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Graphics Club Chinese New Year Contest

Which wallpaper should win?

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Well-Known Member
Welcome to this wallpaper contest of the Graphics Club!

Theme: Chinese New Year
Medium: Wallpaper

Click the thumbnails for a better view.

Entry Number 1:


Entry Number 2:


Entry Number 3:


Entry Number 4:


Entry Number 5:


Entry Number 6:


Entry Number 7:


When you vote please say why you voted for that wallpaper. If you vote for yourself, your entry will be disqualified. Voting will last 5 days!

Good luck !


→ s o a r i n g
I voted for Number 5 because i like the pictures and the placement of everything in it. It's also a nice background colour :)


♫Be Fearless♫
I voted for Entry Number 2 because the main girl there is wearing chinese clothes and has sweet items on her - perfect for a Chinese Festival. The cute children in the background holding Dragonite is pretty sweet. It's quite a symbolic banner for The Year of the Dragon

Flame Mistress

Well-Known Member
Damn, I missed the chance to sign up! I really wanted to...

Anyway, I voted for Entry 6, as it's simple yet quite effective. And red. If it's red, it's good enough. =P Just kidding.


Disneyland <3
I voted for entry 5 because I think the colours are really nice.. I really like the image and the text and also the background.

Meowth City

Staff member
I vote for entry number 5. It is easily the best wallpaper in my opinion, as it is clearly very well made and I find that it incorporates the elements of Chinese culture very well. The colors are easy on the eyes as wallpapers should be. The text is nicely done and the image of the dancing dragon is what sells it for me. Most excellent.


i can show you how
I voted for #1, I like how Gyarados is in there. Nice and simple, good layout too.



Well-Known Member
Well it appears we have another draw between Entry 4 & Entry 5.

Here are the results:

Entry 1: MagicMochi
Entry 2: Reimu
Entry 3: meowth city
Entry 4: Neo Pikachu
Entry 5: Sweet May
Entry 6: Keldeo 647
Entry 7: chellochello

So the winners of this contest are Neo Pikachu & Sweet May! Congratulations !