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Google Images War

"Spite" DefaultAsAwesome

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I posted a similar thread way, way in the past when I was just a young' un on these forums (and before I left for a fairly long time).

While there's no way to know if you got it from Bing or something, but this is Google Images war because, it's what most people use.

Anyway, this game goes like this:
PLAYER 1 - *posts image from Google Images*
PLAYER 2 - *posts image from Google Images, in response*
PLAYER 3 - *posts image from Google Images, in response to that response*

-No porn
-No gifs (sorry!)
-Nothing that can cause seizures
-No comics
-Try to refrain from posting My Little Pony images, a lot of people are getting annoyed by them at this point.
-And of course, always follow the master rules of Serebii.

To post an image, just simply:

"image URL" obviously being the Image URL.
A good image sharing website to host your images from is http://www.imgur.com

I'll start!

(it's a capybara)