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Grass Face-Off

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Hi, guys! Long time, no see :p... Let's update this. Final Score:

Got 4 Votes

Got 10 Votes​

Yeah, kind of expected...

...Next Match:

Bellsprout Family


Lotad Family


Lileep Family

Yeah, It's the famous "flycatcher" family, against the famous "water weed" family, against the famous "sea lily" family!!! :D I think this is gonna be a good one! Here's my vote... Umm... *thinks*... I can't decide!!!...

...I know! I'm gonna let you vote first and I'll post my vote later, OK??

VOTE!!! :D


Back I guess??
hard decision:
vote in lileep family, it´s really good leftovers+ingrain
ludicolo´s leech seed+leftovers+rain dish....

I´m voting in lileep´s family, higher defences and a very good type combination (well, lotad is awesome to).


Try to understand.
Cradily pwns. I just find it a little hard to find the exact moves to go with it. *Goes to look on Cradily's Pokedex on Serebii.*

Tropical Spirit

YAY! Original>You =3
Hard one.
... I guess I vote for the Lileep family, though.

king krab kingler

I vote for the lotad family,Rain dish,leech seed,absorb and leftovers is a great combo for ludicolo and ludicolo is pretty cool looking.


Hugging 'til the end
Lotad family!!!!!!

Awesome pokémon, Ludicolo is very nice! and if it is used correctly it is a cool competitive pokémon.


I vote for the Lileep family. Cradily's an awesome UU tank and I'm just a Cradily fan.
Hard one. They all 0wn in their own way.

But I'll have to vote for my Paisano's family, Ludicolo. It bestows my absolutely favorite Type Combo, and... well... it's a Mexican, like me! :D


Be Wise, Tell Lies.
Fossil Family plz.
The Lilypad and Flycatcher Families are nice as well, but Lileep and Cradily are just better IMO.


Hyper Coordinator
uber cheap ludicolo's family

cradily was never the grass pokemon that i was looking for.... and why cant it look half descent like the first fossils?

WaterDragon trainer

Freak Like Me
My vote goes to LILEEP+CRADILY because I like Cradily(but not as much as I like Armaldo), plus I'm a big fan of fossil pokemon.


Marsh Trainer
I'll vote for The Bellsprout family because they're my favourite grass type pokedudes!
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