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GOOD type combinations for the 5th gen


A Grass and a Dragon Type. Why? I don't know, I guess I would just like to see a Pokemon with those two Types. And it seems like it would be a good type, but I dont' know. I don't know if that's already been said though.


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Ghost / Steel... with Levitate ability...I wonder what it'll be look like...

could be a floating empty suit of armor... that'd be cool :)

a lot of people on this thread have like no clue what is weak to what... there is a type chart on the game mechanics page on the main site... look at it instead of talking with your thumb up your ***...


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In case you haven't noticed, a lot of the type combinations have a 4x weakness.

Water/Ground they use that a lot, 4x grass.
Psychic/Fighting.... hmmm... 4x flying.

There are a lot more, but right now I am drawing a blank. Just look at some of them.


Anyway, a few that would be good are.

Fire/Grass (although highly unlikely)

And really - in your words - anything else that doesn't have a 4x weakness.

it doesn't have to be without x4 weaknesses... it would just have to be good... cmon people have brains they can figure things out... i used Psychic/Ghost as an example of bad typing because its STABs have terrible type coverage, it does have TWO x4 weaknesses, not just one (if you are criticizing me for saying two x4 weaknesses make a bad pokemon its almost like saying Magcargo and Aggron should be OU) and it has only 2 resistances (Psychic and Poison) and 2 immunites (Normal and Fighting, the latter of which Psychic already resists)... so thats a pretty lame tradeoff for 2 x4 weaknesses to relatively common types (with Dark moves being physical now and Ghost moves being used as fillers on many pokemon because almost no types resist them)


Mmm, Cheese.
Wha about Steel/Poison? x4 weak to Ground
and i agree with Ghost/Normal type (I Want a Ghost Skitty xD)


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I never saw a pokémon with bug/psychic :p Must be cool, a levitating caterpillar. Or maybe another Butterfly.

Wath also would be nice is a pokémon with dark/steel.


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Chess family! Pokemon based on chess pieces! Now that's gonna be cool! And here are their info...

Pwnia the Pawn Chess Pokemon
Ability: Forward; enables Pwnia to negate re-charge turns of such moves I.E. Hyper Beam
HP - 80
Atk - 95
Def - 75
Sp. Atk - 45
Sp. Def - 75
Spd - 115
Ev pts - 2 Spd

Castlioe the Rook Chess Pokemon
Type: Steel/Fire
Ability: Shield; halves the power of the element of the opponent's last move. So if say Catlioe VS Suicuine and Suicuine uses Surf and Castlioe survives it, Suicuine's next water move'll be halved. And the shield will change type if Suicuine uses another element.
HP - 110
Atk - 90
Def - 150
Sp. Atk - 30
Sp. Def - 150
Spd - 55
Ev pts - 3 Def, Sp Def, HP

Gaia the Knight Chess Pokemon
Type: Dark/Fighting
Ability: Reselient; opponent must use Attacking Moves when battling Gaia.
HP - 70
Atk - 125
Def - 60
Sp. Atk - 20
Sp. Def - 50
Spd - 120
Ev pts - 3 Atk, 2 Spd

Bishop the Bishop Chess Pokemon
Type: Psychic
Ability: Royal Treat; Bishop's Sp. Atk gets mutiplied by a variant X. X is dependent on the number of Queenies and Emperoaras there are.
HP - 65
Atk - 55
Def - 65
Sp. Atk - 135
Sp. Def - 135
Spd - 105
Ev pts - 3 Sp. Atk

Queenie the Queen Chess Pokemon
Type: Dark/Fighting
Ability: Limit; Queenie gets to limit an opponent's moves to 2. She'll get another chance if Emperoara is in the battlefield. The player can choose when to activate Limit.
Stats :
HP - 90
Atk - 50
Def - 60
Sp. Atk - 135
Sp. Def - 105
Spd - 140
Ev pts - 3 Sp. Atk, 3 Spd.
Signature Move:
Death Judgement
Type: Fighting
Base Power: 120
Acc: 90
Effect: 10% chance of KO-ing opponent; regardless of whatever.

Emperoara the King Chess Pokemon
Type: Dark/Psychic
Ability: Inflexible OR Checkmate OR Stalemate OR Surrender
Inflexible - Emperoara can only use one move in a battle until he's switched.
Checkmate - After 15 turns in a battle, the opponent'll have their stats havled.
Stalemate - After 15 turns in a battle, all pokemon faint.
Surrender - After 15 turns in a battle, Emperoara will faint but the player will have the choice to either
a) Revive a dead pokemon with full everytihng including PP.
b) Give a stat boost of 2 stages to another party pokemon depending on the latter's highest stat.
HP - 140
Atk - 55
Def - 150
Sp. Atk - 120
Sp. Def - 150
Spd - 60
Ev pts - 3 Def, 3 Sp. Def, 3 HP, 2 Sp. Atk
Signature Move:
(ironically) Checkmate
Type: Dark
Cat: Special
Base Power: 120
Acc: 100
Effect: Power doubles if opponent strikes first.

Basically the Chess family are all Legendarys... so Pwnia breaks the record of Legendary with the lowest overall stats. Oh well.

Oh. The Starters! I'll just state down the final evolutions. Also they'll have really cool typings IMO so enjoy?

Floaurora the Rose pokemon. Don't worry Floaurora ain't no Roserade wanna-be!
Type: Grass/Dark
Beautiful Rose pokemon with a predominant Black Rose as her head, with a white veil covering her face. Red eyes will gleam out. Body is very slender and with a Flower Whip on her right "rosy-arm" and a dark sword on her left "rosy-arm". Her "rosy-arms" are something like those of Roselia/Roserade but they're more humanoid, like the petals folded backward and with hands jutting out instead of stigmas. She is also able to manipulate Auroras; lights that exist in the Northern Pole but she converts them to dark energy instead.
Ability: Overgrow OR Flower Bed
Flower Bed:
Gives Floaurora immunity to Grass moves and also powers up her grass moves by 1.5 if hit by any.
HP - 75
Atk - 130
Def - 80
Sp. Atk - 60
Sp. Def - 70
Spd - 120
Ev Pts - 3 Atk, 3 Spd
Signature Moves:
Flower Whip
Type: Grass
Cat: Physical
Base Power: 90
Acc: 100
Effect: High crit-hit ratio

Flower Cannon
Type: Grass
Cat: Physical
Base Power: 120
Acc: 85

Dark (P)syche
Type: Dark
Cat: Physical
Base Power: 100
Acc: 100

Aurora Blaster
Type: Dark
Cat: Physical
Base Power: 150
Acc: 90
Effect: Requires a re-charge turn.

Cygnusius the Swan Pokemon. Cygnusius are feminine-looking pokemon thought majority are Male. Ironically, their typing is NOT flying despite their aerial outlook. Peace loving and passionate pokemon, Cygnusius are lovely swans.
Type: Water/Psychic
Ability: Torrent OR Letivate
Letivate also gives a new effect - a STAB-thingy to flying moves to Pokemon who have Letivate.
HP - 85
Atk - 50
Def - 90
Sp. Atk - 125
Sp. Def - 90
Spd - 100
Ev Pts - 3 Sp. Atk
Signature Moves:
Water Nymph
Type: Water
Cat: Special
Base Power: 95
Acc: 100
Summons a Water Nymph to attack the foe with various water tactics. May cause the foe to be infatuated (if it's a male).

Artic Wing
Type: Ice
Cat: Special
Base Power: 100
Acc: 90
Shoots ice shards from wings in the forms of projectiles. May freeze the opponent.

Type: Flying
Cat: Special
Base Power: 120
Acc: 90
Fires off a silhoutte of the user.

Sonata la Persephone
Type: Normal
Cat: Special
Base Power: 90
Acc: 100
A piccolo sonata is heard, a theme of Persephone, wife of Hades. The opponent might be Hypnotized or Confused or both.

Have not thought of a Fire starter... I'm thinking of a Komodo Dragon? Or maybe a string puppet. I don't know. Anyway the starters seem a little unoriginal and imbalanced to me... I'll work on it.
fighting/flying would be different but not bad, weak to ice, electric and psychic but with no 4* weaknesses.


;359; Dark And Steel I would LOVE.

The pokemon, I Imagine to be something to do with gears.

With 2 Immunities, and only 3 weaknesses, And The rest being Resistences, A Awesome Pokemon. ;359;

(also, A Ghost/Dark type with wonder guard would be untouchable :0)
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;359; Dark And Steel I would LOVE.

The pokemon, I Imagine to be something to do with gears.

With 2 Immunities, and only 3 weaknesses, And The rest being Resistences, A Awesome Pokemon. ;359;

(also, A Ghost/Dark type with wonder guard would be untouchable :0)
It'd be very strong, but if it had 1 HP like Shidinja, it's ok, since Sandstorm/Hail/Stealth Rock/Spikes/Poisen Spikes all says hi, also since it'll only be touchable with fighting after foresight....it won't be done.

For posters who said steel/dark, 4* weakness to fight, but still good combo, it'd be defensive and supportive.


A Grass and a Dragon Type. Why? I don't know, I guess I would just like to see a Pokemon with those two Types. And it seems like it would be a good type, but I dont' know. I don't know if that's already been said though.

Surprisingly, I made on a couple days back:

Traetsu (Tree + Tatsu, which is, apparently, Japanese for dragon)
Type: Grass/Dragon, obviously
Height: 3'7"
Length: 11'10" from nose tip to end of tail
Weight: 576.8 lbs
Gender Ratio: 50% Male 50% Female

A Myrtle Komodo dragon-esque monster with leaves on it's paws and eyelids. It has branches jetting out of either side, and rose thorns on it's underside. It's tail is a large Thorned Vine with a rose at the tip. It has a collar made of branches as the frame with leaves connecting them.

Base Stats:
120 HP 85 Attack 115 Defense 125 Special Attack 110 Special Defense 45 Speed
It sacrifices speed to be a better Rhyperior, but a well paced Ice Beam will KO it before it gets a chance to hit. We need a BST 600 that's a better special sweeper than physical.

Intimidate (Lowers Attack upon entry in battle) OR Rough Skin (Damages upon contact)
Leaf Guard (Automatic Safeguard when the sunshine intensifies)

Evolutionary Line:
Baryu (Bark + Ryu) --Level 27-> Branchon (Branch + Dragon) --Level 52-> Traetsu

Egg Hatch Time:
10,496 Steps (Long)

Growth Rate:

1,250,000 Experience Points

Noticeable Movepool:
: Surf, Leaf Storm, Dragon Pulse, Draco Meteor, Thunderbolt, Energy Ball, Hidden Power, Thunder, Shadow Ball, Earth Power, Weather Ball, Solarbeam, Dragonbreath (If your into that)

Physical: Dragon Claw, Seed Bomb, Earthquake, Rock Slide, Stone Edge (If your into that), Crunch, Shadow Claw, Return, Iron Tail, Brick Break, Double Edge

Other: Roar, Substitute, Toxic, Leech Seed, Glare, Odor Sleuth (If your into that), Double Team (If your into that), Amnesia, Swords Dance, Rest, Sleep Talk, Stealth Rock, Mud Sport (If your into that), Curse, Sunny Day, Rain Dance, Aromatherapy, Synthesis, Endure, Counter, Mirror Coat

Pokedex Entry:

TRAETSU live at the bases of large trees in colonies with the oldest being the pack leader. They are fairly slow and peaceful, but strike back with powerful attacks such as SOLARBEAM. They are rarely hunted due to their powerful hides painful to the touch and dynamic group strategies.

Strategy to beat Traetsu:
It's weak to Dragon, Flying, Poison and Bug with a quadruple weakness to Ice. Something like CB Weavile's STABbed Ice Punch obliterates it. Plus, it's horribly slow, so almost everything will out run it, except for stuff.


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Frankly, I would love a Pokémon that's Ice/Steel with Levitate . Immunity to Sandstorm, Hail, Ground, and Poison. 4X weak to Fighting and Fire sucks though.

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Psychic/Dark: Would be a nice combo, only has one weakness and thats bug...
Dragon/Fire: No more ice weakness! Water is resisted by dragon, so Rock and ground would be a bit of a threat, but then ya give it levitate, and rock is its only weakness (I think). Also, it kinda fits.
Electric: Not a combo, but just slap levitate on it and its void of weaknesses.
Steel/Dragon: Loses fire and ice weakness, gains resistance to water to electric, weak only to ground and fighting. It wins.


Steel/Dragon: Loses fire and ice weakness, gains resistance to water to electric, weak only to ground and fighting. It wins.

Dialga says hi.

Yeah, a Ghost/Ground type would be awesome... something like a zombie.