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Grand old man on the Pokemon scene


Est sularus oth mith
Hello everyone. I'm Malanu (or Piati in the dream world) I am a seasoned Pokemon trainer from back when Red & Green were the new "it" game. I started my adventure due to my daughter (then age 7) asked me to beat a gym leader (Brock I believe) for her.

I have played pretty much every Pokemon game since... not pinball or those kinda games though.

I play the games with & without Cheats (I don't see shame in using codes) Pokemon White was the first game I caught Legendaries without codes. I realize the pride of doing it the hard way, but I am just as happy with catching them by throwing a master ball. Hey I have work & a family and not an unlimited supply of time.

I have a previously mentioned daughter who isn't nearly as hooked as I am, but she is an avid trainer. My son who is 10 an has Aspbergers and has loved Pokemon but hasn't had the patience to play till recently is proving to be a more rabid fan than I am. He is playing White cause he wants Zekrom, he uses a lot of codes but that has more to do with his Aspbergers. That he loves catching Pokemon make me a happy dad!

So that's me. High I'm 45 & I play Pokemon. I hope I never grow up!


★ Go, Rai!! ★
Welcome! It's good to see that old people plays too ^^. I hope you have fun =D


Welcome to sppf!

If you need any help or just want a friend feel free to ask me.