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GOOD type combinations for the 5th gen


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This isn't a "what new type combos do you want to see..." this is more for pointing out combos that would actually be GOOD and competitively formidable.

for example... Psychic/Ghost... new typing, interesting enough... also x4 weak to ghost and dark -_- none of these on this thread...

feel free to add levitate to whatever you want... anything we can do to nerf all the EQ fetishists out there... -_- i.e. Fire/Dragon w/ levitate... weak to Rock and Dragon only. not bad eh?

also feel free to name the stats/abilities of such pokemon.
again, this isn't like a fakemon thread or a favorite unseen type combo thread... what you come up with has to actually be good...

Pearl's Perap

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I would like to see a flying-type that can evolve into several different types, similar to Eevee OR more flying types that have types like the legendary birds and such.

I believe we need a grass/flying BIRD, not just, well, whatever the hell Tropius it is...


Vive la Revolution!
Ghost/Ground would be good. No more earthquakes killing my Ghost Pokemon xP.


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Rock/Electric and Ghost/Ground sound really cool but are they actually GOOD typings? more advantages than disadvantages?? hmm??


aka Arbok
I have a strong feeling if there is a 5th gen it'll havea ghost/steel.

Some sort of ghosted machine thing.. yes. Good idea. Weak to ground, but they could give it levitate. Weak to fire.. but that type isn't really common anymore.
I want to see a fire/ bug type i think that could work (Even though im not the fire tpes biggest fan)
Or maybe a fighting/ electric type would have been great
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i think there should be a ice and fire type,water and fire type,physhic and fire type,grass and ghost type, and electric and fighting type.

Metal Force

Fight/Ground, it's be the Dragonite/Tyranitar..etc of the gen, and it'd be good foe competive battling, since fight and ground moves hits alot of things, so combined together + STAB = fear.
Electric with levitate. Best combo second to Dark/Ghost.
Fighting/Ghost would be pwnsauce, but I don't get how that would happen rofl...
Ice/Rock is another good one, but double weakness to Fighting...


aka Arbok
Yeah, Electric with levitate. An enormous levitating Electric Pokémon.

Or Ghost / Normal? Dark moves aren't really common.