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Good Ol' Rating of the User Title Above You

Northern Lights

I believe a MOD contacted me about re-starting this thread, as the Games section was due for Spring cleaning [it's spring where I live, so shoot me]

As the Thread Title suggests this is a Thread Game to Rate peoples User Titles.
You RATE the USER TITLE, not Username or Avatar, USER TITLE.

User Title - that's the little snippet of text above the User Bar, under their Username, and next to their Avatar [If they have one]

Ya' with me?

- General SPPF rules. now you can't sue me
- Be polite about peoples User Titles.
- If something, for some reason, in their User Title offends you either
take it up with them via PM, or contact a MOD about it if you think it
contains inappopriate context, don't shout about it here.
- Don't go "No Comment", unless you've already seen their User Title
before, srsly people it's effing annoying, you can't be that lazy.
- RATES, actually give one, not just a comment.


Poster #1


"Assexual Reproduction"

Poster #2

7/10 Lol, an Army of Tailows

and so on. har de har


<- x James = OTP ♥
8/10 see Strange..xD


I Feel Fine♪♫♪♫

I HATE.... I uh, mean,strongly dislike....GARDENIA (Caps lock..off)


A romantic qoute fits the picture perfctly


I Feel Fine♪♫♪♫

Cute but Sassy :p


It's the golden cricket I uh mean...worm thing
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Well-Known Member
3/10 nothin' special.


7/10, are pirates really certified?


Well-Known Member
7/10 OMG it's pink! It's fluffy! AND IT'S CUTE!!!!