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Good video recorder


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it depends on your needs, I use Movavi Screen Recorder to record videos from my screen. With this software I can choose the capture area and adjust recording settings. So convy. Now I can record online calls and streaming videos. useful tool today.
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I use the screen recorder built into my iPhone.


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windows 10 has gamebar which has a build in screen recorder

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I use a combination of OBS when I intend to capture longer stretches of video and GeForce Experience / Shadowplay to retroactively record highlights while I'm playing games without needing to keep a recording software open.

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I use OBS to capture PC screens, but then I have used Nvidia's Share/Shadowplay feature or Windows 10's Game bar for replay highlights.

But then I also have a Elgato Game Capture HD that captures N64, GameCube (with a Gameboy Player), Wii, Wii U, and Switch's TV Screens. (Actually it also does PS2, PS3, PS4, PSTV/VitaTV and Xbox 360 at the moment as well.)


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I use an ATEM Mini Pro ISO to record video. I can capture my PC display, camera, and other audio and HDMI video sources and record to disk. They’re also time synced to make editing easier.