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Good Rotomorning, I am the Rotomdex, Roto! (946)


Not many complaints about this episode, though Rotom could start to get annoying with excessive use. Though, I'm glad they decided to put another episode along side this one because this one was a little slow... and also, the next episode was awesome.


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I like Rotomdex but excessive use is not recommend. It is kind of annoying. Though I think it's part of it being annoying is on purpose.

Loved TR's entrance. Giovanni looking sinister as ever and Meowth's illusion of Giovanni petting him brought back fond feelings. :3 Team Rocket looking kind of ugly but they look a lot better in the next episode (even though Jessie is sinister looking!!) Mimikyu was amazing!! Loved its hate powered rage towards our lovable Pikachu.

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Rotomdex and Mimikyu were the best parts of the episode. Also Jessie's hair is back to red again and Mallow had a semi frown for once.

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Why do I suspect that the Rotomdex will be the most annoying character in the series? XD


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i think the introductory episode could have focused a little less on rotomdex, but i think i'm gonna love it. the va is really what makes it for me.


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It's such a major stepdown from its game incarnation that it's kinda sad.
I didn't realize it would be getting SO MUCH SCREENTIME.

At first it was cute, but then it started getting downright obnoxious...


So I was kind of right it was the new Piplup...
In terms of screentime, yes. In terms of obnoxiousness, no. Piplup was one of my favorite DP characters.

Rotom is just...ugh.


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I wish that Inkay and Gourgeist got a better ending


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If they could tone down the amounts of Rotomdex in subsequent episodes I'll be fine, I do agree it got a little tedious. It had it's moments though.

Tbf I did spend most of my playthrough in the games telling Rotom to shut up because of all that incessant talking but I still like it. :p
Haven't seen the episodes yet exactly what is wrong with rotomdex?

It's like this annoying child who keeps poking you with a stick and his parents laugh it off by saying he's showing his affection to you, while in truth you want to kick him down a cliff.