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Good Ol' Rating of the User Title Above You


King of heroes
7/10 Discount hououin kyouma.

How did she die to become a zombie tho?
You really wanna know? Get ready for the feels.

This ancient story has long been forgotten by mortals.

An ordinary herb-picking lass named Qiqi lost her way and trespassed the realm of the adepti. Injuring her right leg in a fall, she hurriedly hid in a cavern to rest.

Even occupied as she was in bandaging her wound, she could hear sounds that did not belong to the mortal plane. But she could have never expected that with a huge crash, she would forever be trapped between life and death.

Whether adepti or demons, just or wicked, all understood that she was an innocent mortal caught in the crossfire.

Or perhaps it was by the will of heaven that she received a Vision in her dying moments, and so ended the contention between adepti and demon.

The adepti could not bear to let her die, and each imparted to her a portion of their strength, meaning to breathe life back into her body.

Qiqi did indeed awaken and live again, but went into a berserk state, unable to control the adepti energy raging through her.

Seeking to end the disturbance, Mountain Shaper had no choice but to seal the hapless maiden in amber.

Qiqi carries something with her that looks like a notebook.

Qiqi's memory is very poor, so it is an object of irreplaceable importance if she is to smoothly go about her daily life.

The words within are written in a centuries-old style, and are very elegant indeed.

The first page is an instructional on calisthenics.

Moving past that, one finds the descriptions of various herbs and some "orders."

Qiqi needs to give herself orders, so she has very precise instructions to ensure smooth transition.

She has also dutifully written down all the things she needs to do in a day.

Recently, she has also added a section on "brain training" and "mnemonic methods."

At this point, it has become a true "dummy's guide" on just about anything.

But if the day ever comes when Qiqi also forgets to look at the notebook... there would truly be nothing for it then.

Qiqi's Vision was given to her in the last moment of her life.

She wanted to stop the clock from turning. She wanted to live happily again.

She feared death. She wanted to live. She missed her family...

These feelings coalesced at last into "ice."

"If only I could freeze time... How wonderful would that be?"

As she thought thus, tears fell from the moribund girl's eyes upon the Vision that had appeared before her.

The mighty and illuminated adepti all acknowledged that this was a legitimate form of "illumination" — the yearning of humanity for bygone days is, after all, a desire to protect the past.

Pokegirl Fan~

9/10 Kurisu is best zombie tho


Tis the Hour to Reload
7/10 same old same old: tis a good title


Not thinking twice!

Seize the moment destroy the nation


Black and White, Yin and Yang, Light and Dark.



Not thinking twice!
Not really much to say, you've had it for a whiiile


Black and White, Yin and Yang, Light and Dark.
7/10 Why not.


Metallic Wonder
Dunno what Shimano is, but i have experience with mad dogs and i am down for this. 8/10


It's not a game Kate.
Steel clad aye? If it's a reference it's not one I get but it sounds cool enough 6/10


Black and White, Yin and Yang, Light and Dark.
8/10 I can read this.


It's not a game Kate.
Magical girl? Okay cool 6/10


Not thinking twice!
What did rollback connection do to you?!


Black and White, Yin and Yang, Light and Dark.

Glad it's still going on for me.