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Gone with the Windworks (612)


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Enjoyed this episode.
And also


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Lol Lyra is funny(not talking about calling Dawn Dane). She's already talking about getting married. Like really wtf?! It seems that Lyra is starting to have a crush on Ash. It's funny how she always gets mad at Khoury. He really does need to lighten up though. *sighs* Piplup does not like getting its attention taken away from.....


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Not much to say here. It's a decent episode whatnot. That is all.
Looks like it'll take a while before Piplup and Cyndaquil start acting nice to each other. Looks like Lyra just shout out a Pearlshipping hint, which brings me sheer of joy. Too bad they may never be together because of the confirmation of the 5th gen, which means she will be kicked out of thee group, and worse my dream of her being in a Smash Bros. game will never come true.

never say never and how are people uploading the video's with high quality on youtube under 4 hours after it airs? I'll watch it later today after the Olympics. I read from Bulbapedia they played a part of the HGSS Champion battle theme; is that correct? Is it me or does the security guard look a lot like Dr. Wily from Megaman? Well there is Nanba, but this guy has white hair and mustache.
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This episode was ok. It was funny that Team Rocket got mad at the security guy napping through their motto. All in all, this was a bad filler in my opinion.


"I..I..Iron Tail, Pikachu."
Piplup was a total b.

Dawn...way to be biased after sending Cyndaquil to its pokeball instead of that tiny blue piece of disposables.

Piplup is really starting to get on my nerves. I did laugh when he got electrocuted from behind the door.


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A pretty decent episode which was good fun.

A few thoughts on today's episode:

- Why isn't that security guy just allowed to retire? I mean, judging from how old he looks, it sure is about time that he retires. He can't even stay awake for one minute.
- Team Rocket's 70s hairstyle: Did people in those days really have such a bad taste that they liked that style.... oh dear. Well, I prefer the 50s anyways.
- How long has it been since I last saw Ash behave like a real hero? This was and still is the primary reason why I got interested in Pokemon 12 years ago. Great to see that kind of Ash who I've been admiring from the get-go. (after Her Majesty Cynthia, of course)
Gible said:
"Oh look, Ash is using a wrench to open the door, let's all watch him and do nothing" says the rest of the group
That's exactly what I thought, too :lol:
- I had to laugh at the boys trying to find a way to escape from that locked up room while the girls were just standing around talking about stereotypical girlie issues. Was this scene meant to convey a hidden message?:lol:

Last but not least, I've got to mention something which has already caused a controversial discussion:
The fact that Cyndaquil was too overpowered whereas Grotle was surprisingly weak (at least today):-/
You know, some guys have already complained about those who complained about said scene, but the latter were totally right!
It bothered me as well that a newly hatched Pokemon is supposed to do so extremely well in his very first(!) battle when in almost all the previous cases where a Pokemon had hatched from an egg, that Pokemon was shown as pretty frightened and helpless!
That wasn't the Grotle which almost defeated Palmer's Rhyperior a few week ago. It was a shame that the writers used that awesome Pokemon for their completely illogical experiments just to feature a newly hatched Cyndaquil. And IF it were meant to be a training battle, then Ash and Grotle wouldn't have attacked with full power. If you take a close look at the attacks, you'll clearly see that they weren't reduced in power and that Ash did take the battle seriously This just bugs me!

Apart from Cyndaquil being a teensy bit overpowered, this was an interesting and good episode which deserves

7 out of 10 points


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This episode was quite hilarious I admit, and Piplup was such the attention hogger. Because of Cyndaquil being Dawn's new admired Pokemon. :p Besides, Cynda's moves are pretty cool to start with. I can't wait to see more.

In the windworks, I couldn't believe Piplup tripped Cyndaquil, yeah total maturity. Someone's just jealous.

When they were stuck in the basement room, I loved the few things that happened. One being, during the part Ash was getting the Air Vent removed to get out of the room, Lyra and Dawn were just watching and she was talking about getting married if they're gonna be stuck in here forever (much to Cory's exaggerating by saying they're all gonna be stuck in here for the rest of their lives.) and said how she would pick Ash. Then asking Dane (Dawn :p) if she liked ash. Oh silly Lyra. x3

Then there was the Cookie dividing part, 5 of them and 7 cookies. Lyra then saying Ladies first, and she and Dane get 2 Cookies and the other 3 only get one. :p Man, so much I love about Lyra now. xD And also Ash for saying "How do we divide it into 1/4?"

And then there was the part Ash and the others trying to get the door open. Starting with Grotle, and using Energy Ball. I couldnt stop laughing from how it kept flying around the room like a pinball. x3 And then Lyra goes us and uses her Giraffarig with Double Hit. Nice to see she has another Pokemon.

Then coming to an end, I thought it was awesome seeing Team Rocket with their crazy hair. Especially Meowth's I couldnt believe it, I was like omg. x3 Then there was their crazy Marcargo Machine, I thought it looked pretty cool until it ran out of electricity. :p

Overall, such a great episode between Piplup/Cyndaquil fighting, Electricity, Thinking about Marriage, Cookies, and such a great dub title. I surely can't wait for next weeks.


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Haha once again Lyra is just so fun. Her Pokemon didn't shine though, Chikorita getting defeated in the last episode and Girafarig was worthless lol.

She is talking to Dawn Dane about marriage, she is one of the few characters in the show that have shown interest in love! I think it was fun.

Dawn's Cyndaquil is strong for a newborn, but it's ok to set it apart from Ash's that was weak when he first got it.


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-Yada yada Cyndaquil
-Why the hell is Dawn battling with Cyndaquil already?
-Haha, Piplup's been upstaged by the newcomer.
-Goddamn Kotone, put Marril back in its Pokeball before it wanders out of sight again.
-The magnemite are angry for some reason!
-Apparently they'd guard Pokemon. Okay then.
-I support and endorse TR rocking afros for the next few episodes.
-AshnCo are trapped! Oh no! And the security guard is asleep again! Double oh no!
-Aha! An air vent! Now all the boys can try to get it open while the girls stand back and talk!
-Oh jesus, Kotone is one of those girls. OOH DAWN DO YOU LIKE ASH? DO YA DO YA DO YA? HE'S SOOOOO COOOOOL!
-The vent is too small for people...but Pikachu can fit through!
-Kotone, stop putting down Afro Nerd for not being a shonen stereotype.
-Kotone, stop being a bitch about everything. You don't need double the cookies the guys get, and "ladies first" is so 1870.
-Pikachu makes everything okay by electricuting very expensive monitoring equipment while it was fighting TR to get Cyndaquil back. And the guard is still sleepy. It's funny because his incompetence puts people in danger!
-MECHA MAGCARGO. I think it's safe to safe this is the best TR mecha ever.
-Except for the part where it loses all its energy after one attack.

I'll be glad when JOHTO JOHTO JOHTO is over so the writers stop having an excuse to phone in the scripts. Both episodes this week were just boring(I seriously skipped over 80% of today's episode because nothing was happening), aside from the parts where Kotone spiced things up by grating on my nerves and being a bitch to the guys. And we have to deal with her for how many more episodes? Two or three or something? Ugh.
Lyra asking Dawn is Ash was her boyfriend was so random. They were locked in that room for like 10 minutes and she's already talking about how they're going to have to get married. Lyra certainly is a strange character. Her hero worship of Ash was a bit much too.

Piplup and Cyndaquil's "rivalry" seems really forced. I hope this isn't a long lasting thing.

Edit: Ash and co. trapped inside that storage room produced some funny momemts.

-Everyone watching as Ash tried to use that crowbar to open the door all by himself.
-Dawn and Lyra just standing back and talking about girl stuff as Ash and the other guys tried to actually escape.
-Lyra insisting that ladies go first so that her and Dawn could get two cookies each.
-Lyra talking about how "totally awesome" she thought Ash was as he removed a metal grate from in front of an air vent and used a crowbar to try and open a door.

Lyra is just a bucket full of comedy.
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This episode made it official how awesome Lyra is. She's a fun character that adds a lot of spark to the group. And yeah, it's about time someone notices everything Ash does! Serously, though, it pisses me off when the writers throw in comments about romance with Ash and never follow through. You see this a lot wth Misty in Pokemon 2000 and now you never hear about it anymore. They did it in The Bicker the Better with May, and now this with Dawn. Either follow through with these comments and continue them into other episodes or don't have them at all. It's teases the shipping community like no other! Anyway, decent episode, Grotle ftw.


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Im sure grotle looked weak against cyndaquil on purpose. Ash wouldn't send everything he had against a newly hatched pokemon. Seeing it survive a rock climb was pretty crazy though. If that little guy evolves, its going to be a force for dane.


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Usually, (Togepi, Eevee, Happiny) isn't it quite a while until baby pokemon are allowed to battle? Did anyone else find this odd? First full episode with Cyndaquil and "hey! let's battle with the newborn!"

Lyra's adorable, I'm a fan.


This episode was ok. It was funny that Team Rocket got mad at the security guy napping through their motto. All in all, this was a bad filler in my opinion.

Hmm, well what was bad about it? I mean it might have been a little chessy when Lyra asked Dawn who she'd choose out of the three boys but the rest seemed ok.

I didn't like Piplup's behavior in this episode. It acted like a brat, even moreso than Cyndaquil. I felt like this episode was only added to give the cast (Lyra) some character development.


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i don't get team rocket! They knockout magnamite and don't even capture them! A magnamite would have made a good edition to James party! ;081;


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This was an ep that I was rly looking forward to seeing dubbed and it did not disappoint. Lyra has a personality alot like mine, cheerful, yappy, love-centric and sometimes naive. I think my fashion sense is better tho, no mushroom cap for me. XD
Corey is also hilarious imagining himself as an old man stuck in the Windworks forever. Ash having trouble w/ division was a cute touch, most ppl hate learning it in 4th grade. The running gag of TR's hair poof amused me more than Piplup & Cynda rivalry but it was refreshing to see an eager battle-ready baby poke. There rly are developing more personalitys for them this season even if Marrill is the typical cute-toddler-that-wanders-off. I liked the Magcargo mecha and how horribly fuel efficient it was.
Overall I say it's a 9/10.


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Lol at Lyra having a crush on Ash. Shes the first one in a while to admit it. But I prefer her and Kjory I dunno why I just do. I like Lyra though
Thought the Piplup.Cyndaquil jealousy battle thing was quite good but glad they worked together along with Pikachu
Im kinda liking the Dawn/Lyra friendship thing
Thought the battle between Grotle and Cyndaquil wasnt so well done to say it had only just hatched
Apart from that though it was a good episode


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I really enjoyed this episode. I really like Lyra, she's a funny character.
The Cyndaquil/Piplup rivalry was really funny, even though I thought that Piplup was acting like a spoiled brat. The Team Rocket Afro's were really funny too. It really made me laugh.
Yayy, Pearlshipping refrence in this episode. I'm also getting the feeling that Lyra likes Ash. Her asking Dawn if Ash was her boyfriend came out of nowhere, but it made me very happy.
Overall, it really liked this episode and it gets an 8/10 from me :)