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Grass Hysteria! (349)


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It was a great episode, the ending was nearly so sad, I was screaming at the screen for Bulbasaur to go with her... and then it did, it was absolutely adorable. I loved this episode.


I hadn't realized it at first, but I now see that Haruka's new Fushigidane was a way to give LeafGreen and FireRed some promotion, which in a way seems to diminish Fushigidane's capture.


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It was funny when Jessie called the wild Venasaur fat because it's true. For a minute there, I was worried that May would just leave Bulbasaur and it would be another filler episode.
Aww Bulbasaur is so cute giving May flowers! I didn't give her the Kanto starters in the rewrite because I wanted to keep in Munchlax and 7 is enough for me.
Haha Wobbuffet on the revolver