Wes’s response would be to the letter she had delivered to him as they stood a distance away from each other.

    Rui opened her mouth. “Wes…” she said.

    “Oh… before you say anything,” Wes said as he placed hand in his pocket. “The thing is…”

    Rui nervously let a huge gulp down her throat.

    “I found your shopping list in my locker.”

    Rui fell down to the floor in shock. That was not how she planned this. “I placed the in the wrong paper… my love… it’s all over…” she sobbed.

    “Rui, are you okay?” Wes asked with puzzlement.

    Rui raised her head up and saw Wes extending his hand, offering to help her up. “Thanks, Wes,” she said as she accepted the help when she gently grasped his hand, while Wes pulled her up.

    “Time’s nearly up,” Wes said. “We better get back to class.”

    “Sure,” Rui said, placing a hand on the back of her hand while blushing as they started walking back to class. She was feeling very embarrassed and disappointed. “Hey, Wes. Remember when you said that if I don’t tell my feelings to someone I like, I might regret it?”


    “Well… I kinda think… I think now’s not the time,” she said, struggling with her words.

    “It’s okay,” Wes said. “We all go through that at some point.”

    After all that, Rui decided to keep her love letter for another time.

    A few hours later, school had ended for the day. Barry, still with no card or letter, and sick and tired about it, slowly opened his locker. Upon opening it, he found a small note, which caught his attention. He picked and took a closer and read the following words…

    ‘Roses are red, violets are blue, I’m not very good at poetry, but I have a crush on you.’

    Everything was typed so Barry couldn’t tell whose handwriting it was. The letter had ‘secret admirer’ typed below the poem, meaning that someone that liked him didn’t want to leave their name yet. Barry had his eyes widened in shock with excitement. “Someone actually likes me! I got a secret admirer!” he cried as he repeatedly jumped for joy before running around in the corridors.

    His friends noticed and were actually surprised by this. “Huh. I never thought Barry would get an admirer around here,” Zoey said.

    “Either that or it could be from someone who felt sorry for him,” Marley said, turning towards Brendan, who was looking into his locker.

    *Cue ending song ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’ by Cyndi Lauper*
    Next episode:

    Miss Whitney: Alright, people! Listen up! It’s Sport’s Day next month! I got one tip for my class group! Win! Win against all other classes! And with Wes in my group, I got a guaranteed win already!

    Mr. Surge: Well, don’t be too sure, Pinky! I got some strong guys in my class group as well!

    Miss Jasmine: Me too!

    Miss Sabrina: Same here.

    Miss Whitney: What!? That’s not fair!!

    Surge and Jasmine: Why the heck not!?

    Sabrina: Humph. See you next episode.
    More coming! ^^ What’cha think?
  2. Ariel_Anderson

    Ariel_Anderson Just some Random

    Wally: She's just in a bad mood because May lost that match against Dawn.
    Wally: So please don't take it personally. Another good chapter as always.
  3. Wind

    Wind Beak gaurdin'

    I like Wes because of his mysteriousness air about him and this was a good chapter but somewhere I found a small typo...keep them going.
  4. Wind

    Wind Beak gaurdin'

    I like Wes because of his mysteriousness air about him and this was a good chapter but somewhere I found a small typo...keep them going.
  5. shadow_shipper

    shadow_shipper ...indeed...

    Yeah, my "patience" was acutally not being able to come to serebii xD
    Since my internet died...but I'm here now, and you're the third on my "to review today" list lol

    Oh my God. How cruel ! :D

    I'm sorry she had a bad experience with Valentine's Day ^^'

    Poor guy. At least he has something to hope for xD

    Yeah, that's what they say ^^

    And what ? He didn't get anything ?
    Is it some sort of mistake like Rui did ? Except that she put it in the wrong locker ?
    And yeah, I was disappointed that May wasn't in this one. Especially for V-day...and Dawn could have had more flirting :p

    Still humourous though, good work :)
  6. Silver_Dialga

    Silver_Dialga lieks Mudkips

    I just found this fic today and I'm hooked. It is so adorable! It's also only the second fic I ever got hooked on. I'll be looking forward to the updates! 8D

    Also, will we get to see any of the Elite Four?
    Last edited: May 31, 2008
  7. DeM0NaRUt0

    DeM0NaRUt0 Never Alone

    I also agree with Ariel_Anderson you should've added May in this chapter but I guess you didn't want to. Oh well it is what it is.
  8. DeM0NaRUt0

    DeM0NaRUt0 Never Alone

    I also agree with Ariel_Anderson you should have added May in this chapter but I guess you didn't want to. Oh well it is what it is.
  9. DeM0NaRUt0

    DeM0NaRUt0 Never Alone

    I also agree with Ariel_Anderson you should have added May in this chapter but I guess you didn't want to. Oh well it is what it is.
  10. Brian Random

    Brian Random I WAS FROZEN TODAY!!

    Ariel/Wally: *Still calm, despite having to witness Ariel’s tantrum* Don’t worry, I have something for May in future. Say… May? As in the fic’s month of May.

    Wind: I see. My favourite character in the fic is Barry. He can be so funny in the fic.

    Wind: Yeah, what I said above.

    Shadow Shipper: Oh, I thought you have exams to do. Hehe, does that mean my fics your third favourite? ^^

    I know. XD And how funny.

    No. She’s just jealous because she never got a Valentine’s Day gift… not one.

    Brendan was the guy who put the letter in Barry’s locker out of pity. Rui still has the lover letter for Wes.

    See what I wrote in response to Ariel/Wally.

    That’s something Avegaille would be proud of. ^^ I plan to write more on Appealshipping next chapter. ^^

    Silver Diagla: Oh, thank you. What is it that makes this fic so adorable and got you hooked? ^^

    Demonaruto: Er... it seems that you triple posted... probably somesort of technical problem. Anyway, I couldn't think up anything for May. Sorry. But don't forget, I got a plan for her.
  11. Silver_Dialga

    Silver_Dialga lieks Mudkips

    It's like a Shojo manga. ( LOL. )

    But it manages to be cute, funny, and over-the-top without being nauseatingly romantic and without the more serious sides of love, like how some shojo manga are like. To be honest, I was against the Wes/Rui thing at first, but now I'm kind of liking it a bit.

    And I'm going to repeat my question: Will we get to see the Elite Four? *crosses fingers for the Sinnoh Elite Four*
  12. Shadow_Shaymin

    Shadow_Shaymin Gotz Burglarized


    OK, other than that slight little beef, loved it. I have just read all of the chapters you have written so far and I am loving them (except for May's exclusion) >>
    Keep it up, and please don't make May do the Contestshipping thingy (Caboose doesn't like Drew)

    *Those who watch Red vs Blue know who I mean*
  13. Water Spirit

    Water Spirit ~*Animus Aquae*~

    Haha! Now you can't say that I haven't reviewed any of your fics! :D I tried looking for some more but I don't know where you've put them all! I'll be honest, I'm only up to October Year 1 because it's almost 3am and I'm trying to write a project report for tomorrow and have no will to do it. I came looking for inspiration and I found it. XD

    Can I just say that I LOVE your writing style! It's so easy to work with and so fluid that you barely know you're reading as you become engrossed in your world of imagination!

    I'm loving the plot so far! It's very creative and I can't wait to see how it evolves as I read on. :)

    Look forward to my next reply! :D And on a side note, where on earth am I supposed to start with Pokemon Impact? XD

    Hope all's well!

    Take care and speak to ya soon!


  14. Brian Random

    Brian Random I WAS FROZEN TODAY!!

    Silver Diagla: You know what? I keep thinking anime stuff when I write this fic. About the Sinnoh Elite Four, that’s for me to know and for you to find out. But, if you want to know so bad that you would choke yourself if you didn’t, let me know and I’ll let you know via PM.

    Shadow Shaymin: I never thought that not putting May in that February chapter would cause such a stir. ^^’ I might check Red Vs Blue thing if I get the time. And the shipping thing, that’s for you to guess.

    Water Spirit: Hey! Spirit in the house, people! Actually, this isn’t the first fic you reviewed. Remember my some of my AAML and comedy one-shots like Against All Odds, I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing, Big, Big World and The Untalented Team Rocket? Like I said SD, I keep thinking anime stuff when I write this fic. ^^ Believe me, there will more humour, romance, drama and surprises along the way. I started working on the fourth series of Pokemon Impact a month ago. If you want, I’ll send you the recaps of my previous PI series or links to my work. Overall, thank you.

    On another note, I like to thank the people who nominated me and this fic in the shipping Oscar awards and those who voted for me, thank you. Because of that I won the Most Imaginative Writer and the Most Closest To Anime Award. Thank you, everyone. ^^
  15. yhyiannis

    yhyiannis Cosmic Sea

    Hey Brian Powell, I noticed this fic in your signature AGES ago but I never came to read it. I read the whole thing in one tonight and I LOVE it. I really love how you write this. The thing with how the teachers act is really funny as well. I love how Surge protects Wes. I feel that Wes could have thanked him though. Anyways I can't wait for some of the shipping to be shown, especially Rui and Wes! Keep up the awesome work! I'll be sure to review sometimes! You can count on me reading this thing till the end though. Thanks, later.
  16. cbiesra

    cbiesra Pedophillia? Naww.>>

    Is this dead, or aare you busy with work and such?
  17. Brian Random

    Brian Random I WAS FROZEN TODAY!!

    Yhyiannis: Why thank you. I enjoy writing those teacher moments, Miss Whitney being my most favourite because she’s so funny. XD About the Surge and Wes thing, Wes couldn’t thank him at the time because Surge was in his ‘Hulk’ mode when he got hit on the head. Don’t worry, more shipping moments will come up and there will be more surprises.

    Cbiesra: No, this fic is not dead. It is on hiatus at the moment because I got work and other commitments outside fic writing. However, I’ve been writing up this fic when I got the time. There will be new chapter when you least expect it. ^^
  18. cbiesra

    cbiesra Pedophillia? Naww.>>

    good, cuz I like it
    I expect all!!!!! >.>
  19. JapanManiaz

    JapanManiaz New Member

    Love it so much, heck I join this forum just to leave a comment! I saw it in Fanfiction.net but it seems that you don't updated there anymore....

    Anyway, I'm a little sad that you forget May but it looks like Misty going to get another competition for Ash in form of Anabel huh? I don't really liked Yuri so I would be happier if you change Dawn's pairing into one of the boys like Lucas, Barry or even Paul but looking at the demand of AppealShippings I guess not.

    And I love Ash and Misty so please don't leave them or if you could, write more about them!

    Waiting for your updated so please dash for it like a ;078;~!!!
  20. Brian Random

    Brian Random I WAS FROZEN TODAY!!

    Hello, everyone. As you may have noticed, I have been busy at my work place, my home responsibilities and others. Last Tuesday, my grandfather passed away. This chapter is dedicated to him. I love him, I miss him and I'll never forget him. Granddad, this is for you.

    cbiesra: Indeed, you shall get all.

    JapaneseManiaz: Like I said before, I got something planned for May in the coming chapters and you'll be seeing more of Ash and Misty. I'm struggling to find something nice for the yaoi stuff but at this time, nothing. Sorry.

    Year 1, March

    Miss Whitney, Language teacher and home teacher for Class Two, quickly rushed into her the classroom with books in her arm with a stern, serious and determined look on her face. She slammed her books down onto her desk before using her marker pen to quickly write down on the board, ‘Sports Day’.

    “Okay, students! Listen up!” she said loudly in a serious tone. “It’s Sport’s Day next week and we as a group have to win! And it’s not just against one or two small classes, Jasmine’s and Surge’s! We’re aiming to win the entire sports fest!”

    “Hey, why did she mention those names?” whispered one of the students.

    “They were probably rivals when they were in school,” whispered another. “They’re probably still are.”

    “Every one of you is taking part and I’m counting on all of you!” Miss Whitney continued. “Especially you, Wes and Zoey! I have my money, I mean, faith in you two!”

    “Er… did she say money?” whispered one of the students.

    “And you! Wally!” Miss Whitney shouted. “You better not drag us down! I’ve been checking out your reports on PE. Even though Mr. Surge sounded disappointed about you, I bet that he’s really happy about it!”

    The emerald haired shy guy’s eyes widened with shock before he lowered his head down in shame. “Yes, Miss Whitney,” he mumbled.

    “Miss Whitney!” Barry called loudly and eagerly while raising his hand up. “If we win, will you buy us some drinks?”

    “Well… let’s see,” Miss Whitney said as she slightly raised her fist before lifting each finger up as though she was counting until she excitedly cried, “Yes, I’ll buy you whatever drinks you want if you win! Including alcohol! Haha!”

    “So how much did you bet on us?” Brendan asked while giving her an awkward glare, as did everyone else. “Seriously.”

    Sometime later, the lesson ended after the bell rang. Everyone left the classroom except Wally, who was still seated at his desk. He hung his head down after finding out how badly he was doing in PE, the fringe of his emerald hair hiding his eyes. Soon, Dawn came running back into the classroom. “Shoot, I forgot my books,” she said before noticing Wally looking down on his desk. “What’s wrong, Wally-kun?”

    Wally slowly raised his head, now showing tears forming in his eyes and his lips wobbling. “I’m bad at sports,” he said. “If… if we lose because of me…”

    “Don’t worry,” Dawn said reassuringly, placing her hand on his shoulder. “It’s only a fun event. Besides, you’re not the only one taking part in the event. Leave everything to me and Zoey-san!”

    “And me and Wes too!” Rui’s voice cried behind Wally’s back, scaring him out of his wits.

    “Don’t forget me!” Barry yelled as he stood by the door with Marley and Brendan standing close to him. “I, Barry Palmer, shall defeat all oppositions with my high level of athletic ability and endurance!”

    “Which is zero,” Marley said dully.

    “If being rowdy is one of those events, you’d win hands down,” Brendan said.

    After saying all of that, a school bell rang signalling that it was time for PE, much to Wally’s dismay. But for the others, this was a great opportunity to train and prepare for Sports day. Other people just didn’t care.

    Unfortunately for one of the teams, Wally was one of their members as the class had to play baseball. On more than one occasion, he messed up when it was his turn to bat and there were times when he had to catch the ball but failed each time anyway. For instance, when it was time for him to bat, he would miss it three times in a row, even against an easy toss. When he was one of the catchers, he would only get a knock on the head when he was aiming to catch the ball when it got knocked into the air.

    Next it was Zoey’s turn as she picked up the bat, ready to play her part. To her, and everyone’s surprise, a familiar person stepped onto the pitcher’s part of field. It was the History teacher, Mr. Brawly. “Greetings!” he said joyously, much to the girls’ dismay.

    “Mr. Brawly! What are you doin’ here!?” Mr. Surge, the PE teacher, demanded. “Aren’t you suppose to teach this period!?”

    “I got a substitute teacher to do it. I’m taking over for today.”

    “Yeah, right,” Rui whispered in disgust next to Dawn. “If we know better, he’s here to show off or to check girls out.”

    “Imagine what he’s going to be like at Sport’s Day,” Dawn replied back.

    “You had to go that far?” Mr. Surge shouted. “And who gave you permission to take over!?”

    “Ha! I don’t need permission to take over! I may not look it but I’m way better than those Azalea Electabuzz losers!” Mr. Brawly argued.

    Elsewhere in school, a young girl dropped her book out of shock during class. She had purple hair with two short ponytails at the back of her head and was wearing the schoolgirl uniform. “Is something wrong, Casey?” asked her teacher.

    “Wha… what’s this feeling?” Casey whispered, feeling a strong urge to hit someone when Mr. Brawly called her favourite baseball team losers.

    Meanwhile back at the PE lesson…

    “You got a lot of nerve saying that but that’s a different story! You can’t stay here, Mr. Brawly!” Mr. Surge demanded. “Wally is supposed to pitch now!”

    “Forget me,” Wally said walking away in shame. “I let him take him take over.”

    “What!? Don’t give me that, you big baby!” Mr. Surge shouted angrily towards Wally.

    “He does suck at sports,” Mr. Brawly said noticeably. “He can always be a water boy.”

    Marley narrowed her eyes into a squint when she heard that. She was acting as one of the catchers, crouching behind Zoey wearing a protective vest, mask and helmet. “Zoey…” she said.

    “I know,” Zoey replied as she got herself ready to bat while Mr. Brawly warmed himself before taking the pitch.

    “Watch this fast pitch, boys and girls!” he shouted before throwing the ball towards her.

    “(So slow it makes me yawn),” Zoey thought, annoyed with Mr. Brawly’s comments towards her friend, before she slammed the ball with the bat. The ball was sent flying away like a shot-out bullet, slamming directly right into his face, knocking him down. That shocked some of the players.

    “Waah! Zoey! What was that for!?” Barry yelled as he and his fellow Brawly followers ran over to him. “Quick! Someone get him a stretcher!”

    “That’s foul play, Mr. Surge! She…” one of the players shouted before noticing Mr. Surge motioning his arms and shaking his head while the now unconscious Mr. Brawly was being carried away by two of the students. “What? Okay?”

    “Yep, we need a new pitcher!” Mr. Surge announced. “Wally, you’re it!”

    “But… but, sir…!” Wally cried nervously. “I can’t catch! I can’t run fast! I certainly can’t…!

    “You little cry baby!” Mr. Surge shouted angrily. “If you don’t bat right now, I might as well fail you!”

    “S… sir!” Wally whimpered before noticing Marley standing up, holding her hand up. “Marley?” he said before walking over to her. “What is it?”

    “Wally, don’t let your nerves get to you,” she said, calmly as always. “All you have to do is concentrate.”

    “That’s easy for you to say,” Wally said in a down tone.

    “Then all have to do is try to do your best. That way, you won’t let anyone down and everyone will see what you’re really made of,” she said. “No matter what happens, we’re behind you all the way… that’s what Zoey told me to tell you.”

    “Marley! Don’t tell him that!” Zoey said quietly in alarm. “That would sound like I’m backstabbing! I’m on the other team, y’know!”

    “Wall-ay! Wall-ay! Wall-ay!” Barry’s voice shouted continuously in encouragement.

    Everyone couldn’t but stare at him awkwardly, wondering why he was shouting Wally’s name that way. “Should we follow his example?” asked one of the students.

    “I don’t know,” said another, considering the fact of how dim-witted Barry was.

    But soon, everyone followed suite. They all chanted and clapped for Wally, encouraging him as best as they could. Wally became emotionally overwhelmed because of that. “I’m so touched by you guys,” he said before he let out a sniff. “So touched.”

    He stepped onto the pitcher’s plate, ready to give it his all as he had the fire of passion burning in his eyes. “Er… we didn’t have to go that far, Marley,” Zoey said nervously, wondering whether to hit or miss the ball.

    “Don’t worry,” Marley said. “It’s only a game, like Sport’s Day.”

    With the ball clutched in his hand, he slowly raised it up, aiming to pitch at his very best. Then with one mighty swoop, he threw it at high speed. “Wah! A fast ball!” everyone yelled in shock.

    Zoey whelped in fear. So frightened that she got distracted until ball vanished into thin air right in front of her, much to her puzzlement. “What the…?” she said in surprise until she felt her ankle taking of a great big hit… courtesy of the ball Wally threw out.

    She yelled in pain as she fell to the floor while dropping the bat. Her friends ran over to her shock and concern. She grabbed hold of her hurt ankle to try and ease the pain. “Dead ball!” Mr Surge shouted. “Another point to Zoey’s team! Game set! Zoey’s team wins!”

    While she clutched onto her hurt ankle, she looked at Wally who was being shaken by the collar of his PE uniform by the overreacting Barry.

    “What the heck are you playing at!?” Barry shouted angrily.

    “I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” Wally cried tearfully.

    “Wally…” Zoey grunted worryingly in pain.

    She got sent to the nurse’s office. Dawn and Wally helped her get there because she couldn’t walk on her own at the time. They knocked on the door. “Come in,” cried a woman’s voice from the other side in a welcoming tone.

    Upon entering the room, they found a number of medicines, bandages and other medical equipment on top of a table on a desk on one side of the room, a bed on the other, and a nurse sitting at a desk typing on her computer. She had pink hair and was wearing a nurse uniform consisting a pink dress with a white plastic apron over it and a nurse hat with a red cross on it. They all knew her as Nurse Joy. She turned around and saw Zoey lifting her hurt foot up to avoid any further pain while being supported by her friends. “My, my,” she said with a small smile. “And a week before Sport’s Day too. What seems to be the problem?”

    Soon after they told her what the problem was, Zoey was placed on the bed and the nurse examined her injured ankle while Wally and Dawn looked on with worry and concern. “How bad is it, Nurse Joy?” Zoey asked, flinching and grunting after each of Nurse Joy’s touch on the ankle.

    “It’s only a strain, but it seems to be a bad one,” Nurse Joy replied. “Judging the way you reacted after each time I touched that ankle, I don’t think that it will be able to heal in time for Sport’s Day.”

    “Zoey-san…” Dawn said as she hand on her mouth in shock.

    “Ack! This is bad!” Wally cried in horror. “I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I’m sorry!”

    “Hey, calm down, you guys,” Zoey said reassuringly. “There’s nothing to worry about. Sport’s Day is only a fun event. Right, Nurse Joy?”

    “Why yes,” Nurse Joy replied, with a comforting smile. “But that’s just my opinion. Who knows, maybe it will. It depends on the person and the situation. Some people heal pretty fast while others take a long time to heal.”

    Wally and Dawn sighed in relief. “I hope so,” Wally said. “Again, very sorry, Zoey. I’m responsible for your foot and I want to do something about it.”

    “It’s okay, Wally. You did your best today, giving that ball a great throw and all,” Zoey said before letting out a small laugh. “It’s funny when you think about it. I think we’ll be laughing about it sooner or later.”

    Wally placed his hand on the back of his head. “Um… thanks, Zoey,” he said sheepishly.

    “Zoey-san…” Dawn said with a blush, noticing how the redhead can be so forgiving.

    Since then Zoey had to wear bandages wrapped around her hurt ankle and use a crutch for a week. Many from class two, apart from his best friends, gave Wally death threatening glares for possibly ruining their chances of winning the Sports Festival. Even Miss Whitney was glaring daggers at him.

    But then, a miracle happened. It was on they day before Sports’ Day that Zoey revealed that she was no longer wearing bandages around her ankle or using a crutch, much to everyone’s glee. “That means that Zoey can run now, huh?” Brendan asked. He and his friends were in the classroom, about ten minutes away before class would start.

    “That’s great!” Rui cried happily. “With both Wes and Zoey on our team, we’re bound to win!”

    “Yeah! Me included! I vow, as the son of the famous Mr. Palmer, that I, Barry Palmer, will become first in every sporting event! Hahaha!” Barry shouted in a triumphant manner.

    “Well, it is easier to make a promise to win events than to actually win them,” Marley said dully.

    “Even if it means that I have to outdo my fellow teammates Wes and Zoey!” Barry shouted, ignoring his friend’s comment.

    “Huh,” Rui responded smugly. “Have you ever won a race or a game against him? You have never beaten him before. You don’t even stand a chance against him.”

    “She’s got you there,” Brendan said. “She’s got witnesses too.”

    “Those things are ancient history!” Barry said.

    “You lost to him in a game of baseball last week.”

    “That was Wally’s fault! He got a dead ball after smacking Zoey in the ankle with that ball!”

    Wally’s eyes widened with shock before streams of tears came flowing down his face. “I… I’m sorry, guys,” he sobbed. “That was all my fault!”

    “Don’t worry,” Zoey said as she placed her hand on Wally’s shoulder. “Like Barry said, it’s all ancient history now so you don’t have to worry.”

    “Yep! Ancient history, I tell ya! Tomorrow, you guys are going to witness the thriller called Barry Palmer known as the unstoppable!” the hyperactive blond said.

    “The only thing unstoppable about you is your mouth,” Brendan said dully. “Always yapping and talking.”

    “Zoey-san…” Dawn said worriedly. “Are you sure you’re okay?”

    “No doubt about it,” Zoey said confidently. But still, Dawn couldn’t but feel concerned for her. Zoey placed her hand on her shoulder in reassurance. “Don’t worry about it,” she said with a smile. “It’s only Sport’s Day. What can go wrong?”

    “Every time I tell my mum not to worry, that’s when she’s worried the most,” Dawn said.

    Sometime after school, Brendan and Marley had to do some shopping before they get back to their respective homes. “So, what do you think our chances are of winning Sport’s Day tomorrow?” Brendan asked.

    “Despite that we got Wes, Zoey and other good athletes in our group, we shouldn’t take the other classes so lightly,” Marley said, calmly as usual. “Especially Class Three, Miss Jasmine’s home group. She’s got Ash, Drew and Paul.”

    “Who’s Paul?”

    “His full name is Paul Shinji. He’s very anti-social, cold and arrogant but he’s a great athlete.”

    “Huh. If he’s really a bad person, I can see why people don’t talk to him that much.”

    “Besides, I don’t think Zoey’s fully recovered yet.”

    “To tell you something, I don’t think she’s fully recovered either. But I’m also worried about Wally.”

    Elsewhere, Wally was standing in a garden outside his house with a coin in his hand, trembling with fear concerning Sport’s Day. “Heads it’ll rain tomorrow, tails it won’t,” he said, hoping that tomorrow’s weather would be bad so that the event would have to cancel. He flipped the coin up into the sky and…



    A bird pokemon came flying across the sky and snatched the coin with his beak, much to Wally’s shock. “Er…”

    It was pretty unfortunate for Wally the next day for it was a bright, warm and sunny day, much to his despair. “Oh… this is just great,” he moaned as he and everyone else in school were dressed in their PE uniforms, ready for this school event.

    “Yahoo! I am fired up, baby!” Barry yelled, swinging his arms around excitedly.

    “Whatever,” Brendan said, doing some stretches. “Just don’t get overexcited and lose your energy before you actually start taking part.”

    “Marathons! Shot put! Athletics! Pie eating contest! I’m gonna win whatever means necessary!”

    “Whatever means necessary, huh? Are you really that desperate to win some drinks from Miss Whitney?”

    “You better do your best too, my friend! So that would double my chances of winning those drinks! Hahahaha!”

    Overhearing that while doing some stretching, Zoey turned to Dawn. “We can’t rely on guys like Barry,” she said, predicting of what the hyperactive blond might do. “Let’s do our best, Dawn.”

    “Sure,” her friend replied, still worried about one particular thing and Zoey noticed.

    “My ankle’s fine. Don’t worry about it,” she said reassuringly, placing her hand on her shoulder. At that instant, Dawn blushed a small red while Zoey did a little jogging.

    “Zoey-san…” she said. “This is when I’m now fully worried…”

    “Haha! I’m so going to win this year,” Miss Whitney said smugly towards his fellow rivals. “I got Wes and Zoey in my group.”

    “Well, I got some strong people in our group as well,” Miss Jasmine said.

    “Me too,” Mr. Surge said.

    “Me three,” Miss Sabrina said.

    “What!? What was that!?” Miss Whitney shouted. “That’s not fair! Not fair at all! That’s cheating! Cheating, I tell you!”

    “And why is that cheating?” Miss Jasmine asked.

    “I know what to do!” Miss Whitney shouted as she ran away, much to her rivals’ suspicions. She quickly went over to one of her students, Marley, and asked her who were the best sportspeople in any group apart from hers.

    “Ash Ketchum. He’s one of the very good ones in Miss Jasmine’s class. Everyone else is special in their own way but they’re not as good as him,” Marley said she pointed at Miss Whitney’s possible victim. “I suggest you use a hamburger to bribe him. He can’t handle that kind of stuff because that’s his favourite food.”

    “Hamburgers, huh?” Miss Whitney said smugly.

    Soon, Miss Whitney walked over to Ash who was preparing himself for this event with Pikachu coaching him until they noticed the teacher came his way. “Er… Hi, Miss Whitney,” Ash said casually.

    “Ash, if I give you this burger, would you like to do a favour for me?” she asked with a smile as she held the burger.

    That left Ash in a shocked state. He slightly drooled at the sight of his favourite food. It was hamburger bun with meat, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and such inside it. “Miss Whitney… I…”

    “Don’t worry. It’s nothing big, I promise you,” Miss Whitney said. “All I want is…”

    “Miss Whitney! What on Earth are you doing!?” Miss Jasmine shouted, catching her rival off guard.

    “Damn!” Miss Whitney muttered.

    Meanwhile, Wally just couldn’t help but stare at the floor, much to the concern of his friends. “Something up, our shy, cute, little chum!?” Barry asked enthusiastically, putting his arm around his friend’s neck in a manly manner.

    “I… I know we’re going to do our very best…” Wally whimpered. “But… I’m never good at sports… and last week I hurt Zoey pretty badly and…”

    “It’s okay, I’m healed now,” Zoey said reassuringly.

    “Still… if we lose because of me…” Wally continued, on the verge of tears.

    “It’s okay, Wally,” Marley said, putting her hand on his shoulder. “It’s only a fun event. Full of games and such.”

    “Oi, everyone!” Miss Whitney shouted, catching their attention. “Everyone, you better your best today and don’t even think that it’s all about fun and games and stuff, okay?!”

    “Uh… um… miss…” Wally mumbled fearfully.

    “Alright, team! I wanna hear you shout this out loud and shout it proud! Go Class Two!!”

    “Go Class Two!” everyone yelled, with the exception of the nervous Wally.

    “Wally! I didn’t hear you anything!” Miss Whitney said. “Where’s your spirit!? Everyone! Louder! Go Class Two!!!”

    “Go Class Two!!”

    “Go Class Two…” Wally whimpered.

    After Miss Whitney left the group, everyone got back into stretching. “What am I going to do?” Wally whimpered nervously before feeling he felt a hand touching his shoulder and got his attention.

    It was Wes with a serious look in his yellow eyes face as he glared towards the other teams and the racetrack on the field. He had a white stripe painted across the middle of his face. “Don’t worry, leave everything to me,” he said before walking away.

    “Wes…” Wally said. Somehow, he was relieved from his nerves after his friend gave him that small speech.

    “He’s got that white stripe on again! So cool!” Rui cried blissfully, scaring Wally out of his wits.

    “The next event is the male four hundred meter dash,” the announcer said. “Would the participants come onto the racetrack please?”

    Wes was one of the participants as he got himself prepared along with the other competitors from different classes from his year group. Earlier he won the one hundred meter dash because of his athletic ability and focussed mind. Soon, they were to get to their respective positions and got themselves ready as they got down on one knee with both hands touching the floor. The PE teacher stood next to the racetrack as he held a yellow flag in his hand.

    “Ready!” he shouted.

    The participants stayed focussed, already ready to start the race but the teacher had to tell them just in case.

    “Set!” he shouted, raising his flag up.

    The participants raised their hips up.

    “GO!” This time, he waved his flag down, giving the signal for the race to start.

    And they were off! Each runner leapt off from their feet in an attempt to get a speeding start. As it was expected from his class, Wes was running the fastest yet they still very impressed by his speed and agility. Each class were behind their own teammate, cheering them on to do their best and win. Soon, he and Ash, member of Miss Jasmine’s class, became neck and neck and both struggled to gain first and leave the other in the dust.

    “C’mon, Wes! Pass that hamburger loving freak!” Miss Whitney shouted. “Even if it kills you!”

    “Ash! Don’t give in!” Miss Jasmine yelled encouragingly.

    Wes and Ash were still neck and neck, both repeatedly kept on getting ahead of each other. Their respective class and teammates cheered for them as loud as they could.

    “Get to that line, Ash!”

    “Come on, Wes!”

    “Pikapi! Pikachu! Pika Pika!”

    “Additional words of encouragement, Wes!”

    The two leading competitors were giving their all... until Ash’s legs couldn’t take anymore and slowed themselves down as Ash showed tiredness and strain on his face, allowing Wes to take the final second lead and be the first to cross the finish line. The members of Class Two went wild after that win, even Miss Whitney was jumping for joy. While they cheered, a student asked another a question.

    “Out of curiosity, why does Wes have that white stripe painted on his face?”

    “War paint, I guess. Probably just to show how serious he is.”

    Soon, it was the girls’ turn to participate the four hundred meter race, with Zoey taking part for her class. Like before, her class were cheering for their respective teammate. She got to her starting position ready to run when Mr. Surge shouted the word…


    All of the female participants leapt forward, hoping to get a good speedy start. Like the others, Zoey ran as fast as she could and everyone from her class hoped that she would be the first to cross the finish line as they cheered for her as loud as they could in encouragement.

    But despite all that, Zoey couldn’t catch up with the two other leading runners, ending up in third place, much to her friends’ concern… and her teacher’s annoyance. “You brat! Why did you slow down for!?” she yelled angrily.

    “Is it me… or is my ankle acting funny?” Zoey whispered to herself as she looked down on her previously injured ankle, panting after speaking a few words out of tiredness before making her way back to her group.

    Her friends, who were standing by the sidelines couldn’t help but worry. “She isn’t fully healed yet,” Brendan said noticeably. Those words made Dawn walk over to her friend.

    “Yes, but will she admit it?” Marley asked.

    “Zoey, are you alright?” Dawn asked.

    “Yeah, I’m fine,” Zoey said reassuringly. “But I guess my ankle isn’t one hundred percent yet but the harder I work, the better I’ll get.”

    Sometime later, it was Barry’s turn. He was taking part in a search race where competitors had to run to the table, pick up a note that will say what item or person the judge would want and the participant would have to gain it from anywhere in school, like an item from one of his or her schoolmates or somewhere at the top of a school building before making their towards the finish circle. For Barry, he had to pickup a hairclip.

    “Guys! Guys!” Barry yelled running back towards his team. “I need a hairclip!”

    Marley quickly took out the item out of her hair and gave to him. The hairclip had a white bow on it. “Thanks!” Barry shouted as he placed on his hair, which everyone became shocked with disgust immediately before Barry made his way towards the circle. They thought about the previous events that he participated in, from Shot Put to other athletics. Being an unusually competitive guy as Barry was, he was bound to literally sweat a lot.

    “You didn’t have to put them on!” Brendan shouted.

    Soon, the race was finished with Barry becoming first, much to his pride. He walked over to them and took the hairclip of his sweaty hair. “Thanks, Marley. I couldn’t have done it without ya,” Barry said cheerfully as he took the hairclip off his sweaty hair. “Here you go.”

    “You can keep it,” Marley said dully.


    Sometime later, it was time for the for the girls’ relay race and Zoey was taking part, along with Rui, Marley and Dawn. Despite that her ankle was acting funny earlier when she took part in her earlier race, she was more than willing to win this one for her team.

    Dawn was at the starting line, ready to race against her rivals. The gym teacher raised his flag while the participants set themselves up to get some good speed until…

    “GO!” the teacher yelled waving his flag down, sending the competitors to run.

    As it was expected, everyone sprinted off from that word ‘go’ and they ran as fast as they could to give their all for this race while their cohorts cheered for them. Despite running as fast as she could, Dawn was a distance away from the other runners and slower than the other runners, much to Miss Whitney’s dismay. “Dawn! Will you frigging keep up with them!” she yelled.

    Dawn managed to get to her next partner, Rui, as she handed her the baton. “Sorry, Rui!” Dawn cried.

    “Don’t worry! Leave it to me!” Rui said. With Wes being inside her mind and heart, she too ran as fast as she could and managed ran past some of her rivals, putting herself in the middle when she reached the baton towards her next teammate.

    It was Marley’s turn for her group as she grabbed hold of the baton from Rui. As tough and exciting as the competition was, she kept a calm face like always. “C’mon, Marley! Pass them! Pass them!” Miss Whitney shouted until Marley eventually did. “Alright! Now just get it to Zoey and we’ll be getting a guaranteed win!”

    Soon, Marley passed the baton to Zoey, leaving the other runners a distance away before they could to their respective partners.

    “I take that this is a win-from-behind moment, huh?” Brendan asked with a confident smile.

    Wes gave a small nod in response. “Hmm.”

    “C’mon, Zoey! Literally beat them up to a bloody pulp!” Barry shouted encouragingly while swinging his arms about.

    Being the fastest girl in her class and was given an advantage, thanks to Marley, she was bound to win this race. With the thought of a loss she suffered in the other race earlier, she ran at a very high speed, much to her friends’ surprise. That was until…

    “(No… my ankle’s acting funny again),” Zoey thought in a desperate tone when she was halfway towards the finish. She started to slow down as the other participants ran past her. (I can’t keep up… it hurts)…”

    And then… she fell down to her knees in pain.

    “Zoey-san!” Dawn yelled as she and her friends ran over to her.

    Sometime later, Zoey ended up in the nurse’s room again. She was sitting on the bed with Dawn, Rui and Marley by her side while Nurse Joy checked up on her previously injured body part. “Well, you said that your ankle was fine but you could’ve allowed a couple more days to heal just to make sure,” she said.

    “I’m sorry, guys,” Zoey said. “I was looking forward to do well today but it came with a price. I guess I got a little overexcited.”

    “Don’t worry, the boys from our team should make up for our loss,” Dawn said before she realised something. “(Now, look at me saying that),” she thought to herself. “(And Zoey’s not worried at all).”

    “And with Wes on our team, we’re bound to win!” Rui said excitedly.

    “Zoey, you should give your ankle a week to heal up but no harsh practical activities for your ankle, especially PE,” the nurse said before they heard a knocking on the door. “Come in,” the she said loudly.

    It turned out to be Wally opening the door, looking guiltier than ever. Zoey let out a small sigh out of slight frustration. “Wally, it’s okay already, I accepted your apology,” she said.

    “It’s not that, Zoey. Not this time,” he said. “Right now, we’re tied with Miss Jasmine’s class after we lost the last event. Next one is the boys’ relay race. I want to make up for our loss and the trouble I caused everyone… I’m want to take part in it.”

    Most of the girls became shocked by that announcement. “Wally! You don’t have to do that!” Rui said.

    “What was that!?” Miss Whitney’s voice yelled, a distance away from the nurse’s office. She sped around one of the corners and looked angrily at Wally. “I originally came to give Zoey a box to the ears! Give me one good reason why I should place you in the final event!?”

    “Actually, you might as well,” Marley said calmly. “One of the guys who were talking part has just suffered some stomach problem.”

    Sure enough, that very competitor was in the boys’ bathroom right this minute. A janitor came walking by and heard the guy screaming, “Oh man! Why me!? Why now!?”

    “And plus, all our other competitors had their share of events while Wally entered the least number of events,” Marley continued calmly. “Besides, if he wants to take part then we should let him. After all, he’s a vital part of the team just like everyone else. You’ll see.”

    “Doh… alright,” Miss Whitney moaned reluctantly before turning with a miserable look on her face while tears of gloom ran down her face. “Goodbye, my fifty bucks.”

    Soon, it was the boys’ turn to be on the racetrack for upcoming and last game event, the boys’ relay race. Zoey was back at the sidelines after her friends took her there, she had new bandages taped around her ankle. Barry was the first person to run for his team, while standing next to his most hated rival… Kim from the Invincible Pokemon Brothers. They both promised to their classmates that they would not fight each other and would keep their focus on the race. Each participant had a baton in hand as they got themselves ready to run.

    “Ready!” Mr. Surge yelled before he raised his flag up and yelling the word, “Set!”

    “This ought to be an interesting contest,” Miss Sabrina said.

    “May the best class win,” Miss Jasmine said.

    “Win, win, win, win, win,” Miss Whitney said in a desperate tone, much to her rivals’ annoyance.

    “GO!” the gym teacher waving his flag down.

    Everyone quickly jumped forward, in order to get a good start but they were not as quick as Barry and Kim as they started running for first place. As much as they could run for longer periods of time, they couldn’t keep their promise as they tried to knock each other down as they both locked heads while running.

    “Outta my way, you hyperactive idiot!” Kim snarled.

    “Get lost, you knucklehead!” Barry shouted.

    This personal fight allowed the participants to run past them, much to Brendan’s annoyance. “Just hurry up and pass me the baton, you moron!” he shouted angrily.

    “What are you doing, Barry!?” Miss Whitney yelled from the distance.

    “Does your friend pick a fight with anyone he wants?” another competitor asked. His name was Drew Emerald, member of Miss Jasmine’s class, Wally’s cousin and he was standing next to Brendan.

    “Unfortunately, yes,” Brendan said shaking his head.

    Soon, their teammates passed their batons to them and they started running in an attempt to gain the upper hand for the next runner of their class. They were both neck and neck all the way through and eventually ran past the other racers. Standing ready for Brendan was Wally.

    “I don’t get why you’re stepping in for this race. It’s hard for me to believe that your team is going to win this based on how you alone are doing so far,” another participant said in an arrogant tone, standing next to him. He had short purple hair and thick eyebrows.

    “I’m doing this my class and my friend,” Wally said determinedly. “That’s a good reason to me.”

    “What are you going to do? Walk?”

    That guy standing next to him was Paul Shinji, the anti-socialist.

    Soon, the batons were passed over to them by their respective teammates. “Good luck, Wally,” Drew murmured to his cousin. “Even though you’re bit slow.”

    Wally and Paul were neck and neck at first for a short while but just as the other runners were gaining up on them, Paul sped past him with great speed, much to Wally’s shock. “See you later, loser,” Paul said arrogantly.

    “(He played me for an idiot)!” Wally thought in dismay, while the others ran past him. He struggled to keep up to no avail, much to Miss Whitney’s annoyance.

    “What the heck is he playing at!?” she snarled angrily.

    The last runner of Class Two, Wes, looked at his friend with concern on his face. He was standing ready for when he gets the baton from him. “Sorry, Wes,” Ash said before he got the baton from Paul and started running.

    Paul turned around and saw Wally running towards them. “Heh. Maybe I should give your friend some encouragement too, huh? Or will that slow him down even more?” he asked arrogantly.

    Wes looked back at Paul with seriousness for a brief moment. He moved his hand out, ready to receive the baton from Wally. “I’m sorry, Wes!” Wally cried with tiredness in his voice.

    “Don’t worry, leave everything to me,” Wes said calmly as he snatched the item and started running as fast as he could.

    Wally fell to his knees, feeling rather weak after running a long distance and ashamed for getting passed by all of the runners when he was given an advantage. However…

    “You did a great job, Wally!” Barry said, getting his friend up to his feet.

    “But… I got passed… by all the other guys,” Wally said, panting after each word before going into tears. “I’m sorry…”

    “It’s alright, man! The important thing is that you did your best,” Zoey said.

    “But the other guys are like athletes and…”

    “Maybe… but I wouldn’t jump to conclusions yet,” Marley said confidently pointing towards the track. “Look.”

    Everyone looked at Wes’s direction. He was speeding past all thorough the other runners, much to their shock. “Look at that, he’s faster than before!” Barry yelled.

    “He’s catching up to the last runner now!” Dawn shouted.

    “Yeah, but Ash isn’t going to give up that easily!” Brendan said.

    “C’mon, Wes! You can do this!” Rui cried excitedly.

    Wes and Ash became neck and neck, still leading the way despite getting exhausted from all the other events, including this one. Everyone on the sidelines was literally shouting words of encouragement and support for their last man of the race.

    “C’mon, Ash! Finish this!”

    “Don’t slow down, Wes! Don’t slow down, whatever you do!”

    “Get there first, Ash! Even if it kills you!”

    “Additional words of support, Wes!”

    “Don’t lose to him twice, Ash!”

    “How dare you say that!?”

    “What’s wrong with supporting our teammate!?”

    “There’s nothing wrong with that at all!”


    Both Ash and Wes were fuelled by their cheers. Both were still concentrating on the race as they became near the finish line. While still running and just about neck and neck, they both leaned forward to get past it… with Wes becoming the victor!

    Almost everyone from Class Two leapt to their feet with joy after seeing their guy winning the last race. “We did it! We did it! We did it!” Miss Whitney screamed happily as she excitedly jumped and down for joy. “Did you see it!? Did you see it!?”

    “Yep, we saw it,” Miss Sabrina said, slightly disappointed, along with Mr. Surge and Miss Jasmine.

    Wes’s classmates ran over to him while he panted out of tiredness yet he couldn’t help but smile. “I knew you could do it, Wes!” Rui cried, tears of happiness streaming down her face.

    “Thanks, Rui,” Wes said calmly. “Thanks, everybody.”

    “No, thank you,” Wally said, extending his hand to shake his friend’s. “I’m sorry that I… slowed you down a little bit.”

    “Don’t worry about it,” Wes said, as he shook it. “You’re a vital part of the team, just like everyone else.”

    “Drinks! Drinks! Drinks all round!!” Barry shouted excitedly.

    “Is that all you think about?” Brendan barked.

    “A big thank you to all our participants taking part today and big congratulations who won their sporting events and for their classes,” the announcer said. “To close Sports Day, we’ll be having a folk dance. Those who want to participate, please come to the center of the field.”

    “C’mon, Wes!” Rui squealed excitedly as she grabbed Wes’s hand. “Let’s do this!”

    “What? Wait! I’m not a dancer!” Wes said nervously as he got dragged onto the field.

    “C’mon, Brendan! Your new job right now is to make me look good for the ladies!” Barry said as he quickly made his way there.

    “Do I have any choice in the matter?” Brendan moaned as he reluctantly followed.

    Soon, many gathered around in the circle, with the girls on the inner circle and the boys on the outer circle. One by one, they were dancing in pairs to some slow country music. Much to Rui’s joy, she got to dance with Wes, her ‘knight in shining armour’.

    “(I could die)!” she squealed in thought in her moment of bliss as he held her gently by the hands. “(I could die! I could die! I could die here and now)!”

    It was a shame when Mr. Brawly’s was next to dance with her.

    “(I’m gonna die)!” she screamed despairingly in thought as she had no choice but to dance with this pervert for a teacher. “(I’m gonna die! I’m gonna die! I’m gonna throw up and then I’m gonna die)!”

    Ash Ketchum was a distance away from the field; not participating in the dance as he sat at the sidelines while Pikachu comforted him. He was still feeling ashamed after losing that race against Wes as he lloked down on the ground. Walking past him was Paul, wearing his casual clothing, which consisted of a black pair of trousers and a black t-shirt with black and blue jacket over it. “See you around, loser,” he said.

    Ash never gave a response but Paul didn’t care. Pikachu, who wasn’t pleased with Paul’s attitude, gave out an angry loud cry towards Paul.

    Soon, he was approached by one his friends. “Hi, Ash,” she said, standing right in front of him, bending towards him with a nice smile. However, Ash never raised his head up to give any attention. “What’s wrong? You’re missing the folk dance.”

    “I know but I don’t want to join. Sorry, Misty,” Ash said.

    “Don’t be like that, Ash,” Misty said. “I know that you never lost in a Sports Day before, whether it was in pre-school or mid-school, and this is only your first time to lose to anybody.”

    Ash let out a small sigh, feeling rather disappointed in himself. “Do you think I’ll lose again?” he asked.

    “Well, I don’t know. That’s really up to you,” Misty said with sincerity in her voice. “Just see this as a wake-up call to get yourself some improvement.”

    Realisation showed on Ash’s face as he looked up towards Misty. “I guess I got a little overconfident,” he said with a smile. “I think I got someone to compete with now.”

    “I found you!” squealed a voice before an arm was draped around his neck, taking him by surprise.

    “Macey! What are you doing here!?” Ash said in an alarmed voice.

    “I’ve been looking for you, Ash Ketchum! My number one guy!” Macey replied, happily while hugging him tightly. “You’re missing the folk dance!”

    Misty shut her eyes tightly in annoyance. “I thought you were done chasing him,” she said in a frustrated way. “Didn’t he reject you a month ago?”

    “I’ll never give up on Ash. I know he likes me, he’s just too shy to admit. Now, come on Ash, let me show you some stuff at the dance!” Macey exclaimed excitedly.

    “Hey! Wait! Don’t! Wait a minute!” Ash said nervously.

    “When are you going to realise that Ash doesn’t actually like you!?” Misty snarled, eyebrows twitching before she opened her eyes. “Huh?”

    Ash and Macey were already gone.

    On another part of the sidelines, Wally, Zoey, Dawn and Marley were sitting down comfortably while enjoying seeing their friends dancing. “Man, I wanted to dance as well,” Zoey said, looking down on her hurt foot. “It brings back memories when I did that in my mid-school days… but…”

    “I know! How about we do a little folk dance of our own, Zoey-san?” Dawn asked eagerly. “We don’t have to move like the other guys are doing, we can just do it slowly.”

    Zoey nodded enthusiastically in response, agreeing to her proposal.

    “What about you, Wally?” Marley asked him. “Would you care to dance?”

    Wally showed a small blush on his face, surprised by this offer. “Well, the truth is… I can’t dance,” he said shyly.

    “Then I’ll show you how to dance,” Marley as she got up and took him by the hand.

    Zoey stood behind Dawn and grasped her by the hands. As they took a first step forward, Zoey’s ankle began aching again. “Agh!” she grunted as she almost toppled over but Dawn managed to catch her.

    “Zoey! Are you okay!?” Dawn asked out of concern.

    “Yeah, maybe we can try it again next year,” Zoey said, feeling slightly embarrassed before settled down again.

    Meanwhile, Wally struggled to get the dancing moves right, trying to not step on Marley’s foot while she gave him instructions. Despite that Wally was pretty slow on most of the dancing, he was doing quite well until the very end where both dancers face other and bow in thanks as Marley was about to describe. “Wally… you’re standing on my foot,” she said.

    “Yelp!” he replied fearfully. His blush became deeper as he quickly released her hand in embarrassment. In fact, he was blushing all through the dance.

    After the dance was over, Miss Jasmine’s class, Class Three, gathered around in a group huddle. “Now, guys, I know we lost but the important thing is that we gave it everything today so don’t feel bad,” their teacher said reassuringly. “And…”

    “Oh, Jasmine!” Miss Whitney yelled, causing her rival to flinch. “Did you remember something!?”

    “Yeah, yeah, we know,” Miss Sabrina said uninterested, following her.

    “We’re coming,” Mr. Surge said in a defeated tone.

    Miss Jasmine rushed over to them. “Guys, keep it down!” she whispered angrily. “You’re setting a bad example for everyone right!”

    “Don’t tell me that,” Mr. Surge said. “I didn’t want to do this in the first place.”

    “Just hurry up and give me my money!” Miss Whitney squealed quietly. Her rivals gave her fifty bucks, much to her delight. “Yippee!”

    “Now I’ll be taking back the money you owe me the other day,” Miss Jasmine said as she snatched the note back before walking away.

    “Same here,” Mr. Surge as he took his as did Sabrina.

    “At least you won’t owing us money for the time being,” Miss Sabrina said.

    That left Miss Whitney being confused, despite showing a happy face. “What just happened?” she asked herself, thinking as though her money vanished into thin air.

    “Miss Whitney!” Barry yelled from the distance. He was jogging towards him with the rest of the class was following him. “Don’t you remember your promise? The drinks and everything?”

    Miss Whitney looked at them with a nervous look on her face. “Drinks?” she asked.

    “Yeah!” Barry said as he held his hand out, waiting for his prize.

    “Oh! Look! A distraction!” she yelled pointing at a direction behind her group.

    Everyone turned around to see what she was pointing at, only to find nothing but trees and such and quick footsteps. They turned back and saw Miss Whitney running away, being as fast as a runaway train and leaving a large amount of dusts.

    “Let me guess,” Marley said dully. “She owed people money, didn’t she?”

    “Why how did you guess?” Brendan said. It was no surprise to him either or the rest of the class.

    *Cue ending song ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’ by Cyndi Lauper*
    Next episode:

    Brendan: In the next episode, we will be having a school fair. Allow me to introduce to you our class president Wally Emerald to give more details.

    Wally: Hello, everyone. In the school fair, we will be having a karaoke café and…

    Barry: What kind of introduction is that, Wally? You can’t just begin with something lame like that! If only I was class president! I would’ve brought some real entertainment to the school fair! I would’ve brought freedom to our class! I would’ve brought justice to the whole school! I would’ve brought all of us, the entire nation, good times!

    Brendan: A disaster is more like it.

    Barry: What!?

    Wally: Um… see you next episode.
    More coming! ^^ What’cha think?

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