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Goldenrod High (Multishipping PG13)

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by Brian Random, Oct 9, 2007.

  1. Brian Random

    Brian Random I WAS FROZEN TODAY!!

    Thanks, Junpearl63. Yep, those were some funny parts… and some ‘graphically astonishing’ parts if you have some good imagination. And Barry, he’s my one of my most favourite characters to write. ^^ Wait until the August chapter, the beach chapter where there will sun, sea, sand and… you know the rest. ^^
  2. hailflameblast

    hailflameblast I'm coming...

    Brian, the fanfic is going really well. I couldn't find any mistakes(then again, I'm not the best reviewer out there). Take your own time and post the next chapter. If and when you start a PM list, please put me on it.
  3. Brian Random

    Brian Random I WAS FROZEN TODAY!!

    Hailflameblast: Thanks, mate. If you want to be ‘the best reviewer out there’, you must think of constructive criticism. Think about what could be improved, list your favourite bits, give advice, keep your eye out for mistakes and errors, and most importantly lay off the drugs and alcohol. I’ve been pretty busy with other stuff to keep up with this fic as we speak. Don’t worry, I’ll keep you updated when the new chapter comes up… you’re going to love the beach. ^_^
  4. hailflameblast

    hailflameblast I'm coming...

    Questions for Marley(Not too sure if its over yet)
    1.Are you emo?
    2.Do you have a crush on Wally?
    3.Did Ash give his games and money so that you would help with his exam preparations?
    4.Is this true:- All your base are belong to us?
    5.Do you like the beach?
    6.Do you know the muffin man?
  5. Lexiebee88

    Lexiebee88 Bleeding Black Rose

    hey i just finished reading all of this and i love it sooooo much!!!!!! ur really good and good idea with the questions. i havent come up with any but ill tell you wen i do. keep going cauz ur really good brian powell!!!!! 2 thumbs up!!

    ~Peace Out Love Lexie~
  6. Nataria

    Nataria New Member

    Hey simon, big fan of ur work!
    been reading since it started!
    but when are u going to include wes`s umbreon and espeon that is if ur going too..
    it would be so cool if wes took them to the beach as a surprise! btw have u heard the song lucky by jason mraz with colbie caliant? hint hint wes and rui duo!
    keep up the great writing!
    mind if i proof read like the others?
    Last edited: Oct 23, 2009
  7. Mew-mew

    Mew-mew Vocaloid Fan

    Mew-mew: you need more chapters with May
    May: I should be in every chapter!!!
    Drew: yeah right *smirks*
    May:*growls and holds Mew-mew back*
    Mew-mew: LET ME AT HIM!!!! LET ME AT HIM!!!!
  8. arceus7

    arceus7 Arcane Of The Wild

    advance shipping will prevail!!!

    tips: why is dawn liking Zoey? make a plot where zoey reads the rest of dawns book!
  9. piewhichilike

    piewhichilike Lovable Dunce.

    Great Fic. Additional words of _____ is Win.
  10. Brian Random

    Brian Random I WAS FROZEN TODAY!!

    Hailflameblast: Thanks for the questions, mate. I’ll pick out five and have Marley answer them sometime after the August chapter.

    Lexibee88: Why thank you, Lex, and I’m sure that you’ll come up with some… as long as it’s not where babies come from. XP

    Arceus7: Consider yourself added. Concerning the shipping, that’s for me to know and for you to find out. Yeah, poor Wally and his innocence and I had to pick a character that would be suitable for the perverted teacher role… and Mr. Brawly was it.

    Nataria: Hey! Someone who gets the joke in my username. ^^Thanks for checking out the fic, bud. Like I said before, like the shipping stuff, that’s for me to know and for you to find out. I never heard of that song but I’ll check it out when I have the time. I will keep on writing and you’ll be reading. Thanks for the endorsement. ^^

    Mew-mew: Indeed, there will be more chapters with May in it so don’t get mad or anything.

    Arceus7: Thank you for the tips but I already have things thought up.

    Piewhichilike: Thank you. I couldn’t agree more with that statement.

    Everyone else, remember it’s only early December but consider this as a gift: A brand new chapter for Goldenrod High. It may be cold in real life, but it’s going to get pretty hot here. ^_^

    *Cue opening song ‘Let’s Get Started’ by Black Eyed Peas*

    Year 1, August

    “Today’s task! Bring all the plants to Rui’s Delight Flower Shop! Starting destination! Marley’s house! Mission shall commence… now!” Barry shouted excitedly in a public place where everyone in the scene couldn’t help but glare.

    He was standing outside a public train station along with Wally, Brendan and Drew. After seeing this embarrassing moment, Brendan and Drew decided to do one thing to avoid getting noticed hanging around with him.

    “We quit,” they said in unison as they started walking away.

    “Hey! You quit all of the sudden!? Where are you two going!? Don’t leave me here!” Barry cried as he grabbed hold of them.

    “Your rowdiness is embarrassing us,” Drew said.

    “Yeah, everyone is looking, you know,” Brendan said.

    “Suppose you could turn the volume down a little bit,” Wally said nervously.

    “Alright! Alright! I get the message!” Barry complained, now being a whiny kind of person. “Let’s just go to Marley’s and get it over with!”

    “You’re still being loud!” Brendan complained.

    “You don’t get always get what you want, you know!” Barry shouted.

    It took them quite a while to get to her house, seeing that it’s their first time visitng her. To their amazement, it was rather large with walls and a gate surrounding it. “Shouldn’t she be in a rich, private school?” Drew asked.

    “Yes, but don’t tell her that,” Brendan said nervously. “She might tear you a new hole.”

    “I would never do that,” Wally said before seeing a red button, a speaker and a screen attached to the wall. Shaking with fear, he slowly reached his finger towards the red button.

    “Be careful, Wally,” Barry said, also being scared. “It might self destruct.”

    “If it did, they probably had guys like you in mind,” Brendan said.

    Wally hesitantly yet quickly pressed the buzzer. “Run for it!” Barry yelled as he did that, only to be caught by Brendan and Drew by the back of his shirt.

    “Why are you running away for?” Brendan asked calmly.

    “He just wants Wally to follow him, doesn’t he? I can’t believe that my poor cousin would hang out with guys like him,” Drew said.

    “You actually care for your cousin?”

    “Ah, good afternoon, my friends,” Marley said calmly through the intercom. Her face was being shown on the screen. “I’ve been expecting you. Please come on inside. Hamlet will open the doors for you.”

    The gate slowly opened, allowing the boys to come through. “Maybe we should’ve brought something with us. Like a cake or a watermelon,” Barry said, still being nervous.

    “Just shut up and be yourself,” Brendan said as they came closer to the house. “Better yet, don’t be yourself.”

    They saw the door opening, revealing a creature showing a dark purple aura with an evil smile and red devilish eyes. Wally’s eyes widened with shock and fear as he shouted out the following words. “Wa-a-ah! A Gengar!” he cried as he tried to make a run for his life, only to be caught by Brendan and Drew by the shirt.

    “Relax, it’s only Hamlet, like Marley said,” Brendan said.

    “He’s afraid of ghosts, including ghost-type pokemon,” Drew said. “But since you’re Marley’s friend, you two should be able to get along.”

    “Drew! Please don’t put ideas in my head!” Wally screamed.

    They all entered the main hall after walking though the entrance door. They suddenly heard some loud barking above them. They looked up and saw Marley with a red furry dog, twice her size, with white mane and tail, and black stripes on its back, standing next to her. “Ooh! An Arcanine,” Brendan said with interest.

    Marley and the Arcanine were standing on the gallery of the second floor until the dog jumped down to the ground floor, causing a small but thunderous earthquake. The boys began losing their balance, with Barry and Wally falling to the floor. The big dog quickly ran over to Wally, licking him on the face in a loving manner, unintentionally making him scream in fear.

    “Romeo,” Marley called out calmly.

    The dog growled in response as he walked away from him. “Please pardon him,” Marley said as she walked down the stairs. “It’s his way of welcoming guests.”

    “It’s okay! It’s fine, Marley!” Wally said reassuringly as he wiped the drool off his face wile laughing, still being nervous.

    “You boys must be thirsty,” she said. “Why not have some tea in the living room before you make the delivery? Please, make yourselves at home.”

    Marley’s living room was quite large. It was a classy and historic looking room decorated with a number of large paintings and furnitures, much to boys’ surprise. “Man, she’s got a gold-digger magnet room here,” Drew said.

    “Drew,” Wally said, not pleased with that statement.

    While Marley was making them tea with Hamlet’s help, the boys took their seats. They found the seats so very comfortable. They even felt the…

    “Leather…” Barry whispered pleasantly, sitting on one of the sofas. “O-o-o-oh…”

    He lifted up his feet and rested them on the other side of the furniture, feeling more relaxed. “O-o-o-oh yeah!” he yelled loudly in an orgasmic tone, much to everyone’s awkward feeling.

    “Tea’s ready,” Marley said as she, Romeo and Hamlet entered the room carrying trays of the hot beverages and snacks. They too had awkward looks on their faces as they glared at Barry who reacted out of the shock when he heard her announcement, quickly moving his feet off the sofa.

    Wally looked around and saw a picture of a young man wearing a suit standing next to a girl in a black and white dress. The girl looked like Marley, only years younger, while the young man was taller and had a haircut similar to hers and showed a more moody expression. “Marley, the two people in the picture,” he said. “Are they…?”

    “Yes, that would me and… my brother,” she replied, being slightly solemn before she sat down while her two pokemon rested on the floor. “So, does anyone have any plans for this summer?”

    “I don’t have any,” Brendan said.

    “Me neither,” Wally replied.

    “Me neither,” Barry replied.

    “What they said,” Drew said.

    They all sighed and hung their heads low, knowing how boring this summer holiday would be without anything fun to do. After a moment of thinking, Marley came up with the solution. “Then how about we go to my family beach house in Olivine City?” she asked politely.

    It took a few seconds for the boys to take in the verbal offer before…

    “BEACH HOUSE!?” they screamed in shock.

    A few days later, Brendan was sleeping on his own bed. When his alarm clock struck seven o’clock in the morning, a familiar voice was heard. “Good morning, Goldenrod City. This is your host speaking on your favourite show. It’s a bright and beautiful sunny day at twenty-six degrees centigrade, which is good news for fire-type pokemon and it’s a good excuse for water pokemon to take a dip in the sea. Hey, it’s the summer holiday for most people. It’s a good time to stay home, sleep in, or… wake up the idiot that’s hanging over the bed! Get up, Brendan!” Barry shouted as he picked up a klaxon device and pressed on its button.


    Brendan woke up in shock and fell out of his bed.

    Everyone invited gathered around Marley’s house. Marley, Wally, Barry, and Brendan invited their usual type of folks: Rui, Zoey, Wes and Dawn. Drew invited Ash, May and Misty. It was noticed that Ash didn’t bring Pikachu but that was because his pokemon buddy went to Pokemon Paradise, a holiday camp for pokemon. “This is going to be great!” Barry cried excitedly. “We’re going to hit the beach! The beach, baby! Think about it, people! Drinks! The sea! The sand! And best of all… the babes in their bikini-clad glory!”

    “You’re not going to drool over us, are you?” Misty asked in annoyance.

    “Maybe, maybe not, depends on how good you girls look in your swimsuits.”

    The girls let out a disgusted growl at this pervert.

    “Don’t worry, I’m not gonna take advantage of you. We’re all friends, aren’t we?” Barry said reassuringly, noticing their angry glares but was still happy at the perverted thought, before turning his attention to the three other female teenagers, standing by their respective cars. They were older than the Goldenrod High students. They all had pretty looking faces and shoulder length hair but at different colours. One had blond hair, another had dark blue hair and the third one had pink hair. “Maybe I would to take my chances with them, huh?”

    “I don’t think so,” Misty said. She earlier introduced the older teenagers as her sisters, Violet, Lily and Daisy.

    “Oh, ple-e-ease,” Violet the dark blue haired teen replied sarcastically.

    “You have a better chance of going out with a girl who wore a straightjacket,” Lily said. She was the one with pink hair.

    “As much as I see Misty as the runt of the family, I couldn’t agree more,” Daisy the blond teen said.

    Misty gave a frustrated growl at Daisy in response while Barry dropped his head down in failure.

    “Well, this is a surprise, even for me. I was going to buy us train tickets for us to go to get there but thanks for giving us the ride, ladies. Along with us, you can come too,” Marley said. “But I got to wonder how they knew about our trip.”

    “I would prefer it if we go there by train,” Misty grumbled. “You see…”

    The other day when Misty was on the phone to Drew, Daisy overheard their conversation. When Misty mentioned the word ‘beach’, Daisy became incredibly excited.

    “Okay, then, I’ll see you tomorrow,” Misty said. The moment she placed the phone down…

    “Misty! You’re going to the beach?” she heard her sister said loudly, making her almost jump out of her skin.

    “Daisy! You…!?”

    “We’re coming along too, right!?”

    Misty held her arms up, motioning her sister to shut up for a moment… but to no avail. “No! Wait a minute! I…!”

    “That’s great! I’m going to get Violet and Lily later and I bet that they’ll want to come too!”

    “If you’d just listen to me!”

    “I’m off to get a swimsuit! A sexy one! See you later!”

    “Daisy! Wait…!”


    That was the door being slammed shut. To Misty, that felt like being locked up by the police who gave some ‘silent’ speech, ignoring her pleas and explanations and soon she would be in community service. She hung her head down in defeat and her arms flopped like dead flowers. “Oh, this is going to be fun,” she said feeling depressed.

    Back to the present, Misty had finished saying her reasons why her sisters were here. “And that’s how it came to be, unfortunately,” she said. “Speaking of which, I’ll be taking Violet’s car.”

    “Why are you taking Violet’s car?” Daisy said dejectedly. “My car’s bigger and more expensive than hers.”

    “But your car’s got dents and scratches on it,” Brendan said noticeably.

    “She plans to take part in the movie business. She’s been studying on being a method actress and has been taking her car for doing stunts every time, even when she’s not studying,” Lily said.

    “Gives you an uncomfortable feeling, doesn’t it?” May asked worriedly.

    “Yes, very uncomfortable,” Marley replied, despite still keep her cool and calm expression and voice.

    “It does look roomier than the others though… right?” Wally said nervously, trying to not make Daisy feel bad.

    “Before everyone makes any rash decisions about going into Daisy’s car, let me give you a tip,” Lily said warningly. “Unless you have a death wish, don’t go in there.”

    “Death wish…” the others cried.

    Everyone was shocked at that and fear struck into their hearts. None of them wanted to go in… with the exception of Barry. “I’m going in, baby! I live for danger!” he yelled excitedly. “In middle school, they used call me Daredevil as a nickname! Me wanna go on the front seat!”

    “Idiot was a more common and better nickname for you,” Brendan said as he watched Barry quickly ran to his chosen seat with glee.

    “Have a nice trip wherever you go,” Zoey said nervously. “Anyone else?”

    “W… Wes? Which one would you like to go to?” Rui asked.

    “I’ll take Daisy’s,” Wes replied calmly.

    Everyone was shocked at that decision, Rui being the most. “Fine! I’ll take Daisy’s too!” she cried, having a strong desire to be next to Wes.

    “You guys are incredibly brave!” Wally said admiringly before noticing everyone else took their seats in Violet’s and Lily’s cars while he just nervously glared at the damaged car. “Hey! Wait! Does that mean…!?”

    Soon, at some point during the ride, Daisy was speeding along, not knowing why her two sisters had to stop their cars… until Rui and Wally screamed, “Red light!!”

    And at another point, Daisy’s car hit a speed bump and went flying into the air. Still being in excitement mode, Barry screamed, “Yee-ha-a-ah!! We’re flying!!”

    Two hours of driving later, they all made it to Marley’s summer home with everyone being unharmed… almost. “Yahoo! Hey, that was fun! Haha! Let’s go again!” Barry yelled excitedly as he quickly got out of Daisy’s car. Everyone else was already out of the Violet’s and Lily’s cars they were riding in.

    “Yeah, ain’t that the truth,” Brendan said unenthusiastically while Marley looked through Daisy’s car window, seeing Wally completely white and shaken after experiencing Daisy’s terrifying and dangerous driving.

    “Are you okay?” she asked.

    “Am… am I… am I dead yet?” Wally asked quivering with fear.

    Wes, on the verge of being carsick, helped Rui out of the car as she too was shaken after taking a ride like that. He had her arm draped over the back of his neck. “Are you okay?” he asked.

    “No… again…” Rui whimpered, responding to Barry’s request while trying to stand. “I never thought doing stunts would be bad as this.”

    “Hey! Who broke the side-mirror!? That’s seven years bad luck, you know!” Daisy said sternly after seeing that part of the car broken.

    Rui fainted in shock after hearing that.

    The exterior of Marley’s summer home was just as big as her house back in Goldenrod City, much to the surprise of her friends. “Are you sure we’re not in Goldenrod anymore?” Ash asked. “This place looks the same as your other house.”

    “No, the beach is only a couple of minutes walk from here,” Marley replied. “Why don’t we rest for a while before going there?”

    Everyone agreed to do so. “But is anyone in there already?” Wally asked. “Not putting anyone off but I heard that people leave their summer houses unclean until their next visit. And I mean something like yearly… or never.”

    Everyone was surprised at that statement. Marley turned towards him with a smile. “You’d make a wonderful husband,” she said making him flinch. “Don’t worry. We hire some good people to clean the house so everything should be okay.”

    Upon entry, they looked around in amazement. But what was more amazing was everything looked the same as the interior as Marley’s Goldenrod home. “Okay, seriously, are we back home or what?” Barry asked.

    “I must warn you, even though we have rooms big enough to fit a good number of people in but not enough beds. Luckily, we have some sleeping bags here. I suggest that there should be a room for the boys and a room for the girls,” Marley announced.

    “Yes, that’s exactly what I was thinking,” Brendan said giving Barry an evil stare.

    “What?” Barry replied feeling accused.

    “Let’s get changed for the beach and meet up back here in ten minutes,” Marley said.

    “No need for me to do that then,” Barry said. “I’m already wearing my swimming trunks underneath.”

    “You just couldn’t wait, huh?” Brendan said.

    Two minutes later, Brendan and Wes were dragging Barry away from the girls’ room. The door was closed and locked, yet the hyperactive blond wanted to peep through the keyhole while the girls were getting changed. “One little peep!” he cried loudly. “Just one little peep!”

    Soon, everyone was down at the beach. Each boy and girl were wearing their trunks, bikinis and swimsuits… much to Barry’s excitement. “Holler! Holler! Holler! Hormones, man! Hormones!” he exclaimed observing the sexy swimwear the girls had on, much to their annoyance.

    “This is the last time we’re bringing you to the beach. We warned you about that while we were getting changed,” Brendan complained.

    “Oh, come on! How can you deny me of this experience!?” Barry cried.

    “You can still experience it with your mouth shut,” Brendan replied until he and the others noticed that Ash and Zoey brought… surfboards. “Guys… you surf?” he said in surprise.

    “Been doing that for two years every time I get a summer vacation,” Ash said. “Misty knows that but I’m surprised that Zoey did some of that too.”

    “I’ve been doing for a couple of years too during summer time,” Zoey said. “So, Ash, want to challenge me to a surfing competition?”

    “I challenge you!” Barry shouted determinedly pointing at her. Everyone looked at him silently, waiting a few seconds for him to add to his actions. “…If I knew how to surf,” he said in shame, sitting himself down on the beach.

    After that strange moment, Zoey turned her attention back to Ash. “So, are you game?” she asked.

    “No thanks,” Ash replied, waving a ‘no’ sign. “I don’t challenge girls.”

    “Oh, I see,” Zoey said smugly. “Is it because you’re some sort of gentleman… or is it because you’re afraid to lose to a girl?”

    A vain began throbbing on his forehead. “Oh dear, she had to say that line,” Misty said sheepishly.

    “Me? You taunt me! Me afraid to lose to a girl!?” Ash shouted. “I accept your challenge!”

    “Yeah, that’s more like it!” Zoey said enthusiastically.

    “Victory will be mine!” Barry shouted, now fired up by Ash’s attitude.

    “Barry, you said you don’t know how to surf!” Brendan shouted as he grabbed him by the trunks.

    It was a matter of time before the water waves come crushing in on the shore. They both charged into the sea while they friends looked on, cheering them on while Misty’s sisters were distances away, sunbathing and being gawked at male bystanders. “Daisy, is there anything bluer than the sky and our swimming pool?” Daisy asked.

    “If there is, I wouldn’t care,” Violet replied.

    “Me neither,” Lily said.

    It was a matter of time when both competitors stood up on their boards and began surfing the waves, feeling the excitement while keeping their balance for a long while as the waves got bigger.

    Their friends were amazed at the skills of the two surfers. That was until they noticed that another surfer was there… and not just any surfer. “No way,” May said in shock. “It can’t be…”

    And it wasn’t long before he came into Zoey’s view. “Mr. Brawly!?” she said in shock. She suddenly lost her balance and fell into the watery waves, much to shock of her friends, especially Ash’s as he lost his as well. Luckily, they were unhurt. “Zoey, you okay?” Ash cried, hoping that she could hear as she rose to the surface.

    “No, I’m not okay!” Zoey said feeling frustrated. “Mr. Brawly’s here!”

    “What!? No way!?” Ash cried.

    They both took their boards and swam back to shore.

    Meanwhile, Barry raised the hand of the History teacher. “And the winner and first ever Goldenrod High Surfing Champion, Mr. Brawly!” he said with pride in his voice before bowing down to him. “I’m not worthy!”

    “Hi, kids,” Mr. Brawly said. “How are things?”

    “We’re… having fun,” Drew said, trying to keep calm despite seeing this lecturer, or lecher for a better term. “What about you, sir?”

    “I’m here with my friends and girlfriend,” Mr. Brawly said while a girl was coming his way with short pink hair, wearing a black and blue swimsuit and a first aid plaster on her nose.

    “(Did he just say girlfriend)?” the students thought in unison and in shock.

    “Hi, sweetheart,” the girl said as he came up close to him.

    “Hey there, sugar,” Mr. Brawly said as he lovingly wrapped his arm around her neck before he kissed her on the lips, which shocked the teens even more. Ash and Zoey also saw that when they arrived on the scene. “Kids, this is Maylene,” he said introducing her to them. “Be very careful with her. Not only is she my girlfriend, she knows martial arts. So that goes double for the boys.”

    “Sweetheart, you’re such a charmer,” Maylene said bashfully before she kissed him on the hand.

    “(Look who’s talking)!?” Ash thought angrily.

    “(I bet that no matter what fighting style she does, she’s vulnerable and would always submit to him)!” Misty thought.

    “(This is just wrong! This is so wrong)!” Dawn thought, concerned for Maylene. “(Does she have any idea what this man does in school)?”

    “(Mr. Brawly’s amazing)!” Barry thought happily. “(I think I’m dying of jealousy. How did he get a girl like her? Wait, she looks to be around the same age as Misty’s sisters).”

    “I know what you’re thinking,” Mr. Brawly said smugly. “You’re thinking about you can get yourself a chick like her.”

    “(We’re not as perverted as you are),” they all thought.

    Soon, after some chatting was done, Mr. Brawly and Maylene went away. The students got themselves in a group discussion, talking about their hideous teacher and his girlfriend. “I can’t believe that the poor girl is going out with that creep,” Misty said in disgust. “I bet someday that both of them are going to get hurt in more ways than one, not that I care about him anyway.”

    “Now, hang on,” Wally said, trying to not make things worse for everyone. “What if she already knew about him… well, admiring other girls?”

    “Then I smell a conspiracy brewing up,” Drew said suspiciously.

    “Maybe it’s just their taste in people,” Wally said.

    “Well, it would’ve been a fair contest if he didn’t show up,” Ash muttered. “I feel like I cheated someone.”

    “He didn’t know we were going to be here, Ash,” Wally said.

    “Let it go already. I’m just annoyed that he’s here right now,” Zoey said as she dried herself up with a towel, much to Dawn’s bliss when she saw her do that in an ‘appealing’ way. Then again, she liked looking at the glistening of the seawater on her. Brendan looked around and realised someone’s missing. “Wait a minute, where’s Marley?”

    A distance away, Mr. Brawly and Maylene were getting for their lunch. He opened up his basket to find no food but a small rat creature, known as a rattata, jumping up to his face and grabbing it. “What the heck!?” he cried before taking the pokemon off and then saw nothing but crumbs in his hamper. “Ah! The food!”

    Back at the teens’ location, Marley had a verbal report to make. “I was just having some fun,” she said calmly before she held up a ‘V’ sign. “…And it was a success.”

    That night inside the summer home, Misty’s sisters were out and one of the Goldenrod High students thought of an idea for a nightly activity. They all sat on comfy sofas, letting in the cool night air breezing into the opened windows. “Let’s say we tell some horror or ghost stories?” Ash suggested. “It’s a good way to spend summer nights with your friends.”

    “Um… I don’t want to hear any! Please, no horror stories,” Wally said fearfully as he covered his ears with his hands.

    “I got one!” May exclaimed. Everyone paid attention to what she had to tell. Rui held Wes by the arm for comfort. Barry held the emerald shy guy down to his seat. Wally still kept his ears covered, mumbling to himself. “When the bread popped out of the toaster, no one knew what to put on it,” she started, sounding like a sinful person. “Jam? Margarine? Sugar? I suggested chocolate spread… crumbs were everywhere…”

    “Uh… May,” Brendan said interrupting this little horror fiction. “Ash said to tell ghost stories. Not ‘toast’ stories.”

    “Oh, sorry… I don’t know any ghost stories,” May said, feeling rather embarrassed.

    “I got one,” Drew said. “There are stories of beasts, ghosts, demons and psychopaths. But mine… mine is about this one creature who at night would sing a beautiful song, lulling her victims into sleep and making them most vulnerable…”

    His friends were quite surprised that he would make up such an intriguing story. They began to listen to him quite intently, except for Wally who still had his ears covered. “And!? Go on!” Barry said impatiently after Drew stopped for a moment.

    “…And uses a marker pen… to draw random images on their faces…”

    Everyone’s face faulted into bafflement after hearing about the usage of a marker pen, wondering why such a creature would use such a thing to do those evil deeds.

    “…The name of this creature… is Jigglypuff!”

    Everyone moaned in disappoint, except Marley and Wally. “Aw! That sucks!” Barry said in annoyance, standing up. “I thought that you were going to say something cool like sucking their blood out or eat away their souls! Little pink puff balls like that are just as scary as a Marril with the word ‘boo!’ on its belly!”

    “Then it’s a good thing that Wally didn’t hear that,” Drew said. “Besides, I didn’t say it was going to be good. But I had a lot fun since you guys fell for it.”

    Everyone groaned, feeling like fools after that statement.

    “I guess I’ll go,” Brendan said calmly before clearing his throat. “There was once a young man living in a normal house. He was thirsty, quite desperate for a drink before he saw a glass of juice on the table. Thinking that it was a gift from the heavens above, he thanked them and downed the cool juicy beverage in one go. But then after quenching his thirst, he took one last gaze and saw a hideous creature laying inside the glass before him… it was a cockroach.”

    Almost everyone’s eyes widened in as they took in the details for a brief moment until they screamed in fear and disgust at the thought of the said insect inside someone’s glass. It was then followed by a series of shouting in shocked reactions.

    “Oh, my god!” Barry shouted in horror.

    “That’s it! No more! I hate bugs! I’m going to the girls’ room!” Misty shouted angrily before storming off, shivers going up her spine.

    “Wait up!” Ash cried following her into the room, hoping that she wouldn’t do anything drastic.

    “Wah… I think I’m going to be sick,” Rui whimpered as she felt some small churning. She covered her mouth and headed towards the bathroom.

    “I… think I’ll join you,” Wes said as he followed her. He too felt queasy, still suffering from being one of the victims of Daisy’s driving.

    Wally was confused as he still had his ears covered. “What happened!? What happened!?” he cried fearfully before Marley gently grasped his hands and moved them away from his ears.

    “It’s okay, Wally. It’s over,” she said calmly and reassuringly. “It wasn’t bad.”

    “Wasn’t bad!?” Barry yelled angrily. “Dude! Brendan just told us the most disgusting and scariest thing that could ever happen to a man!”

    “The next story will be about a cheese grater,” Brendan said calmly.

    “No! No more!” everyone yelled angrily.

    “Honestly, who told you that story?” Drew said feeling nauseous.

    “I got the stories from…”


    That was Miss Whitney, back in Goldenrod City, letting out a small yet loud sneeze after someone from far away mentioned her name and then started talking about her and her habits.


    A couple of troubling hours later after that harrowing story, everyone was asleep, with the exception of one person, Barry. He waited for the right moment so he could sneak a peek into the girls’ room, knowing that his male friends were asleep. When he reached to their door, he let out a small snigger as he slowly crouched down until…


    Barry felt the big sting on the side of his head and let out a small, quiet scream in pain. He quickly covered his mouth as to not make any further noises before making his way back to the boys’. Inside the girls’ room, Rui woke up from her sleep as she sat from shock when she heard a noise from outside. “Don’t worry… it’s only Barry,” Marley whsipered quietly in her sleep. Knowing that her friend was most likely to be correct, she shrugged the idea off and went back to sleep.

    Outside, a familiar Gengar picked up an elastic band from the floor and chortled at the prank he just pulled on the hyperactive, and perverted, blond.

    A couple of weeks later, it was time for everyone to back to their hometown. Incidentally, Brendan and Wally bumped into Macey and Ken after getting their photos developed. They let them take a look at the pictures and they soon found out the shocking truth.

    “WHA-A-A-A-AT!? Ash was there!?” Macey screamed after seeing the picture of him with his red and green swimming trunks on.

    “Uh… yeah,” Wally said.

    “Why didn’t anyone tell me!?” she cried.

    “Drew tried calling you but you never answered,” Brendan said.

    “I’m going to sue my phone company for this!” she snarled before flipping through the photos and saw Ash sitting on a bed with his hand on the back of Misty, who was seating in a fetal position. “WHA-A-A-A!?” she screamed in terror.

    Brendan took a look at the photo and remembered the scene. “Oh that, well, I was telling a horror story that evening and Misty didn’t like it,” he said. “If you want I can tell you.”

    “No! Don’t!” Wally said warningly, shaking his head in panic.

    “No way!” Ken screamed as he saw a picture of Rui wearing her blue and pink bikini. “Rui was there too!?”

    “Yes,” Wally replied, more scared than before.

    “Drew tried calling you as well,” Brendan said. “But I guess you were all pretty busy at the time I guess.”

    Ken flipped through the pictures before he saw Wes and Rui sitting next to each other while everyone was having fun. “This isn’t what I think it is, is it?” he said calmly, though his eyes were screaming out murder.

    “They’re just sitting next to each other, what’s the big deal? Besides, they were feeling carsick so they didn’t join in much,” Brendan said.

    “Car… sick…” Wally mumbled, on the verge of feeling sick.

    Angry, both Ken and Macey began breathing deeply as they flipped through the photos again until they came across a picture of Barry standing next to a badly damaged car holding up a ‘V’ sign with his fingers, which switched their expressions to curiosity. “Hey, what’s that?” she asked, pointing at the vehicle.

    “Oh, that’s Daisy’s car,” Brendan replied. “Boy, did she take Wes, Barry, Rui and Wally for a ride? They had to take it twice. Isn’t that right, my friend?”

    They turned towards the emerald haired shy guy, who was now white as ghost while showing a frightened look on his face. They tried to snap him back to reality by snapping fingers, waving in front of his face and roughening his hair as well.

    “Wally? Are you okay in there?”

    “Yoo-hoo. Earth to Wally.”

    “Please don't drive fast, Daisy...” Wally said tonelessly, scaring his friends slightly. "Red light's there, Daisy... I'm sorry... So sorry… Wait… Stop…”

    He continued speaking like that until...


    Brendan sighed out of awkwardness while Macey and Ken tried to calm him down in panic. “Wally! Get a hold of yourself!” she cried.


    *Cue ending song ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun* by Cyndi Lauper
    Barry: Class shuffle, baby! This means that there’ll be more challenges for me!

    Brendan: And more failures along with that.

    Barry: You have no faith in me, do you!?

    Brendan: Whatever. But knowing Miss Whitney as a gambler for sports day, I’m pretty certain who she’s going to pick.

    Barry: Me?

    Brendan: Take your ‘I’m an idiot’ sign, stick it on your back and go.

    Barry: Brendan! You heartless creep!

    Wes: Honestly, I’m a little worried. Just who is she going to pick?

    Miss Whitney: Don’t you worry, Wes. I know exactly who I’m going to pick for my team! Join in next time when we get back to school!
  11. junpearl63

    junpearl63 their rooms

    Thanks for the Pm Brian :) Overall, the story is quite good (of course, especially with our favorite blond) but, don't you think the part when they went to Marley's summer house was too short? They were there for a few weeks, and I thought maybe in they would have something more, like, I don't know, maybe someone drown, or they saw ghost but it turned out to be only a ghost pokemon or a prankster? Or love confession (not so sure about this, too quick)?

    Still, I always love your sense of humor (now I got Drew's story stucked in my head) and who knew Brendan could get such a disgusting story from someone like Miss Whitney (who knew a person with Milktank and pink hair could think of that?). Poor Wally...("Am I dead yet?")

    Monster, inc.?
  12. hailflameblast

    hailflameblast I'm coming...

    Found a few grammar errors, but I have to get to sleep soon, so I'll cut to the point.

    This is NOT fair. How come you only get the Romeo and the Hamlet? Where are Juliet and Horatio?

    Ok, even I expected that the beach would take up the whole chapter. IMO, Wes is as dense as Ash in the anime. He STILL hasn't suspected anything about Rui? Seriously, I mean come on...

    Coming to the bit about Marley, Wally and the whole husband thing, I lol'd. makes me feel that I already know the shippings(dunno the names of all of them).

    Can't think of anything for Brendan and Barry. Also, a tiny request. Could you please not bring Brock into the story? That would IMO, ruin the comedy with his repetitive proposals.
    Last edited: Dec 3, 2009
  13. Mew-mew

    Mew-mew Vocaloid Fan

    Mew-mew:good chapter I have been waiting forever for it.
    May:Yay I was in the chapter :D
    Drew: Wally are you alright
    Mew-mew,May and Drew: *laughing really hard*
  14. legandlover989

    legandlover989 Its now or never

    I love it it is awesome *squeals*
  15. Brian Random

    Brian Random I WAS FROZEN TODAY!!

    Junpearl63: I admit, I could’ve made the last chapter a little bit longer but I thought I leave the rest of the two week beach time to your imagination. And about Monster’s Inc.? Homage!

    Hailflameblast: It’s okay, mate. When you have the time, use it to check out the errors. The two names I picked out, I thought they would be fitting for Marley’s pokemon. The beach, I think I’ll leave it to your imagination. ^_^ Thanks for pointing out the good bits, though.

    Mew-mew: You have to admit, the moment with the baby psyducks were great. XD

    Legandlover989: Thank you.

    Now for the questions given from one of our beloved readers, Hailflameblast, to Marley. The guy asked a bunch but we’ll choose five and move on.

    Are you emo?
    I go to a good school and I have great friends. They mean a lot to me. How can I be emo?

    Do you have a crush on Wally?
    I’m sorry. The writer doesn’t want me to answer that one.

    Did Ash give his games and money so that you would help with his exam preparations?
    Yes. He told me that he would sell his soul to me. To him, games are like souls and he gave them to me in exchange to help him with his preparations. Pity how he turned out after he passed his exams. He had to get some jobs done to get his console and games back.

    Do you like the beach?
    Who doesn’t?

    Do you know the muffin man?

    Not personally, but I heard that he lives in Drury Lane.

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