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Gorebyss Vs Huntail

Discussion in 'General Pokémon Discussion' started by Caesar, Aug 18, 2007.

  1. Sphyxius

    Sphyxius Well-Known Member

    Gorebyss for previously mentioned reasons. Huntail makes me giggle but thats about it. Its stats don't mesh as well with its movepool either. Gorebyss has Amnesia to go with Iron Defense... Special attack to go with water/psychic moves... etc.

    Also I love Gorebyss' name and its pokedex entries about sucking body fluids... here you have a sleek pink pokemon with big pretty eyes... that sucks all your blood out and turns you into a prune XD
  2. GentleArtillery

    GentleArtillery Always subjective

    I love both; Gorebyss was better than Huntail in the third generation but in the fourth they're pretty much evened out. I think.
  3. Kecleon King

    Kecleon King Enterprise Captain

    huntail - just
  4. phyzexxx

    phyzexxx Greatest Caution

    Huntail VS Gorebyss. I prefer Huntail, but I think that Gorebyss would win this match.
  5. Biechae

    Biechae Well-Known Member

    Gorebyss simply because it has better stats.
  6. FireStormCharizard

    FireStormCharizard Storm of Fire

    Huntail I like better in terms of looks, but Gorebyss wins in the stats department.
  7. Sammi

    Sammi Banned

    Gorebyss for stats, looks and Pokedex entry.
  8. Evil Rocket Scientist

    Evil Rocket Scientist Cookies,evil cookies


    Nah, status-gorebyss, looks- huntail...

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