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Grass Hysteria! (349)


And, as if by magic, the webmaster appeared...
Staff member
Grass Hysteria!

After being kidnapped by a Skarmory, May meets & saves a Bulbasaur from falling off a cliff to get a flower. She wonders where she is. Ash & Co. meanwhile are trying to get into the forest to find May. Will they succeed?

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Factory Head Noland

How cute is Bulbasaur in that picture??
It was weird when May got kidnapped by that Skarmory...some Skarmory are just jerks! It was great to see all of those Grass Pokemon.

Shiny May

I thought it was kinda funny to see Skarmory flying off with may

Also the heroic Ash who saves May is also very sweet to look at. Just the way how Ash grabs May quickly. Adorable !! :D

I also found the ending very touching. Just the look on May and Bulbasaur's face. Truly a wonderful episode.

King Shuckle

Don't be daft
My Predicted Dub Titles:
~Flower Power!(Famous phrase)
~The Young & the Forestless (Young & the Restless)
~The King & May (From "The King & I")

Jamie Armstrong

i really really need to know

can somone please tell me when this episode comes to uk please ?

i am gagging to see it cos as you can all probably guess i love bulbasaur and my 2nd fave charater catching one is awsome so will somone please tell me if they know or if they have any pictures of mays bulbasaur please show me :) thank you


I want this episode to air in the US. I also want to see Bulbasaur's new voice, if it's not like Ash's. Venusaur hasn't been showed since like mid Johto so this will be a treat.

V Faction

Jesse GS the II said:
How much you want to bet 4Kids cuts this episode's "bii~da" gag? They've already done it to "A Ruin With a View" and "The Bicker, The Better".
Well then that's not really a fair bet then, is it?


Jesse GS the II said:
How much you want to bet 4Kids cuts this episode's "bii~da" gag? They've already done it to "A Ruin With a View" and "The Bicker, The Better".

mind telling what the "bii~da" gag is?

I'm not familair with the Japanese verison...

V Faction

EvilKeckleon said:
mind telling what the "bii~da" gag is?

I'm not familair with the Japanese verison...
The whole "pull down a lower eye lid and stick out the tongue" thingy.

Jesse GS the II

I was frozen today!
You know, that wasn't all that bad of an episode. It was certainly nice to see all those Grass-types again. That's another area where Hoenn succeeds and Johto doesn't - Pokémon variety.

Bulbasaur's dub voice is actually more distinct than I thought they'd make it. It does sound feminine, though still grounded in the voice we're used to hearing. Venusaur, on the other hand, didn't sound quite right today.

Much to my surprise, they kept the bii~da thing after all (with Jessie's dub line "Let me give you a tongue-in-cheek response!", which I suppose was an attempt to justify it). In other Team Rocket news, I wonder what James was saying in the Japanese version that resulted in such a long dub line at the start of the motto. And Wobbuffet spinning around on that little door was hilarious - I burst out laughing the first time I saw that. It's all in the timing, I suppose.

So May finally has Bulbasaur in America! I suppose all we have to do now is wait for Torchic and Taillow to evolve...


Yeah, ok!
May's Bulbasaur doesn't have exactly the same voice as Ash's as far as I can tell. It sounds similar, but it's not as deep. Maybe in the next episode we can compare the voices accurately, but for now May's Bulbasaur does sound a bit different.

It was a good episode, been awhile since the writers had a lust for attacking grass pokemon again, especially the ever showcased Oddish, who's been in a billion episodes as a backround pokemon.

The scenes with Ash and May reflecting on Bulbasaur were great. Ash saying it reminded him of his Bulbasaur was a nice touch. Veronica Taylor once again did a good job, she made Ash sound more aggressive in this episode while making May sound more concerned for the pokemon.

This ep seemed like another Ash and May bonding moment, right after the Tag battle match ep too. I'm still debating whether the writers gave May Bulbasaur just to have one more thing for her and Ash to have in common or not, it had to be done more than just to promote FR/LG.

I also liked the ending moment where Bulbasaur jumped into May's arms, thank goodness they didn't pull another Swablu! (Which she better find and capture that thing one day)
OMG, TR was awesome in this episode! "James, stop this crazy thing!" XD XD. Wobuffet on the revolving door was LOLness, and ROFL when he blasted off with it. "Jessie! James-ie!" That was great! Finally, TR doing something good for an episode.
Other than TR, this episode was pretty good. Venusaur was great, voice and animation. Bulbasaur's voice was a little bit more high-pitched that I expected, but meh. Some reapppearances from some forgotten Grass Pokémon, too, I see. Great! The Poochyena were a good addition as guard dogs.
Hm, some rebellion from the guys of the gang. I like that!

Overall rating:
9.8 out of 10!!!!
An excellent capture episode. Bulbasaur is a great addition to the team, too.

SC~ out


Super Gamer
Yay! May got a Bulbasaur! The Grass Episodes have always been like the ones from the past, where its a Hidden Forest. Anyway, I'm so glad she got another Pokémon ^_^ Next week, Ash will get his back!


Overall Rating: 9.8/10

V Faction

Holy Shitskis! I presummed wrong about the Bulbasaur voice. But that's what's so good about low expectation: it's more pleasent when you're wrong.

I agree about the Venusaur comment. I really really miss the old, sorta-first-season voice, where it was deeper and almost like a roar. This one is more like the Ivysaur voice, with that crackiness in its voice.

Also, weird thing. I only caught half of the episode. Looks like Friday is what I need.

The Big Al

I just keeping Octo
*Adds Mean Old Lady to Ugly Mechs to Squash with a Gundum List*

The Advancedshippers are going to eat this one up.

The best part of Team Rocket. Wobbafett spinning in the door, "Jamesie", at last, an episode I can actually laugh at them.


Custom User Title
V Faction said:
Holy Shitskis! I presummed wrong about the Bulbasaur voice. But that's what's so good about low expectation: it's more pleasent when you're wrong.
Indeed. I was pleasantly surprised that they made an effort to distinguish it's voice from all the other ones we've seen.

The bad part was that Venusaur's voice was as predicted. :/ I was really hoping for it to sound like the one in "Bulbasaur's Mysterious Garden" but oh well, it could have been worse.
Yay; May got a Bulbasaur! And she's SO KAWAII~! I did notice that her voice was slightly higher than Ash's Bulba; especially when she did that Razor Leaf.;) Venusaur's voice did seem a bit different than usual, but it also had a wider range of emotions.:) This week's TR robot was one of their weirder ones...Big Al is right though: it SHOULD be pwned via Gundam. Or maybe a Megazord.:p 8.5/10...Bulba and Bulby unite next eppie!*marks out*


This was a cute episode IMO. May got a Bulbasaur! The last few minutes of the episode was just so touching! Anyways, it's great to see a Bulbasaur on the show again. I really miss Ash's Bulbasaur.


Team Rocket was saying a lot of lady quotes in their mecha today. I can't recall any of them, though.

For a moment I thought Skarmony was going to eat May! Ah, silly me.

Yes, I have to comment about Wobbuffet's flip door appearance. What kind of creative pop-out will they think of next?

I, too, can't wait to see next week's episode.