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Grass-Type Pokemon Club

Discussion in 'Clubs' started by Yveltal96, Mar 9, 2013.

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  1. Yveltal96

    Yveltal96 A little more human

    Hello Everyone and Welcome to the Grass-Type Pokemon Club!
    Credit for the header goes to FairyWitch

    In this club we discuss grass-related competitive battling, fan art, fan fictions, the anime, and host tournaments!

    Attention: Please read the rules before posting thank you.


    -Yveltal96 (Owner)
    -Paddy'sTurtwigFanClub (Co-Owner)

    -All SPPF rules apply
    -You have to be a member to discuss
    -No one liner posts (read sticky before posting---->http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?591994-One-liners-are-not-allowed!)
    -Try to stay on topic and do not spam, swear, or troll
    -Use HTML code form to sign up
    -Any breaking of these rules will result in a strike (hopefully it won’t come to that because we are all responsible)
    -To participate in a club tournament read the rules first then use the HTML code application
    -And please enjoy! :)

    -1st Strike: Warning
    -2nd Strike: Second Warning
    -3rd Strike: 48 Hours Ban
    -4th Strike: 3 Days Ban
    -5th Strike: Week Ban
    -6th Strike: Month Ban
    -7th Strike: Permanent Ban

    1) Trioxhydre: 1 strike
    2) garyoaksapprentice: 3 strike
    3) Colt45: 1 strike

    [B]Favorite Thing About Grass Types[/B]:
    [B]PO, PS, or WiFi?[/B]:
    [B]PO, PS, or WiFi name and FC[/B]:
    Any Tournament requires this sign up form to participate
    you must be a member to participate

    [B]Tournament Name[/B]: 
    [B]PS, PO, or WiFi name/FC (depends on tourney rules)[/B]:
    [B]Time Zone[/B]:
    Grass Mono Type Club Intro Tournament-Ended: April 17, 2013
    Winner: Cyrius
    Finals: Battle #1 and Battle #2

    Grass Doubles Tournament-Starts: May 31, 2013-June 29, 2013

    Who do you think is better? Shaymin or Celebi?
    Who is a better Grass Trainer? Gardenia, Erika, or Cilan?
    What are your favorite Grass types?
    What are your favorite Grass Moves?
    Do you think grass types are underrated?
    Do you think Serperior should have been part Dragon?
    What are your favorite secondary Grass typings?
    Do you think the CAP Pokemon, Necturna and Pyroak should be real?
    What kinds of Grass-types are you hoping to see in 6th Gen?
    In your opinion which region contains the best/worst grass types?
    What kind of moveset do you think Chespin will adopt?
    Your favorite grass pokemon experience?
    What do people think about Chespin's evolutions?
    What is your favorite Grass type Pokemon from each Generation?
    Who is the best Seeder in your opinion?
    In the OU teir what grass pokemon you like in your team if you made a team or have made a team?
    Which Grass Starter do you like the most? First Stages? Second Stages? Third Stages?
    What is a grass type move you would like to see exist?

    Club Breeder: Cueva27
    in our club breeding section, you can ask Cueva27 for specific Grass Type Pokemon
    At the moment me and Cueva27 are working on getting DW females for breeding but at the moment he can get egg moves with regular females

    Here are Cueva27's rules:
    1. All Serebii rules and trade forum rules apply
    2.NO hacks! I don’t hack and I don’t accept hacks! If I trade you a hack then I offer a full trade back guarantee!
    3. Please try to be nice to one another! Enjoy yourself in my shop, after all it is called a “Fun House!”
    4.No fighting, no swearing, no arguing, and no back talking! Some of the users have sweared and some people (not me) are offended!
    5.PLEASE DON'T PM OR VM ME ABOUT A TRADE IN MY SHOP!!!i have already have about 5 people do it and its annoying
    6.If you have any recommendation for my shop or you found something wrong in my shop then feel free to PM me!
    8.No all caps! I would not be pleased if you commented in all caps saying (for ex.) “I WANT YOUR SHINY!”
    Please fill out the application if you are interested
    Pokemon I want?:
    What I can offer you?-
    Any other details?
    1) Yveltal96 (Owner)
    2) PaddysTurtwigFanClub (Co-Owner)
    3) Colt45 (Club Moderator)
    4) Cyrius (Club Moderator)(Master)
    5) Princess Raspberyl (Member)
    6) Elysian (Member)
    7) FairyWitch (Member)
    8) Epic-Inferno (Member)
    9) Auaria (Member)
    10) xerneas96 (Master)
    11) The DragonKnight (Member)
    12) Quimagma (Member)
    13) FullMetalAlchemist (Member)
    14) InsaneDragoniteHD (Member)
    15) zombieoverkill12 (Member)
    16) pokemonsquared (Member)
    17) ReshiZekyurem (Member)
    18) RealRaymon (Member)
    19) lavaburst14 (Member)
    20) Aura Sensai (Member)
    21) your boss (Member)
    22) senoel (Member)
    23) IceWater300 (Member)
    24) deh74 (Member)
    25) NintendoFan82 (Member)
    26) MuseHarmonia (Member)
    27) Shayminlover123 (Member)
    28) Cueva27 (Club Breeder)
    29) SpeedDeoxys (Member)
    30) Bobby Soxer (Member)
    31) SmellYaLater (Member)
    32) ysmr97 (Member)
    33) Mr. Cuddles (Member)
    34) Doggiedoggie (Member)
    35) BugPokemonMaster316 (Member)
    36) Master Ask (Member)
    37) Dracø_fāng_02 (Member)
    38) Keldminrachi91 (Member)
    39) marioluigifan05 (Member)
    40) Savanny (Member)
    41) Shadow1624 (Member)
    42) Shymain (Member)
    43) Cassafrass1999 (Member)
    44) Aya Gardenia (Member)
    45) pokerock4 (Member)
    46) Xer-arrowtotheknee-us (Member)
    47) Trioxhydre (Member)
    48) bleuumbreon (Member)
    49) memond (Member)
    50) garyoaksapprentice (Member)
    51) Janice Quatlane (Member)
    52) TheTorterra6 (Member)
    53) GenosectArceus (Member)
    54) KatieIsGreen (Member)
    55) Leafseal (Member)
    56) HeroicRein (Member)
    57) R2J (Member)
    58) Slayr231 (Member)
    59) Cyndan (Member)
    60) GenerationThird (Member)
    61) Volts (Member)
    62) Celestial Moth (Member)
    63) Geo152 (Member)

    This section shows off our members who have earned their mark of mastery!

    1) Cyrius http://oi42.*******.com/no61ic.jpg
    2) xerneas96 http://oi44.*******.com/29e6r15.jpg
    3) Quimagma http://oi44.*******.com/29e6r15.jpg


    These are all Grass-Type Pokemon that our members have claimed and represent them in this club.
    To claim a certain Pokemon just say "I would like to claim (insert Grass Pokemon here)!" and the first person to claim that pokemon gets him.
    You can haggle with the person that has claimed a Pokemon you want to claim, but let me know once you are at an agreement.

    1) Cyrius claims Sceptile [​IMG]
    2) Doggiedoggie claims Venusaur [​IMG]
    3)Yveltal96 claims Serperior [​IMG]
    4) Master Ask claims Celebi [​IMG]
    5) xerneas96 claims Leafeon [​IMG]
    6) The DragonKnight claims Servine [​IMG]
    7) Colt45 claims Ferrothorn [​IMG]
    8) InsaneDragoniteHD claims Roserade [​IMG]
    9) Paddy'sTurtwigFanClub claims Turtwig [​IMG]
    10) Keldminrachi91 claims Grovyle [​IMG]
    11) ReshiZekyurem claims Breloom [​IMG]
    12) FairyWitch claims Shaymin [​IMG]
    13) NintendoFan82 claims Shiftry [​IMG]
    14) IceWater3000 claims Sawsbuck [​IMG]
    15) Mr. Cuddles claims Torterra [​IMG]
    16) lavaburst14 claims Ivysaur [​IMG]
    17) Cueva27 claims Chespin http://oi42.*******.com/eh4r4.jpg
    18) Savanny claims Parasect [​IMG]
    19) ysmr97 claims Mow Rotom [​IMG]
    20) Shadow1624 claims Bulbasaur [​IMG]
    21) Cassafrass1999 claims Snivy [​IMG]
    22) Shymain claims Shaymin (Sky Forme) [​IMG]
    23) Aya Gardenia claims Lilligant [​IMG]
    24) Xer-arrowtotheknee-us claims Ludicolo [​IMG]
    25) deh74 claims Exeggutor [​IMG]
    26) memond claims Leavanny [​IMG]
    27) GenosectArceus claims Virizion [​IMG]
    28) Leafseal claims Meadow Plate Arceus [​IMG]
    29) KatieIsGreen claims Meganium [​IMG]
    30) HeroicRein claims Chikorita [​IMG]
    31) R2J claims Bayleef [​IMG]
    32) Slayr231 claims Cradily [​IMG]
    33) GenerationThird claims Cacturne [​IMG]
    34) Volts claims Nuzleaf [​IMG]

    Grass Type Club Owner (Serperior)

    Grass Type Club Co-Owner (Celebi)

    Grass Type Club Beginner Bars





    Bars are created by Sworn Metalhead of Daedric Design
    Beginner User Bars are for members only

    after a month of being active, you may request to be promoted to master rank.
    When you want to become a master, you must battle another beginner ready to rank up. Regardless of who wins, you will become a master though.
    PM me which ONE grass type Pokemon you would like on your master rank bar

    ~Coming Soon~


    Members feel free to use these link buttons created by our very own Eeveelover824







    Shaymin Sky Forme







    Give credit to FairyWitch!



    Here, members can post this form throughout the week, to vote for who will be our next weeks Grass Pokemon of the Week!
    I will post our list of candidates in the spoiler below the form.
    Vote for next Grass Pokemon of the Week
    My Vote:
    Parasect [​IMG]
    Breloom [​IMG]
    Vileplume [​IMG]

    Here's a list of past ones that cannot be voted for yet.

    Tier: UU
    Smogon Recommended Set: Life Orb @ Natural Cure
    -Leaf Storm
    -Sludge Bomb
    -Sleep Powder / Hidden Power Fire
    -Synthesis / Rest / Extrasensory
    Nature: Timid / Modest
    EVs: 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe

    Why we recognize this Pokemon: Roserade was a complete monster back in D/P/P, with a ridiculous SpD stat and a high SpA stat, Roserade made a great special wall/sweeper. This generation, Roserade didn't get much new, and it fell down into the UU. But that is fine, as it does amazing in the tier. With a great secondary type in Poison, Roserade gets some useful resistances and cuts down a weakness. The secondary typing, also gives Roserade an immunity to Toxic stalls. A great ability in Natural Cure, also lets it overcome Burns, Paralysis, and Sleep, making Rest a very viable move for Roserade. Sleep Powder can give you an opportunity to stop a sweeper in their tracks while you cut them down with moves like Leaf Storm and Sludge Bomb, both of which, are great STAB moves and grant good coverage.

    What makes him different from other Grass Types?
    Roserade, as most Pokemon, is based on something from the real world. Roserade is a Pokemon that is, while obviously based on a rose, based off of a mysterious patron from a masquerade ball. A masquerade ball is a tradition that originated in France, where guests would dress in intricate masks and costumes to celebrate many things such as marriages, or royal events. Masquerade balls were a feature of the Carnival season in the 15th century, and involved increasingly celebrate allegorical Royal Entries, pageants and other dynastic events of late medieval court life. Masquerade balls were extended into costumed public festivities in Italy during the 16th century Renaissance. They were generally elaborate dances held for members of the upper classes, and were particularly popular in Venice. They have been associated with the tradition of the Venetian Carnival. With the fall of the Venetian Republic at the end of the 18th century, the use and tradition of masks gradually began to decline, until they disappeared altogether.

    Next Pokemon of the week coming: July 14, 2013

    Past Grass Pokemon of the Week in order from latest to most recent:

    Please Enjoy!

    Dark-Type Pokemon Club!

    P.S. Thanks to Cyrius for organizing our tournaments brackets
    [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG]
    Gifs from Tumblr
    Last edited: Aug 23, 2013
  2. Colt45

    Colt45 Cobalt

    Wynaut join?


    Username: Colt45
    Favorite Thing About Grass Types: Mainly the starters I love most of the grass starters, I also think they are an unappreciated type. And, green is my favorite color.
    PO, PS, or WiFi?: PS is all i have
    PO, PS, or WiFi name and FC: Koult45
  3. Yveltal96

    Yveltal96 A little more human

    approved :)
    must say i'm shocked that you were the first person to apply :)
    glad to have you!
    Celestial Moth likes this.
  4. Cyrius

    Cyrius Ice-Cold Charisma

    Saw your Link and im gonna join dammit!

    Username: Cyrius
    Favorite Thing About Grass Types: They give me a feeling of energy and they are always a useful type
    PO, PS, or WiFi?: ALL OF THE ABOVE
    PO, PS, or WiFi name and FC: Cyrius, BlizzTheGlaceon, and Cyrius Again

    Breloom is Kickass and annoying if used against you *looks to Colt*
  5. Yveltal96

    Yveltal96 A little more human

    and you are accepted B)
    glad you caught the link!
  6. Cyrius

    Cyrius Ice-Cold Charisma

    Thank you Kind sir, and i must ask, what will you do for mods? cuz i would like to be one :D
  7. Colt45

    Colt45 Cobalt

    Thanks for having me!

    What are your favorite Grass types?

    Bulbasaur and Sceptile are my favorite Grass starters, and are both in my top 5 overall. I also like Ferrothorn and his pre-evo, Nuzleaf (more than Shiftry actually), Sawsbuck, and Ludico alot, but really, there are very few I don't like.

    What are your favorite Grass Moves?

    I've always loved Solar Beam since I was a kid, i don't know why really. I mean, sure it's devastating in the sun, but the real reason I like it so much, I think, is because of how it looked in the anime, just, a really cool beam of light type thing. Also, leaf blade is awesome on Sceptile and Grovyle, Leech Seed is a very useful move, and Power Whip is a move a really like, I always choose that over Gyro Ball for Ferrothorn when I use it actually, and it never lets me down. Then of course, there's Spore. Do I really need to say why spore is so awesome? XD

    Edit: oh great, he's here. :p
  8. Princess Raspberyl

    Princess Raspberyl ~Shining One~

    Breloom :p
    Username: Princess Raspberyl
    Favorite Thing About Grass Types: How some are cute, some are elegant, awesome, fun to use in battle, etc etc
    PO, PS, or WiFi?: wifi.
    PO, PS, or WiFi name and FC: Kit Kat \ 2108 4936 8587
  9. Yveltal96

    Yveltal96 A little more human

    i love sceptile
    i am also in love with serperior for one main reason: Contrary
    it's his dream world ability that hasn't been released yet
    contrary makes leaf storm basically an uber charge beam!
    because instead of halving his sp. attk it doubles it with his ability!

    gotta love leech seed
    my fav seed combo is with torterra
    -wood hammer
    -leech seed
    -stealth rock

    you are accepted glad you got the link :)
    thought you were asleep
    tell your bf to join :p
  10. Cyrius

    Cyrius Ice-Cold Charisma

    Whoa easy with the questions! we dont want this place to die just like that!

    What are your favorite Grass types?

    My all time favorite is Sceptile I like lizards and geckos in general so it was easy for me to choose him out of the bunch. and my 2nd Favorite is Celebi because its also aPsychic type which is also one of my favorite types
  11. Colt45

    Colt45 Cobalt

    GF is racist against Grass Types, they'll release speed boost for Blaziken, but not Contrary for Serperior D:<
  12. Yveltal96

    Yveltal96 A little more human

    trust me it doesn't die quickly lol
    bug club is still discussing and they have less topics

    yeah i absolutely love sceptile for that reason as well
    i actually have a gecko and love how most of the grass starters are reptiles
  13. Princess Raspberyl

    Princess Raspberyl ~Shining One~

    nice dood, niiiice. Peer pressuring me to get my boyfriend to join, knew you couldn't be trusted D8 *shot* *just joking* My favorite grass type is Meganium, it's cute and adorable. :) Grass move wise i love the draining moves.
  14. Cyrius

    Cyrius Ice-Cold Charisma

    you sir have good taste in animals.

    What is your favorite set on a Sceptile? heres mine.

    Sceptile - Leftovers

    Leech Seed
    Giga Drain
    HP Ice

    yeah this has low coverage, but it makes Scpetile such a hassle to deal with. This is my competitive move set

    Sceptile - Life Orb

    Leaf Storm
    Focus Blast
    HP Rock
    Dragon Pulse

    Just your average Special Sweeper~
  15. Yveltal96

    Yveltal96 A little more human

    i try i try B)
    can't hate on someone advertising!
    Meganium is pretty cool
    she has a unique stat spread to be an abuser of petal dance and outrage!

    well once his DW ability comes out i will abuse it so much

    Ability: Unburden
    Item: White Herb

    -Leaf Storm
    -HP Rock
    -Focus Blast


    Ability: Unburden
    Item: Flying Gem
    -HP Rock
    -Focus Blast
    Last edited: Mar 13, 2013
  16. Schade

    Schade Iron Defensive

    Username: Elysian
    Favorite Thing About Grass Types: Most of their bulk, and moves. The Grass-Types are some real bloodsuckers.
    PO, PS, or WiFi?: nothing at the moment
    PO, PS, or WiFi name and FC: N/A
  17. Colt45

    Colt45 Cobalt

    Nu-uh, the best set is

    Sceptile @ Flying Gem
    Leaf Blade
    Swords Dance
    Stone Edge

    I have literally never had a problem with Lilligantin RU, mostly because of this. Sceptile always beats other grass types with this set.
  18. Yveltal96

    Yveltal96 A little more human

    haven't seen you in a while bro!
    good to have you!

    posted a similar set lol
  19. FairyWitch

    FairyWitch Metroid Hunter

    omg god yay! finally my type of club ^_^ being the leader of Team Enchanted Garden and my art shop Flower Paradise Graphics i can't get enough of grass pokemon im joining ^_^

    Username: Eeveelover824
    Favorite Thing About Grass Types: I just love plants in general i garden in real life
    PO, PS, or WiFi?: I have Wifi and Pokemon Showdown...i have PO but its evil and doesn't let me update -_-
    PO, PS, or WiFi name and FC: all in my sig ;)
  20. Cyrius

    Cyrius Ice-Cold Charisma

    Ah, yes how could i forget that set? pure destruction.

    Unless some pokemon with intimidate or burn capability ruins your day. you cant stop a special Sceptile with those dirty old tricks
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