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Good bye (multishipping)

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by Uzamaki Hinata, May 31, 2009.

  1. Uzamaki Hinata

    Uzamaki Hinata Bye bye!

    Well, here it is, final (?) fanfic on sppf! Thoughts will of course, be followed because the fanfic is long enough as it is.

    shipping: advance, poke, pearl, elder, & contestshipping
    rating: G
    story format: short story
    song: Book of Love by Peter Gabriel



    May Maple had a great life. She knew that. She knew more than anything in the world that she had a great life. And she knew that it was just going to get better along the way. She knew that everything that had happened to her happened for a reason. She knew that every tear that fell from her eye just made her stronger as a person. She knew that every lost love of hers just pushed her one more step towards her true love. She knew that every friend she made, every laugh she shared, every defeat she had, every win she celebrated, everything happened for a reason. And she was happy, because she knew it. She really knew it. She knew it even deep, deep down in her heart. She knew she had a great life. But…

    May paused.

    But still…

    “Hey, May?”

    May looked up from the clothes that lay patiently on her bed. “Yeah?”

    Max poked his head in to his sister’s bedroom. “You ready?” he asked, hesitantly, almost as if he were not quite ready to accept what was happening. What was actually going to happen.

    May smiled, sadly. “Yeah, almost.”

    Max frowned slightly. “May, you’re not-?”

    “No,” May shook her head. “No, I’m not regretting, don’t worry.”

    Max looked as if he were about to say something else but shook his head instead. “Dad says he’s going to get the car ready soon.”

    “Okay,” May said. She looked down towards her bed once more.

    “Hey, May?”


    “This is a good thing. You know that, right?”

    May smiled softly before looking back towards Max once more. He was her little brother, and some of her knew that even if Carolyn and Norman ever had any more kids, he would still be her favorite person in the world. And not only because they were siblings, not only because they were blood, but only because…

    “I love you, May.”

    Because he was Max.

    “I love you, too, little brother.”

    The book of love is long and boring
    No one can lift the damn thing

    Ash sighed softly as he watched the rain pour outside his window. “Another journey,” he said, more to himself than anyone else. The rain continued to pound on to his house, but he could only hear his pounding heart. “This is just another journey.” He whispered. And it was. It was just another journey.

    “Another journey with May, you mean.” A female voice piped from somewhere behind him.

    Ash tore himself away from the raining clouds outside and pulled himself back in to reality. He watched as all around him, most of the people he ever knew in his life, worked hard. His mother, Professor, pokemon, best friends, everyone…

    He smiled.

    He would miss this.

    “Wow, you guys are so busy-looking!” Dawn, the very same voice that had piped before, cried, almost as if she were shocked to see people work. She watched as Delia picked and poked through things as she herself pulled off her coat and put it away.

    Ash grinned. “Dawn?” he said, looking back towards the small female. “What’re you-?”

    “Doing here?” Dawn supplied. “Well Kenny’s busy, so I thought, why not crash with Ash and try my romantic luck on him again?”

    Misty snorted.

    Ash’s grin disappeared. “… What?”

    Dawn laughed. “Ash, you idiot!” she cried before patting the young raven haired trainer on the shoulder playfully. “What do you think I’m here for?”


    “Never mind,” Dawn said before pausing. She blinked before looking over at Ash closely, her own smile disappearing.

    “What is it?” Ash asked, suddenly self-conscious. Was she looking at what he was wearing? Was it dirty?

    The young blue-haired female rubbed her chin in thought. “Hmm,” she said.

    “Hmm?” Ash repeated.

    Dawn nodded. “Yeah,” she said. “Now I’m starting to remember why it didn’t work out between us.”

    “Are you seriously thinking about that right now?” Gary asked, handing Ash yet another pile of clothing to add to his already growing list. When Ash shot his childhood friend a confused look, Gary simply shrugged his shoulders and motioned towards Delia.

    Ah, so it was another order from the Ketchum mother.

    “Of course I’m thinking about that! I’ve always wondered why we broke it off.” Dawn smiled. “But it doesn’t matter, right? I mean in the end, who knows when someone finds their Mister or Miss Right? Maybe Mister and Miss Right come soon, or maybe they come later? Who cares? I mean in the end-”

    “Dawn, stop babbling,” Gary said, interrupting the excited co’ordinator. “Like we don’t have enough of a headache with Ash, now you need to go around giving us love advice?”

    Dawn frowned. “You know,” she said, tapping her chin. “One of these days, I’m going to disappear and you’re all going to miss me. Especially you, Gary.”

    Gary snorted. “Not on your life.” he muttered.

    Dawn nodded sympathetically before patting Gary’s head as if he were a child. “I feel your pain,” she said, sadly. “I feel your pain.”

    “Cut that out.”

    Ash smiled.

    He would really miss this.

    The book of love has music in it
    In fact that's where music comes from

    “You’re still not done?”

    Before May even knew what was going on, she found herself gazing in to the green eyes of her former rival, and at one point of her life, the man she thought she’d stay with forever.

    “What’re you staring at?” he asked, smirking slightly as he pushed his green hair out of his eyes. She could hear the worry in his voice, and she could hear how he tried to hide it behind his words. “This is your fault, not mine.”

    She stared. “My fault?” she repeated before realizing what he was saying. And almost instantly, a smile washed over her features. What a thing for him to say. What a Drew thing for him to say.

    “You had your chance with me, May, and you ended it.” he said, with another flick of his hair. “Don’t try coming back for seconds now.”

    She laughed. “You’re crazy,” she said before sitting up straight on her bed. It didn’t take long for him to push aside a few of her clothing and sit beside her.

    “I’m crazy?” he repeated before pausing. And suddenly the playful tone dropped from his voice. The worry was now too clear to ignore.

    Now it was her turn to worry. “Are you okay?”

    He hesitated to reply, as if he were afraid what his words would do to her. Instead, he said nothing before taking hold of her hand and giving it a slight squeeze. “I’m not crazy, you are.”

    “I am?”

    “You’re the one who’s leaving today.”

    She smiled. “Not for forever.”

    He shrugged. “Close enough.”

    Her smile weakened, she didn’t know what to say. She wasn’t good at helping people feel better, that was his job.

    “You sure have… a lot of clothes.” He said, and she couldn’t help but remember then how much he hated long silences.

    “Yeah,” she said, giving his hand a slight a squeeze. “What did you think happened to all those shopping trips?”

    He smiled. “Didn’t think about them, I guess.”

    She nodded. “Not much of a surprise there.”

    “Is that so?”

    “Yeah,” she gave his hand another squeeze. “You never think.”

    He smirked. “You’re going to have to work on that. Your insults need major work, you know.”

    “I know,” she said, softly. “And you’ll be there to help, won’t you?”

    He paused. “I can’t promise that.”

    She frowned. “You can’t?”

    He paused once more before turning to face the ever-growing pile of clothing that lay patiently on her bed. “But,” he said, smiling slightly. “I can help you with this.” His smile widened. “That I can promise.”

    She laughed. “I hope you know that I’m going to hold you to that.”

    He smirked. “I expected as much, what with us being involved for almost ten years.”

    She couldn’t hide the surprise in her eyes.

    “Of course I didn’t forget,” he replied to her silent question. “Yesterday was our would-be anniversary, you know.”

    She nodded meekly. “I know.”

    He smiled then and placed his hand on to her cheek. Her blood raced. “Now, enough of memory lane,” he whispered. “Let’s get started on your clothes.”

    It took her maybe three seconds of shock and blushing before she understood what he meant. She laughed.

    It would take some time for her to get used to not hearing his jokes.

    But I
    I love it when you read to me

    “The rain isn’t going to stop if you continue to look at it, you know.”

    Ash sighed before turning to face the owner of the voice. “I know,” he said, finding himself staring straight in to her bright orange hair and then falling in to her green eyes before saying. “But I wish it would just stop.”

    Misty smiled warmly. “Don’t we all?” she shook her head slightly before smiling once more. “Whether it stops or not doesn’t matter though, the day will still go on.”

    He nodded, almost obediently. Everyone had been telling him that, all day, everyone had been saying that over and over again. The rain would stop. It wouldn’t stop. It didn’t matter if it ever stopped. They hoped it would stop. The day would still go on. Would it still go on? They wished the rain would stop.

    “Hey,” she said, bringing Ash back to reality. “What do you think?” Before he had a chance to reply or even ask what she was talking about, she twirled softly in front of him, showing off her clothing.

    He watched her twirl, she watched his eyes. He watched her smile, she smiled brightly. He watched her close her eyes, she pretended to dance alone. He watched her enjoy herself, she wished he would join her. He felt himself being pulled in to her little dance, she stopped before he had a chance to ask her if he could join.

    “So?” she said, coming to a complete stop. She smiled brightly then, and her hair blew right in to place.

    Right in the way he liked it best.

    “So,” he repeated.

    “What do you think?” she asked.

    He paused. “I think,” he said before putting his arms up. “I think… I want to dance?”

    She laughed. “Are you sure this is okay?”

    He shrugged. “We’re just friends.”

    Some of her wanted to believe that wasn’t true.


    She nodded and slowly, she stepped towards him, with her arms ready to meet his.

    “Thanks,” he said, and their bodies began to wish and woosh around the room, meshing together, playing along to the imaginary song they had playing in their heads.

    “No problem,” she replied, sucking in everything about him then, sucking in everything she could.

    “I needed the practice.” He laughed.

    “I’m not so sure,” she replied with a wink.

    “Don’t worry, I know someone who is so sure,” he said as he whisked her around once more.

    “That someone needs to get their eyes checked,” she said.

    He laughed.

    He would have to get used to her not being in his life anymore.

    And you
    You can read me anything

    May smiled down at the photos before her, smiling down as they triggered memory after memory in her head. There were pictures that made her laugh and there were pictures that made her cry. There were pictures that made her look silly, and others that just made her look mad. But it didn’t matter, no, not anymore, not to her. It didn’t matter if the pictures were taken just that morning or if they were taken a week ago.

    She loved them.

    She would always love them.

    “Hey, remember this one?”

    May looked up just as Dawn, one of her closest female friends, stepped in to her room.

    “Which one?” May asked.

    “This one!” Dawn said, excitedly. She pulled out a photo of May and herself, standing side-by-side. Both girls looked as if they were trying not to laugh as they held on to one another for their dear life. “I love this picture,” Dawn smiled as she took a seat beside May. “We look so innocent and young.”

    May stared down at the photo, stared down as her twelve year-old self laughed next to a ten year-old Dawn. A moment, a minute, a memory frozen in time forever.

    “Gosh, I almost forgot about this,” Dawn said, and without even meaning to, she leaned her head on to May’s shoulder. “I can’t believe I ever forgot about this day.” She laughed. “Hey, May, do you remember how we went on that big rollercoaster? And you almost threw up because you had just finished eating?”

    May began to feel a lump in her throat. Yeah, she remembered.

    “Oh, and remember this, May? Hah! Remember how we got Brock to ask that girl out to the skating rink? Remember how surprised he was when she said yes? Oh and-”

    “Dawn,” May said, interrupting her energetic friend. “Dawn, do you think we’ll ever be able to make memories like this anymore?”

    Dawn looked up in surprise. “What?” she said.

    May shook her head slightly in an attempt to get her thoughts straight. “What if… what if because of today, because of tonight we won’t-”

    “Because of tonight?” Dawn repeated, smiling. “May, nothing bad is ever going to happen ‘because of tonight’. If anything, ‘because of tonight’ great things are going to happen. Awesome things. In fact, the things that are going to happen are going to be so great that you’re going to wish even the most evil person could experience what you’re going to experience tonight.” Dawn’s smile brightened. “Things you’re going to wish that your future will continue to give you, over and over again.”

    Great things.

    May felt her eyes water. She loved the girl sitting beside her. She loved her more than she ever knew she could love someone. Because the girl beside her, just like the girl that was with her in the photo, would never leave her. The girl stood beside her through everything. She stood beside her through the good and the bad. She stood beside her through the misery and the happiness.

    And May loved this girl.

    The young brunette stared down at her picture, suddenly remembering the question that popped in to her thoughts when the girl she loved appeared at her doorway. “Hey, Dawn?”


    “I never asked you.”

    Dawn looked over at the brunette beside her, “Asked me what?”

    May smiled, slightly. “Why did you come back here? I thought you were with him.”

    “Oh, that’s it!” Dawn said in an exaggerated cry. “I give you the best advice ever and all you have to say in return is ‘why are you here?’ That’s great, May, that’s really, really great.”

    May giggled. “You’re my best friend, Dawn, right?”

    Dawn smiled. “Of course, I am.” Her smile broadened as she set her head on top of May’s shoulder. “As long as you’re my best friend, May.”

    May placed her hand on top of Dawn’s before whispering. “Always.”

    The book of love has music in it
    In fact that's where music comes from

    “Pika pi!”

    Ash grinned. “Oh awesome, thanks pal.” He reached over for the small wrapped box the yellow rodent held. “Hah, she’d kill me if I didn’t have this, huh?”

    “Pika.” Pikachu nodded its tiny head before hopping on to Ash’s bed.

    “What now?”

    “Pika chu, pika pika chaaa.” Pikachu groaned as it pulled on what seemed to be a pile of Ash’s clothing.

    Ash laughed. “Thanks, but I got it, don’t worry.” The young raven haired trainer said before patting his friend on the head. “I know Mom’ll kill me if I don’t get this done soon.”

    “You got that right,” Gary said, placing his hand on Ash’s shoulder. “Delia’s having a panic attack down there Ash. I think she fainted when I told her you weren’t done with packing.”

    “I am done packing,” Ash argued before pausing. “Just not with the clothes part.”

    Gary grinned. “Yeah, the most important part.”

    “Yeah, well,” Ash’s shoulders slumped. “There are a lot of clothes.”

    “Okay,” Gary sighed.

    “Okay?” Ash repeated.

    “Okay,” Gary nodded before pulling up his sleeves and reaching for an empty suitcase sitting open on the floor.

    “You’re going to help?” Ash asked, his mouth open in surprise. Gary was the last person he’d expect to help him.

    “Of course I’m going to help.” Gary said before looking up and smiling at Ash. “The sooner you’re done packing, the sooner you’re out of my life.”

    “Gee, thanks Gary.” Ash replied, failing to conceal the grin that struggled beneath his frown.

    Gary shrugged before tossing a handful of Ash-clothes in to the empty suitcases. “What’re friends for anyway?”

    “Pika pi!” Pikachu shouted, almost as if it were agreeing with what Gary had just said. And just like Gary, the small pokemon hopped towards a pile of Ash-clothes and began dragging them to the nearest suitcase.

    Ash couldn’t help but laugh at the sight of it. Gary – the man who had been nothing but an annoying rival for much of their childhood; Pikachu – the pokemon who had at one time trouble with listening to anything Ash had said. And now, there they were, gathering and struggling, in Pikachu’s case, with Ash’s clothing. The young raven haired trainer couldn’t help but grin.

    “Thanks, guys.”

    Gary paused. “No need to thank us, Ash, your leaving is thanks enough.”

    Pikachu attempted to reply his master/best friend’s thanks, but ended up falling in to a pile of clothing in pure exhaustion.

    Ash laughed before looking towards the raining clouds outside. Just a little bit more.

    Just a little bit more until he could see her.

    Some of it is just transcendental
    Some of it is just really dumb

    May felt her heart race at the sight of the one person in her life she’d never forget, the one person in her life that got her through the sadness of defeat and the happiness of victory. The one person… Slowly, the lump in May’s throat grew as she took a step closer to her favorite person in the world.


    Carolyn said nothing as she stood tall before her daughter. Carolyn said nothing, but May could tell that the smile on her mother’s face was enough. The smile said everything. But that was just how Carolyn was, she came just as every mother should – a smile for every moment, a smile for every child.

    “I love you, too.”

    Carolyn continued to smile, not even attempting to utter a word, and May couldn’t help but reflect her smile. Though her reflected smile was a bit sadder than Carolyn’s, Carolyn never questioned her daughter’s sad look. Nor did she ever speak. After all…

    She couldn’t.

    “I wish you were here.”

    May reached for the single photo that sat at her bedside ever since the accident. The single photo that showcased all that Carolyn had meant to May. Her mother, her inspiration, her view of womanhood, her best friend, her idea of beauty. Her beautiful, loving mother…

    … Who was dead.

    “I know you’re proud of me, Mom.” The young Maple whispered just as Carolyn had told her before she left. Just as Carolyn had always somehow remembered to say whenever May was feeling small.

    “I really wish you were here, Mom.” May whispered before letting out a small whimper. No matter how much time passed since the older version of herself passed away, May knew she could never look over at the photo without crying. After all…

    Carolyn would have done the same if their roles had been switched.

    But I
    I love it when you sing to me


    Ash grinned, “done.” He laughed before adding. “Finally.”

    His mother smiled. “I’m pretty sure you could take all the time in the world and she would still be waiting there.”

    “Yeah,” he plopped himself lightly on his bed.

    “Feeling reminiscent already?” Delia questioned as she stepped out of the rectangular shape of his doorway.

    “Sort of,” he answered, truthfully.

    “Nothing to be reminiscent about,” Delia said, plopping herself beside her son.

    “Nothing?” he repeated.

    “Nothing,” she nodded. “You know this door will always be open for visits.”

    He laughed, “of course.”

    “And you’re invited to call every once and a while.”


    “You’re expected to write as well.”



    Ash couldn’t help but laugh. “Mom,” he said. “I’m never going to remember all this.”

    She looked over at him in surprise before joining him in his laughter. “I guess that is a lot to remember.”

    He smiled. “You never told me to do this whenever I left home before, Mom, why now?”

    “Because now I know you’ll forget,” she joked.

    He laughed.

    She could be silly, his mother, she could be so silly and so loving at the same time that sometimes he couldn’t quite understand. But that was what she was, his mother, after all. And, he grinned, who could ask for a better mother? Who could ask for a mother who laughed at your jokes, even when you knew they weren’t very funny? Who could ask for a mother who remembered to be tolerant with you in the morning, because that was when you were at your worst? Who could ask for a mother who was almost as excited as you were, even when you hadn’t told her what exactly it was to be excited about? Who could ask for a mother who became angry at the people you were angry at, and became happy with the people you were happy with? Who could ask for a mother who gave you your space, even when you didn’t ask? Who could ask for a mother who knew when it was time to help you get back to your feet and when it was time to allow you to figure out to do it on your own? Who could ask, really? Who could ask for a mother like Delia?

    Well, you simply couldn’t.

    You just had to be grateful and realize that a mother like Delia was truly one of a kind.

    “I’m going to miss you, Mom.” Ash said, realizing that throughout the whole process of things, he had never uttered those words out loud to his mother.

    Delia smiled her soft smile, the one that almost always made leaving home feel like a mistake. “I’m going to miss you, too.” She said, and before he had a chance to reply, she wrapped her arms around him, and pulled her to him. Just as she’d done so many times before in his life.

    He returned the hug.

    “This is for her, too.” She whispered in to his hair.

    He nodded.

    There weren’t enough words in the dictionary that could describe how grateful he was to have a mother like her.

    And you
    You can sing me anything


    She smiled, “long time ago.”

    “Should’ve knocked sooner, huh?”

    “A lot sooner.” She placed the photo of her mother in to her suitcase quietly before turning to face him.

    Her father, Norman.

    The old Gym Leader was beginning to sprout his first gray hairs and she couldn’t help but smile at the idea of him with a head of white as bright as snow itself. It just didn’t fit his personality.

    It was like Drew without his trademark smirk.

    “Ah, so you’ve noticed, huh?” Norman put his hand through his hair. “Can’t believe I’m already that old.”

    “You make that sound like a bad thing,” May teased. “Don’t you want everyone to know that Norman, their strong and charismatic Gym Leader, ages just like everyone else?”

    Norman laughed. “Not this soon...” his laughter died down as his eyes fell on her. “Not today.”

    “If anything,” May said, zipping up the last of her belongings. “Today does nothing but show how old you are.”

    Her father laughed, just as she had wanted him to. But when she waited for him to say something in response, he said... nothing. She couldn’t help it then, when her eyes traveled towards him with curiosity... only to find him staring at her.

    She was, in one word, surprised.

    The man who stood before looked as if he were in that room with her, and at the same time... not. He looked as if he were watching her like his own personal movie, and at the same time, watching a completely different movie. The look in his eyes, though, the look sent chills up and down her spine. But she couldn’t help that, no, because the look said to her what words could never even begin to say.

    “She would be so proud of you,” was what he said after what felt like hours of staring.

    She gulped on the air around her, it felt as if... it felt as if with that one stare, Norman had managed to share all of his thoughts of this day and at the same time, share what it felt for him when his day had happened so many years before. She gulped once more.

    “I know.”

    He smiled, and with one slow movement, he offered her his hand. She took it.

    “I’m so proud of you.”

    “I know.”

    He twirled her around, the same way he had done when she was a child. She enjoyed it just as much as she did then. And just as he did all those years ago, he pulled her close to him, pulled her in to the one scent that she could always mark as Dad, and whispered, softly and lovingly in her ear. “You’ll remember I love you.”

    She knew what she had to say. It was part of their game after all, the one they had played so long ago. She knew what she had to say, and yet, though the words were burned in to her memory, she couldn’t help but stutter them out. Almost as if she were afraid of what would happen if she said them. Almost as if she were afraid she could never say them again.


    He smiled at her and though she attempted to return the smile, she failed.

    Why did this feel like good bye?

    The book of love is long and boring
    And written very long ago

    Ash felt for the last of his things. Clothing? Toothpaste? Toothbrush? Family pictures? In other words... everything in his suitcase? Checked. Checked. Checked. Checked. And... checked.

    Food for the ride? Checked.

    The only thing left was...

    “Ash? You’re still here?”

    Family good byes.

    Ash looked up just in time to see his old Professor reaching out to him.

    “Yeah,” Ash said, passing over one of his suitcases to the old man. “Yeah, but I’ll almost be out of here.”

    “Always in a hurry, huh?” Professor Oak said as he made room for Ash to squeeze by him and out to the hallway.

    “You know me.” was all Ash said in response as he struggled with his things.

    The old Professor smiled. “Very well,” he paused. “A little too well, perhaps.”

    Ash looked over at the old man with curiosity.

    “You forgot to pack...” Professor Oak pointed towards the untouched boxers that lay on Ash’s bed with his eyes.

    “Bwa!” Ash cried in embarrassment before running back towards his room and scooping up his unmentionables in one quick motion.

    “I can’t believe your mother didn’t mention those.” Professor Oak said with a laugh.

    “I guess she forgot,” Ash said, still embarrassed, and now even a bit grumpy that the old man had managed to see a part of him he’d hid so well since the Professor’s and Delia’s wedding so many years ago.

    “Oh, no need to be embarrassed,” Professor Oak chuckled lightly. “Like I haven’t seen them before.”

    “Whuh?!” Ash cried, feeling even more embarrassed and at the same time, flipping through every single memory he ever had.

    “Baby pictures,” Professor Oak winked.

    “Yeah, yeah, yeah,” Ash shook his head, still embarrassed, still flipping though his memories. “Yeah... of course.”

    Professor Oak chuckled once more. “Or... maybe I did see them... when I first moved in?”

    Ash’s eyes widened, his face flushed with red. “Wh-ho-muh-WUH?!”

    “Kidding, only kidding.” Professor Oak smiled before leaving with Ash’s luggage in his hands, and a smile on his face. Leaving with Ash, face flushed red, eyes widened with shock.

    “Now I’m positive you’re related to Gary.”

    It's full of flowers and heart-shaped boxes
    And things we're all too young to know

    May Maple had a great life. She knew that. She knew she had a great life. But…

    May paused.

    But still…

    But still she couldn’t help but wonder how it would be if she looked at it from a different perspective than her own, maybe from the eyes of her mother, the eyes of her father, the eyes of her brother, the eyes of her ex-boyfriend, the eyes of... her sapphire eyes.

    Her life would be different, wouldn’t it?

    Because she knew that when she looked through those eyes, those eyes that held the same color of her own, she realized something. She realized that no matter how great her life was. It could not even be half as great as it was then... not without those second pair of eyes.

    And when she looked at it from those oh-so-tiny sapphire eyes, that were also oh-so-adorable, she couldn’t help but look at those times of sadness through those eyes, and find fear and confusion swimming with her tears. She couldn’t help but look at those times of happiness with excitement bubbling inside of her. And... and then she couldn’t help it but look through those eyes at those times of togetherness and... and love with nothing but love coming from her... so much love that she often wondered how those oh-so-tiny sapphire eyes could handle feeling it.


    And then she realized how those sapphire eyes could handle them. They could handle them... because she could handle them. And she could handle them... because those sapphire eyes could.

    May turned around to face the oh-so-tiny yet oh-so-adorable sapphire eyes, and she smiled. “Hi baby,” the smile broadened with love.

    The sapphire eyes were bursting with love.

    But I
    I love it when you give me things

    “Where are you going? Why are you going? Are you going for a long time? Are you taking me? Can I come with?”

    The questions attacked him just as he was lacing his shoes, just like it normally did, just when he was his busiest.

    “Ash?” A brown head bobbed in his line of vision.

    “You know where, because it’s time, yes, no, and sure.”

    The brown head paused... and paused... and paused...

    “I’m answering your questions.” Ash said, patting the brown head as it stared at him.

    “You’re leaving for a long time?” It replied, barely noticing what he said. “You’re leaving me for a long time?”

    “I have to,” he replied, his hand still patting the brown hair that sat atop the confused girl beside him.

    “But you promised to teach me how to ride a bike next week,” the girl said. “You promised to help with Pokemon. You promised...” The girl paused, frowning as she fought the tears in her eyes. And just like the tomboy she was, she tried her hardest to not allow the droplets to escape her eyes. “You promised you’d never leave again.” She was of course, talking about how he had left her and his home so many times before – left for trips, for work, for business. And he had, in fact, promised that he would never leave again. But that was before any of this had been a possibility. He smiled sadly towards her before opening up his arms. “Come here.”

    “No,” she said, still fighting back her tears, just like she always did in front of him.

    “Come here,” he said once more, and this time, she fell in to his arms without much of a fight. “Listen, just because I’m going away doesn’t mean we can’t do all those things.”

    She looked over at him, the first of her tears escaping her control. “What?”

    He pushed a few strands of her brown hair away from her eyes. “I’ll be here to visit a lot.” He explained, still smiling. “And when I visit, I’ll teach you everything I know about pokemon and bikes.”

    She looked as if she didn’t trust him.

    “I promise,” he said.

    “I don’t trust you,” she replied.

    He laughed. “How did you get so mature for a six year-old?”

    She couldn’t help but crack a smile through her frown. “I learned.”

    He grinned. “You know what?” he said. “I’ll prove to you that I’m trustworthy.” And before she even had the chance to ask how, he was already reaching in to the bag that sat before him. And slowly, ever so slowly, he reached for the one thing she had seen him treasure over the years of living together.

    “Your hat,” she breathed.

    “My first hat,” he said, brushing the red and white and green hat with his hand. She looked at it with awe, recalling all of the stories he’d told her, all of the adventures he managed to have with his first hat. Though he’d worn several others over the years, there was just something special about the first one.

    “Here,” he said, giving it to her.

    Her jaw fell open. “Me?” She squeaked. “M-me?”

    “If I don’t come back to help you with your bike and pokemon training, it’s yours.” He said.

    Her jaw would have fallen to the floor if it could. “Me?” She squeaked.

    He laughed. “All yours,” he said before taking the hat from her and placing it softly on her head, hiding more of her brown hair than he could see.

    She squeaked.

    “Nice fit,” he said.

    She probably would have fainted then if she wasn’t in so much shock.

    Who knew Ash Ketchum’s biggest fan lived under his roof and shared his mother?

    And you
    You ought to give me wedding rings.

    May smiled as she slipped in the last article of clothing she owned. She smiled as she zipped the suitcase on the last parts of herself that was in her room. And that was when she realized… she was saying goodbye to herself, in a way. She was saying good bye to the person who’d lived in that room for all of those years. But, but that wasn’t the only person she’d said goodbye to, she’d said good bye a lot of people that day. The young brunette closed her eyes. How many people? How many people had she been forced to reduce to phone calls and letters? May opened her eyes. She’d said good bye to Max before, hadn’t she? He was there when she was just starting to put her clothing away. But not only that, he’d been there from the start. He’d been there when all of this had started. And she knew in her heart that as she remembered him, this would not be the last time she’d see him. Not if she could help it.

    But Max hadn’t been the only one she’d bid farewell to. She’d finally been able to let go of Drew. Drew – the man she had had a crush on since they were teenagers, the man she always thought she would marry, the man who was the father of her first and only daughter.

    But Drew wasn’t the last of her goodbyes, there had been Dawn and her Mother as well. She’d said good bye to the one girl who managed to ignore the fact that they were not the same age, and decided that age really was nothing but a number. May would say that today, she had also said good bye to her mother. But that wasn’t true. It was a sad fact that May had said good bye to Carolyn years ago when she’d died in the car crash. But it didn’t matter if May wasn’t saying good bye to her mother today, she knew what Carolyn would say. Her Mother would have been proud of her, regardless of what May was doing, that she was sure of. The young brunette knew her mother too well to know that though Carolyn would have been tearful, she would not have stopped May from doing what she wanted.

    Just like Norman. He’d been tearful and reminiscent. But in the end, in his eyes, the only thing that had mattered was May’s happiness.

    And May was happy, happier than she’d ever been. Especially when she was thinking of him, and almost as if he had heard her, her cell phone began to ring.

    And I
    I love it when you give me things

    “I miss you,” she whispered in his ear.

    “I miss you, too.” He replied, grunting slightly.

    She laughed. “What’s wrong?”

    “Nothing,” he groaned. “Just that I’m just figuring out I should’ve hired someone to help me with this. Or gotten my pokemon to help or something.”

    She laughed once more. “Which reminds me, I should get going.”

    “Okay,” he said. “Okay, I’ll see you.” When he heard the click signaling the end of the call, he couldn’t help but grin before placing his phone softly in to his pocket. The same phone she had dotted her name with tiny, colorful stones affectionately. Before, of course, ordering him to take it off because it had felt too corny, even for her.

    He grinned once more.

    “You know you’re not much of a fun guy to be with when you’re chatting on your phone, right?”

    Ash looked up just in time to see Dawn, playfully messing his hair up for him. “Hey!” He cried just as she pulled back, giggling.

    “I just got that all straight.” Ash said, brushing his head softly with his hand.

    “Yeah, yeah, spent five minutes, right?” Dawn giggled again before winking. “Don’t think I don’t know you, Ash Ketchum. I actually know you very well.” She paused, smiling. “And I know that you’ve grown up.”

    Ash laughed. “Oh, so now you admit that I’ve grown up?”

    She smiled, warmly. “It’s not like I’ve never admitted it before.”

    “Oh, yeah?”

    She nodded. “I’ve just… decided to keep it to myself.” She smiled once more before running her hand up and down his arm. And she watched as a confused expression appeared on his face. “No need to worry, right, Ash?” she whispered. And before he had a chance to question what she meant, she leaned forward and gave the confused man a kiss on the cheek.

    He pulled away instantly. “… D-Dawn?”

    She smiled. “I hope… I hope you have a great life, Ash. You and… and May.”

    The expression on his face would forever be burned in her memory.

    She smiled, sadly this time. “And don’t forget. Just because you’re saying good bye to me, Misty, Gary, your mother, and Professor Oak doesn’t give you the excuse of forgetting us.” She punched his arm playfully. “You better remember to call.”

    It seemed like forever before he said, sheepishly, of course. “I’m sorry, I can… only see you as a sister, Dawn, nothing mo-”

    She interrupted him before he had the chance to finish. “I know, I know, we’ve been through this before, remember? When we broke up?” She placed her hands on his shoulders. “Don’t think of that kiss as ‘me wanting to get back together with you’, Ash. Think of it as a ‘you better not forget me or I’m coming after you’.”

    Even as he smiled at her, she knew that he knew she was lying.

    Why did rings have to confuse everything?

    And you
    You ought to give me wedding rings

    There were a few stages in life that every woman looked forward too…

    … Her first kiss…

    … Her first boyfriend…

    … Her transition in to womanhood…

    … Her wedding…

    … And, of course…

    May smiled.

    … Her husband.

    Even as she felt for the last of her things, the young brunette could feel excitement blooming inside of her. Though she felt nothing but gloomy and nervous, May could now feel happiness and hope for the future. She could feel herself beam at the sight of her family as she skipped down the staircase, the last of her family, watching her as she made her way to them.

    “You look beautiful,” Drew said, admiring her from where he stood.

    “Thank you,” she whispered, and she had meant it.

    “I’m going to miss you,” Max said. She laughed.

    “You, too, little brother.”

    “I love you,” Norman said.

    She brought herself in to his welcoming arms and let out a happy sigh. “Not as much as I’ll miss you, daddy.” She pulled herself away from him before turning towards the bright, green hair that stood beside her. “Ready, Hope?” she whispered.

    “Ready!” Hope replied, a smile on her face that almost reached the excitement on May’s.

    The young Maple giggled out of giddiness. She couldn’t believe it… she couldn’t believe that it was actually happening. The one day… the one day she’d been looking forward to for her whole life.

    Moving in.

    Moving in with Ash.

    The smile on her face broadened.

    And then, just when things felt like it couldn’t get any better, the doorbell ring. Loud and clear.

    Thank God for doorbells.

    “I guess that would be your Prince,” Max teased.

    “Haw, haw,” May said, playfully winking at her brother. “I’m going to go get that, if that’s okay with you.”

    Max laughed.

    The young brunette spiffed and spoofed every last thing about herself that she could. And without a second to waste, reached for the door, and her future and permanent roommate….

    … and the second she opened the door, she wished she never had.

    Because standing there, beside her husband, was the one person May never thought she’d see, making out with the love of her life.

    “May,” Ash breathed. “I can explain.”

    But he didn’t have to.

    No, because just by the way the woman beside Ash played with his fingers, as if his touch was the most important thing in her life, she could tell what was happening.

    “How could you?” she whispered. “How could you… Misty?”

    The orange haired woman smiled lightly, as if the whole thing had been some honest mistake. “I’m sorry,” she said. And it sounded like she meant it.

    But May didn’t care.

    And she didn’t care as she slapped the woman who had apparently had no problem standing beside her husband, making out with him, on the night that he and May were supposed to move in together.

    Honeymoon’s over.

    End of Always

    I know, I know, how silly of an ending was that? lol. But seriously, I was going end it, just like I usually ended my fanfics or one-shots or short stories, with a happily-ever-after. But then I thought, hey, if this is going to be my last, why make it so serious? haha, hope you liked it though. All 22 pages of it. Yeah, I have a problem with writing too much.

    With the exception of the ending, in this fanfic, I sort of tried to... write something. And I know, write something? really, Uza? because I just figured you made this fanfic poof out of thin air, not write it! But you know what I mean. I meant like, I wanted this fanfic to sort of say and show the different good byes Ash and May had to say through out this story. The good bye to their siblings (Max;Dawn), to their ex-loved ones (Misty;Drew), to their best friends (Gary & Pikachu; Dawn), to their parents (Norman&Carolyn; Prof.Oak&Delia), and generally, just to their lives. To the lives that they've known for so long, the ones that they've gotten so used to and comfortable in. And that is exactly what I am saying good bye to.

    I wanted to just write this out because I feel like I really want to say this. I am so happy. I'm happy I found this website. I'm happy I was so interested in pokemon, I had to see the episode pictures on serebii. I'm happy I got curious and somehow found my way to the forums. I'm happy I fell even more in love with advanceshipping that I had to read the thread. I'm happy I got so interested in it that I just had to make my own account. I'm happy I posted and went on to make my own fanfics. I'm happy that I kept writing, no matter how sucky I was, and eventually landed upon I'm PREGNANT?!!, which led to its sequel and getting to know so many more people than I knew before. I'm happy that I made friends, some friends that are even better than the ones I know irl. I'm happy that I know people who know that I feel comfortable chatting with them, even comfortable with giving my phone number to them. I'm happy that I hosted the Shipping Oscars this year and that I actually won things for the last two years that I've been here. I'm happy that no matter how old I get, I'll still have a weak spot for pokemon, because it'll remind me of this website and of how it made me waste most of my life here, but I know I probably would've done nothing without it.

    And I'm happy, so happy, that I wasted three years of my life here. Because if this is considered wasting, than my life must suck! lol.

    Thank you so much, friends of mine, general members, any one I've talked to, anyone I haven't, who've made this website so much fun to come to every day and so much fun to write for. Thank you so much for having me on MSN and laughing at the lame things I say or do. But, sadly, this is just the time that I should leave this site. Because I came when I was in my freshman year in high school, it'd only be fitting for when I graduate that same high school.

    I'll probably come back to finish things IP2-related, but as a member, I consider myself... done? Yeah, I think so. And come on, if you read IP2 - or any of my fanfics - you should know that I am as over-dramatic as my fanfics!

    Thank you, SPPF <3 I'll miss you, so!
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  2. Nightning

    Nightning Hyuu~

    hmm, well done Uza! I found this intresting and well written. the end was quite sad from my pov, though
  3. Pokewiz

    Pokewiz Good bye :)

    omg, the Great Uza-chan is LEAVING the forums? I am shocked, Uza, just plain shocked. But enough of that on to my review!

    I have to say, though this is an advanceshipping fic and I will probably have to face some sort of counceling for this, it was actually good, lol. Just like Nightning said, very well-written, even its silly ending! Though I do love how you devoted each portion to saying good byes to a different person in their life, and maybe to you, a different aspect in your life? I dunno, I like trying to sound smart lulz.

    I think the saddest, and best part, was when May had to say good bye to her parents, Carolyn and then Norman. Because both parents represent different things, her mother being her view of woman and her father... well, idk, but he represents something, I'm sure! And is it just me or do I see PLENTY IP2 references? Sunny? Hope? A dead Carolyn? NICE GOING UZA!

    The ending was funny, I thought it was a fitting how you had your ending, sort of silly. Sort of like your leaving? :p But yeah, it's okay being over-dramatic and no worries Uza, you'll be missed! At least, in my hear ;_;
  4. Gazmof

    Gazmof Zephyr Trainer

    Should've known you'd pull out all the stops for your final fic here. I loved the ties to IP and how you seemed to link everything together - there were seriously no mistakes at all, and your trademark ability to really flesh out people's emotions and feelings and considerations in a detailed description without making the story get bogged down by details is still as awesome as ever.

    I realised you more than anyone here should know how it feels to pack a suitcase, so it's good you applied a real-life experience to your fic, right? ^^;

    I really loved how Advanceshippy this fic was, as well as how it could totally link to the end of IP2, so it feels like you've been writing one continuous universe the whole time you've been here, which is great. The ending twist was something I never saw coming at all, but you're right; it was better than to just do a traditional fluffy ending where they all lived happily ever after. And if you ever want to do IP3, I guess that'll be a good intro, huh? ^^

    So all in all, this was even better than I first expected when you first told me you were writing a goodbye fic. I'm really glad we became friends on here, Uza-chan, and I'll miss you. A lot. I'm expecting a few messages every now and then!

    Have a great summer, Uza-chan, and take care of yourself! It's been a real privelege to read your fics ^^
  5. RoseofDarkness

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    omg,may n ash?!
    but it was a cool one xD

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