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Grass Type Elimination~


Grass Type are amazing, so why not give them a game!

1.) Follow the General Rules. (Duh~)
2.) No Double Posting, if you did on accident or something, please delete it.
3.) If you miss counted or someone posted before you when you were deciding, please edit that post to the correct numbers.
4.) No spamming, trolling people for their decisions, and no foul language.
5.) Keep it fun, and have fun~

Tips and Such:
* Post whenever, there is no time limit to wait before posting. Just no Double~
*I will update frequently. If a Pokémon has officially won, feel free to PM/VM me if I am not on. (I get the notifications on my phone sometimes)
*Any Suggestion for Pokémon? Feel free to let me know in PM or just by saying~

Previous Winners:
6/20/13 - 7/2/13:
Venusaur - 104 ;003;

Leavanny 50
Treecko 50
Burmy 50
Torterra 50
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You get 5 points to heal/ hurt divided any way you want.
I'll start~
Venusaur 50
Turtwig 47 -3
Sewaddle 52 +2
Bellsprout 50


Non non non!
Venusaur 50
Turtwig 49 +1
Sewaddle 59 +2
Bellsprout 43 -2

Let da great powers of Sewaddle beat up everyone!

Razor Leafeon

The Shadow Remains Cast!
Venusaur 54(+3)
Turtwig 51
Sewaddle 66
Bellsprout 40 (-2)
I suppose I'll join.

Razor Leafeon

The Shadow Remains Cast!
Venusaur 61 (+5)
Turtwig 51
Sewaddle 66
Bellsprout 37
All out plus! :)


Puns give me power
Venusaur 60
Turtwig 51
Sewaddle 61(-5)
Bellsprout 41

No offense sewaddle but venusaur or turtwig must win!