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Good bye Pikachu AMV

Discussion in 'Digital Media' started by Pokemon Trainer Robert, Nov 28, 2005.

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  1. Yeah I made one from that episode and decided to use the song for a AMV. I made this AMV to dedicate all the friends I've gain and lost over the years with this song and amv so I hope you all like it


    Title: Goodbye pikachu
    Song: The time has come
    Anime: Pokemon indigo
  2. Mastercougar

    Mastercougar The Infinite Fire

    That was well done, and touching. Occasionally it got a bit glitchy, but that wasn't much of an issue. Good work!
  3. Thanks I really work hard on this ever since 6am till 12pm that I got done, While I was making it I figure out you can drag the clips into the audio section and just have the background effects and voices from the clip you chose.

    Thank you very much I really appreciate it I did this AMV to dedicate to all my friends that ment dearly to me.
  4. ♥Princess Ketchum♥

    ♥Princess Ketchum♥ #1 Ash Satoshi Lover

    That is so awsome XD And the song is really sad it makes my cry and hope to see more of your work soon :D
  5. Heh thanks Mudkip girl, I'll make sure to let you guys know when I made another AMV.
  6. Angelic Elf Ivy

    Angelic Elf Ivy Well-Known Member

    OMG This is so good! :p Makes me wanna make a music video but I don't even have the slightest clue how. ^_^ It was so cute and sad and and. . .anything else that can fit in with those topics! Me loved it!
  7. Wow thanks I'm really glad you like it, At first I didnt know how to make a AMV at all either I just was messing around a bit in Windows Movie maker and I came to conclusion how to import the clips and songs. The help menu in any movie maker will explain more.

    Thanks for all the good results I'll make sure the next one is even better^_^

    Ivymoonrose: I like that little cartoon short you did underneith your Merry christmas sig very cute^_^
  8. Angelic Elf Ivy

    Angelic Elf Ivy Well-Known Member

    I didn't make it. I found it at a site called creativeworlds. You can get one there too probably! ^_^
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