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Grand Theft Auto Discussion Thread


Lover of underrated characters
With Heists finally out and PC version of V on the horizon I decided to make this and see if there are any other GTA fans who want to discuss it.

How are you all enjoying Heists so far? I've only been able to do the first one, Fleeca due to server issues atm. It was very enjoyable and so was the dialogue. The new hacking activity was frustrating but the drilling was easy.

What's your favorite GTA to date? Mine's V. I've played through singleplayer a lot more than the other GTAs and I liked the characters a lot. Plus Online is the best MP out there, I usually hate multiplayer with a passion but I've enjoyed every second of Online.


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gtav pc will be delayed again -___-

o wait idc cus i dont have money4 custom pc

fav gta to date is v


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San andreas is the best.


GTA V is by far the best GTA. Great storytelling, good graphics, an online mode to keep you occupied after finishing the game and, of course, an insane amount of content. People like to compare it to San Andreas, saying the latter is better, but this is mainly due to nostalgic reasons. GTA V is superior on almost every level. I think that the only thing San Andreas did better, was the implementation of jetpacks, but that's really all I can think of.
GTA Online can be a little bit frustrating at times and was not balanced well in the beginning. We have a lot of new great missions now, but when this mode was released, you had to put a lot of time into it to earn a decent amount money and to rank up. Plus, the community did not exactly make these goals easier to accomplish ... :/ Nevertheless, I still think it's pretty fun, especially if you're playing with a couple of friends.


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Gta V is easily my favorite. Heists have been going okay. I've done most of the setups and three finales just through quickjobs, as I can never find my own group for bein the leader. Love them though!


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They should add more Online heists

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I've played GTAIV and its two DLC episodes for PS3. When I first played it, I thought it was pretty good, especially Lost and the Damned and Ballad of Gay Tony.

Later, I picked up GTAV for PS3 and I was blown away by the graphics and the very big and very detailed world. The story and gameplay were also great. It's nice that they've added heists online. I may have to plug the PS3 back in and start playing online again.

Between IV and V (The only two GTAs I've played), I think V is definitely the best.


Lover of underrated characters
I love the Savage, Armored Karuma, Insurgent PV, and Hydra so much. The Flare Gun is fun as well. I hope they put them in Singleplayer someday

They should add more Online heists

There was more hinted at. Like working for the guy you bust out of Prison and Lester tells you he'll call you when he's got a new job when you complete the final Heist.

Just don't expect them soon, I'm thinking one or two will be a part of the Story DLC to convince the Online only players to get it. While giving something to both Online and Singleplayer besides just the new vehicles and weapons.