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Good arc, lacking game


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Specifically in terms of how they carry over concepts from the games into their own narrative, resulting in what's honestly outshone its source material.

There's a real element of danger in the XY Chapter. Particularly with the quintet being forced from their homes rather than voluntarily take on a journey by themselves. They can't turn back. They have to keep moving lest Team Flare gets them. This even allows for certain game plot beats to be woven in fairly organically due in how it's largely one big fight for survival. They have allies in the Gym Leaders, sure, but even they can do so much.

Similarly, you have the GSC Chapter where the bare bone plot of Team Rocket's return becomes the culmination of what the RGB Chapter had set up. You even had the Mask of Ice be a new villain largely made from whole cloth who tied into the backstory of a previous hero. Mind you, the jump from Gold and Silver to Crystal was semi-jarring yet... weirdly hooking in terms of how the boys seemed to disappear only for this new girl to take over.

Any other arcs that you think did the games a touch more justice than you expected?


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Well, I liked that in the BW arc, N actually takes a Pokémon from one of the main characters. It becomes a personal connection and motivation from them, stronger than in the games. It also made for an interesting twist and left you wondering what would happen with Gigi. I was satisfied with the conclusion of that plot, and while I liked that White was doing her own thing, I also think it gave her a good development arc.