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Gotei 13's 11th Squad Team - Zaraki Kenpachi's way!


Aiming for the top!
...I laugh at myself for using Trick Room on Bliss, as it can't learn it. Knowing so, I made humongous and decisive adjustments on my wi-fi Team. This Team was designed for me to fully enjoy battling, as battles using it can last for so many turns it hurts. I love it.


Tyranitar(F) @Choice Scarf
Trait: Sandstream
EVs: 8 HP 252 Attack 248 Speed
Nature: Jolly
Stone Edge

...Powerful CS leadings are a must. This gets 363 Speed, as 362 is unobtainable. Most leadings have high Speed and low defenses, this rapes 'em all. Laughs at Lucario or Infernape right off. Before the opponent realizes I have CS, Crunch OHKOs Gengar, or Azelf that has NPed some. Pursuit is a dead-end to Alakazam, wether it switches out or not. One for unexpectation and the other for prediction... this rules.


Gliscor(M) @Leftovers
Trait: Sand Veil
EVs: 252 HP 68 Attack 188 Defense
Nature: Impish
Aerial Ace
Stealth Rock

...The SRer's in. This is a real pain with Sand Veil working. Gives me time to set the 3 SRs, even if one at a try and there starts the fun. My Team has awsome emotionaly-depressive combos to go with medium fire power to finish. Just watch...


Gardevoir(M) @Leftovers
Trait: Trace
EVs: 252 HP 84 Sp. Attack 128 Sp. Defense 44 Speed
Nature: Modest

...Wish passer. An unexpected Toxic is surely nice, getting help from Protect for the Wish restore and for scouting. Gets 207 Speed to outspeed Cress and outspeed and OHKO Gyara that wants to outspeed Adamant Chompy after a DD. Trace takes advantage of Sand Veil, Motor Drive, Intimidate, EQers with Levitate, Vaporeon's Water Absorb at incoming Surfs and lots of other stuff. A very unexpected set.


Ludicolo(F) @Leftovers
Trait: Swift Swim
EVs: 252 Defense 200 Sp. Attack 56 Sp. Defense
Nature: Bold
Leech Seed
Energy Ball
Ice Beam

...Bring SRs in! Strangely, I swapped Torterra for this. Same combo, better coverage for the Team... the Sandstream is the problem, but this smiles at the sight of rain. Big Root really helps Leech Seed and Giga Drain work. OHKOs Chompy, and Mence with it.


Rhyperior(M) @Shell Bell
Trait: Solid Rock
EVs: 252 HP 96 Attack 96 Defense 64 Sp. Defense
Nature: Adamant
Stone Edge
Swords Dance

...Mid-game finisher. To the ones that ignore this, in DP, Shell Bell always restores 1/8 of the maximum HP upon landing a hit. Survives NP Manaphy's Surf and OHKOs it after a SD, same for Chompy. Sandstream, Light Screen while setting up and Trick Room make this what it is, getting help from even Wish. It is impossible to take more advantage out of Rhyperior's skills, I'd say.


Bronzong @Leftovers
Trait: Levitate
EVs: 252 HP 152 Defense 104 Sp. Defense
Nature: Sassy
Trick Room
Light Screen
Gyro Ball

...TRer, LSer and Sleep-inducer. Get the Light Screen on, go to sleep, TR and Rhyperior comes out for a rape fest in mid-game. With the help of SRs, Sandstorm damage, Toxic and Leech Seed, mostly anything gets to regret living. Not giving me type to set up is not an option. They cover each other like hell. Counters Jask, that's the why to the lack of Haze... it doesn't get the chance to BP. If it does, good dreams.
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Cipher Admin Xaos

Dust to Dust
Rhypy wants more Defense EVs.

Uh...that's all.


I is 4x Psy weak.
Gardevoir is kind of screwed of Duggy comes in on it. Other than that, it looks good.


Aiming for the top!
Defense IVs are the leftovers of the needed Attack, max HP and Sp. Defense (surviving NP Manaphy's Surf).

Also, Duggy won't come in fear of Energy Ball/Psychic, unless it knows my moveset. If I can Trace Levitate, I'm alright as I can poison it on the switch and scout through its move and stay around if it uses Pursuit.

I used Energy Ball>Giga Drain as it 2HKOs both TG Manaphy and Rhyperior, unlike Giga Drain. Also, not having Leftovers is a pain because of Sandstorm.

EDIT: I've been saying NP while Manaphy gets TG. 0_º