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Gourry x Lina Discussion

Discussion in 'Shippers Community' started by Llybian Minamino, Apr 19, 2006.

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  1. Llybian Minamino

    Llybian Minamino Forlorn Hope

    This is a pairing I've been quite fond of ever since I've started watching Slayers. Now, I haven't gotten to see Slayers: Try yet, so I don't have full knowledge of the series, but it is one of my favorites so far.

    Lina and Gourry are just too wonderful for words as a couple, in my opinion. They're very cute together. They even have moments together that remind me a bit of Rocketshipping (usually when they're talking about food...)

    It seems that most of the coupling fanart I've seen pairs up Lina and Zelgadis. Which I honestly don't get (I just like Zel so much better with Amelia). Lina and Gourry just seem so meant to be, and the pairing is undeniably canon.

    ...^^; I guess the fan-base doesn't really care much about the canon for the most part though...

    So, Gourry x Lina...yay? Nay? Opinions?
  2. Katsu Koneko

    Katsu Koneko 明日がある

    I've seen all the episodes except for the first two or three of the first season. I used to watch it on Sundays and Fridays; I especially love the sort of Lina in Wonderland one.

    I hope you watch Slayers TRY, it's really good.

    Oh!! I can lend you some links to the TRY episodes that are being uploaded by one of my good friends in another Forum.

    Lina x Zelgadis?


    Ook then. I like Zelgadis with Amelia.
  3. Llybian Minamino

    Llybian Minamino Forlorn Hope

    Yeah, I have to agree. It seems a lot of the fans dislike Amelia so they don't like pairing her up with Zelgadis, but I think it's an adorable pairing.

    Thanks anyway, but I think Try is something I'd really like to own for myself. I ought to be getting a chance to purchase it soon anyway.

    I should make more Gourry x Lina avatars...
  4. Phantom_Bugsy

    Phantom_Bugsy So hot he's on fire.

    Naysayer. >__>

    I think personally that Lina's way too fiery and violent to be with Gourry. If a male at all, I think Xelloss MAYBE. >__> But I still prefer her with Amelia.
  5. Llybian Minamino

    Llybian Minamino Forlorn Hope

    *shrugs* I think Gourry's better at handling Lina. He can take her tantrums and selfishness but still cares about her a whole lot as is evident in the series, and she cares about him.

    The end of NEXT was so magical~
  6. Phantom_Bugsy

    Phantom_Bugsy So hot he's on fire.

    I will admit, the end of NEXT *was* adorable. :/ Even if I don't like the pairing.


    HEY I KNOW YOU. Llybian! :0 Omg. You should know who I am 8D
  7. Llybian Minamino

    Llybian Minamino Forlorn Hope

    Yay! ...And of course they had to get amnesia after the whole thing, just to ruin my day.

    ...Waitaminute! Is that Oos or am I horribly mistaken?
  8. Phantom_Bugsy

    Phantom_Bugsy So hot he's on fire.

    I forgot about that part. XD

    And I'm afraid you are NOT horribly mistaken 8D It are Ooses. Yep.
  9. Llybian Minamino

    Llybian Minamino Forlorn Hope

    ^_^ Yay! It's nice to see you again!

    The ending to NEXT really did make my day when I saw it. I do love my fluffy canonical shipping moments.

    I also like in the first season where Lina's jealous of Selpheal (I think I spelled that wrong...) and doesn't realize it...

    "Why are you so mad?"

    "I don't really know."
  10. Katsu Koneko

    Katsu Koneko 明日がある

    I loved the last episode of NEXT, I think the first time I saw that episode was when the "International Channel" still had Anime at midnight or something like that and they had a marrathon of Slayers that I stayed up to watch.

    I also did a book report on the third novel of Slayers..I stuttered on the second to last thing..x.x

    It's Syphiel or that's how they spell it in the Anime.
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