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Gotta Catch Ya Later! (275)


Not thinking twice!
Both Brock and Misty leaves at the same time, and yes, the episode was a bit rushed because the other part of the episode was the transition between OS and AG with Ash heading for Littleroot Town.
pretty sure the transition was the next episode. IIRC the rest of the episode was a TRio encounter and then Ash saying farewell to his mom, deciding to leave his mons at Oak's, and getting his new dex and outfit


Humans are tools
All right, this episode. This was one of the best goodbye episodes, if not the best one, probably because after 5 years of travelling people were very adapted with the main characters. I think in general since the Johto league, this was a very good way to end the original series, and at least the sequel (AG) improvised some of the flaws of OS.

This was more of a unexpected goodbye since people didn't think she will leave the show ever an were still hoping for her to come back again which didn't happen, on emotional point i find DP, XY and SM goodbyes more emotional. I still think she stayed too long considering her regression in johto, macy would have had made more better companion in johto region.
when i first saw this episode, i was like ¨Just kiss already!¨ Now I'm an Ash X Serena guy.
Heck yeah. Ironic because Serena and Ash actually kissed.

Great ending and Misty and Brock's goodbye was emotional. Only complainant is that 4Kids gonna 4Kids and turn the flashback into a fullblown Pokeshipping montage.


Oh man. This episode was DEPRESSING.

...but in a good way.

All things must come to an end, and I'm glad Master Quest delivered on that before moving on to getting the next series going.

The last few Master Quest episodes before Hoenn Alone did a great job at feeling like the end of an era and giving Seasons 1-5 a proper sendoff. There were things that built up Hoenn as the next destination during the end of Master Quest, but I feel like this episode works as the perfect stopping point for those who are only interested in watching the early seasons and not ready to spend unhealthy amounts of time marathonning the whole anime to catch up.