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Graphics Club Main Banner Contest

Which banner should win the contest?

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Well-Known Member
Welcome to this banner contest of the Graphics Club! The banner that wins this contest will be used as a new main banner for the club!

Theme: Graphics Club
Medium: Banner

Entry Number 1:


Entry Number 2:


Entry Number 3:


When you vote please say why you voted for that banner. If you vote for yourself, your entry will be disqualified. Voting will last 3 days!

Good luck !
Entry 1

It does the best job of integrating the images while still being colorful and lively.

Alfred Jones

Cryptic thoughts
Okay so time for some critques.

entry 1
It's really cute, yet simple. The lighting is nice the same with the effects.

entry 2
I have a feeling I know who made this one, but I'm not saying any names. In my opinion it looks too blurry in some places, and the text looks like it is just the basics colours. The image looks like it was just rendered out and pasted onto a background.

entry 3
It looks too cluttered and hard to make out what's what in my opinion. I can see GIMP images used and some sort of random paintbrush. The colours are boring and the text is hard to read in some places.

entry 1 gets my vote


Disneyland <3
To be honest, I didn't like any of the banners so much.. But if I have to chose, then I go with entry number 3.

Entry 1

I like the idea but I don't like the background. It looks a bit messy. The images look also weird. But I do like the text and the font.

Entry 2

This banner looks very plain. It's just an image and text put on a background and it's too blurry. The text isn't good quality and the colours don't match the banner.

Entry 3

This banner also looks plain but it's the most decent one. The text could have been more readable and it would look more special with some effects. The banner would look better with a border in my opinion.


More saving. More doing.™
Oh, um, wow... none of these are that good. :(

I voted for #3, as the renders in the first one are odd, and the second one is very blurry and looks like a random image was slapped on a background.

Meowth City

Staff member
I'm afraid that I don't like any of the banners either. So, I choose entry number three solely on the basis that, out of the lot, it is the one that it fits the theme the closest.


MEWsic <3
Entry 1
The effects are pretty simple, but it looks pretty good. The text isn't too boring either, and it's clearly readable. Though could be better with better renders.

Entry 2
Basic colors and boring font. It's also a little blurry.

Entry 3
The text is unreadable in places, but I think this was okay. Plain and simple, but could use more colors and effects.

In the end I went with Entry 3.

Northern Lights

Entry #3

Entry 1 - very bright and saturated colours that all clash together
Entry 2 - incredibly blurry and choppy, might want to think about the picture quality of images that go into your banners, in future.
Entry 3 - Out of all of them this one is the cleanest, fufills it's purpose; not sure why people are having a hard time reading it, and the colours are neutral


Well-Known Member
I vote for #3.

Banner 1 - The renders don't fit very well with the banner itself. The colors are fine, but a bit intense in my opinion.

Banner 2 - It looks like a random background with a bunch of "eh" pictures slapped onto it. It is - as stated before - blurry and bland.

Banner 3 - This one is the best in my opinion. The renders are good, and it's put together well. It's colors fit fine with it too.

jireh the provider

Video Game Designer
Its very hard to debate between 1 or 3.

1 has the charming simplicity (Plus my fave pokes, minus emolga0
3 shows on your professionality as an artist.

But on the hardway. I'm going with 3

Avenger Angel

Warrior of Heaven
Banner 1 - Like other people have said already, I think the main issue here was color saturation. Turning down the saturation on the renders might have helped a bit, or at least not putting any overlay effects on top of them.

Banner 2 - Seems the background is pretty blurry and the barrett and color palette tray seem pretty improvised into the render. Text could be a little more interesting, also.

Banner 3 - Not bad, a bit on the bland side, but it's to the point and keeps things simple.

Went with #3.


Who's dar man
I'm gonna be honest i dont like any of them but 3 is the best exampl. though its a little boring and the text could be done alot better.


/人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\
Entry 1 - Cute, i like the lightning and effects in it, the lines of the renders could look a bit smoother.
Entry 2 - Don't really like the font/colour and background in this one, it's also blurry.
Entry 3 - It's very clear and simple, the colours are neutral and fit together.

I vote for entry 3

Flame Mistress

Well-Known Member
To be truthful, none of them are THAT good... But anyway.

Entry 1: The background looks a bit messy, but I like the colours - though they're a bit too...bright.

Entry 2: Just a render slapped on on a background, and it looks unnatural. The text is boring as well. Not to mention, the banner itself is a bit blurry.

Entry 3: Nice and simple. Gets to the point. I like the renders and images used for this one, but it looks a bit too plain.

Overall, I like Entry 3 the most.


le quant-à-soi
1. There's no colour scheme and the background is messy and laksdhflashdfjsd.

2. Well, for one thing, it's saved as a jpeg. Like, seriously, what is wrong with this person. But yeah the things that have been drawn on look messy and unprofessional, the text is basic and generic and blahha.gf.kasfd.

3. The blue and red bars on the left side bother me a bit, but it doesn't have any glaring errors.

Honestly I don't think any of these should represent the club, but I'm voting for #3 because the other two were pretty terrible and #3 was at least semi-decent.


Well-Known Member
Since there were only 3 entries, I won't to second & third place.

Entry Number 1: Neo Pikachu
Entry Number 2: Victini01
Entry Number 3: Sweet May

The winner is Sweet May !