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Gotta Dance! (P06)

and his whole plan falling apart due to Pikachu and the others made me kind of bummed out.
Eh, it did kind of suck how hard Meowth must've worked to prepare the base for Giovanni, only for it to collapse. Then again, he was a villain, so it was karma lol. :p


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In fairness Pikachu and co seemd fine just trying to sneak out the place with the stolen Whismur, then things with the Poke Baton slowly spiralled out of control.

Definitely the funniest and one of the most well crafted of the Pikachu shorts. Shame there weren't more that played more on the comical side than the cutesy one (why no SM Pikachu shorts, dammit?). Also liked they kept a Japanese vocal song for once.

Blaustein was also on top form in this short. You are missed, Maddie.


The fact that this was a music themed Pikachu short helped set it apart from the others, and Nyasu's special baton was an intriguing device. All the nonsense that occurred when Pikachu and the Houen Pokemon showed up at the base was entertaining, and I really liked the Gonyonyo trio and Dogohmb.


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The song that was used during the dance scenes was good but I don't like musical episodes especially in Pokemon, so the dance stuff bored me after a while.