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Grass Face-Off

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Tropical Spirit

YAY! Original>You =3
Dang! They are both in my top 10! :( But I vote for the Exeggute family.


Marsh Trainer
How could my favourite mushroom lose to a weed and a flower?;_;
Anyway, I vote for the eggs...The Exeggcute Family! I love their psychic attacks, Egg Bomb is awesome....and they're not Breloom!:p
I like both, but I've never used the Coconut (I HAVE to do it! XD.), and I've used THE Catcher.

I'll go with THE Catcher Family! That's Breloom, if you're clueless. ;)


Back I guess??
shroomish family!
breloom´s spore+focus punch is the best combo in the game (taking out some ghosts and psychics pokemon it will be the best!)


Hi, guys! How's it going?? Let's update this. Final Score:

Got 3 Votes

Got 8 Votes​

I kinda expected this... Next Match:

Seedot Family


Cacnea Family

Two Grass families whose final stages are part Dark, with outstanding Attack stats (both Attack and Sp. Attack), but poor defenses... My vote goes, again, to the overlooked family *coughSeedotFamilycough*...

VOTE!!! :D

...God, I wish I had a car...
Cacturne Family. Grass lacked an actually badass Pokémon all this time, and Cacturne was a godsend. Plus, it gets the second best Grass Attack: Needle Arm. And Teeter Dance. :D
As much as I love the Cactus family, they're aggravatingly hard to train. Whereas the Seedot family has served me well. I have an irreplaceable Shiftry in my Ruby lineup. So I vote for the Seedot family.

Tropical Spirit

YAY! Original>You =3
Cacnea. Harley. :D


My vote goes to the Cacnea Family.


Marsh Trainer
I'll vote for Cacnea family because I love the movesets you can make with them!
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