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Gothitelle or Reuniclus

Which one?

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Mr. Reloaded

Cause a pirate is free
Which do you like better?


basketball star
reuniclus and i just beat 1 on my game. lol.
Reuniclus is better in every way; stats, appearance, and movepool.

Reuniclus have one of my favorite designs in 5th gen and I love how it is a giant cell and looks like a cute little bear (or is it a pun based around water bears?).
Anyway the movepool and the stats are good too, it is even considered banning it because it is nearly broken in Trick Room. Gothitelle can't even be close to match that, even with Shadow Tag.


Metagross Master
Reuniclus, besides the better movepool and stats, simply just looks BEAST :D


Well-Known Member
Reuniclus. JELLY BELLY!

4th favorite pokee from Unova, 17th overall.


So long
I'll be a bit different and say Gothitelle. Reuniclus is probably better battle-wise, but I like Gothitelle better due to its looks.

Game Maker

Memento Mori
Gothitelle kinda gives me the hibbi-jibbies, so I'll have to go with Reuniclus. ^///^;


Petal Blizzard
Gothitelle's made of pure win :D
A goth thingie pokemon finally!!!

Plus, I find it a bitdisappointing that Reuniclus is a 3rd stage but still looks like a mindless baby :p


Metagross Master
Gothitelle's made of pure win :D
A goth thingie pokemon finally!!!

Plus, I find it a bitdisappointing that Reuniclus is a 3rd stage but still looks like a mindless baby :p

Mindless Baby > Gothic thingamajigi

He's better competitively, in appareance, in-game, stats, movepool, and in almost... everything.


I like Gothitelle's appearance better. Reuniclus is nice too, but I never really saw too much of the appeal for it, besides it's stats.


King of the World
I like both appearance-wise, although Gothitelle seems to try to be a Gothic Gardevoir. Gothitelle has a unique appearance that isn't easy to forget, but you could say the same thing about Reuniclus. Stats-wise, they serve different purposes. Reuniclus is a Trick-Room sweeper that relies on its great HP stat to keep it alive , and Gothitelle has the purpose of weakening the opponent with things like Charm, as it sets up a Trick Room and whittles down the opponents HP. Reuniclus is great at what it does, but Gothitelle isn't as good. It's good, but not great. I've used both, and I prefer Reuniclus.

bug pro

Pearl on Phone
This is ridicoulous!
Of course it is Reuniclus!
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