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Greatest Hero Moment in the entire Pokemon series.


Sure, sure. Go for it.
As the title of this thread says, what is the greatest hero moment you have seen in the entire Pokemon series. Hero moments are these amazing moments that can get people pumped up with surprise, shock and excitement when done right! It's an classic formulaic trend that never gets old again, if done right! No weak answers please, actually explain why you think so as we are talking about the ENTIRE Pokemon series. Anyways I guess I'll start with one particular moment that I heard one Pokemon fan said this heroic moment was on Gurren Lagann level of craziness and badassery.

And that's Pokemon Adventures XY Chapter! The time Xander (or to some Calem) pretty much saved the entire world from Lysandre's relentless madness to destroy the world. I think most of you Pokemon fans are familiar with the XY games, so that part isn't too surprising. What's surprising is how Calem stops Lysandre. It really isn't that far off to say it's on Gurren Lagann Hero levels of craziness and badassery. It really is such an unexpectedly crazy badass hero moment that doesn't rely on plot armor but rather faithfully relies on the mechanics of Mega Evolution, revealing a huge loophole in Mega Evolution that actually mechanically makes sense. Honestly this might easily be the Greatest Hero Moment in the entire Pokemon series. I really can't think of anything else that comes even close to this moment. PLOT SPOILERS.

So what happens? Lysandre has captured and controlled the monstrously powerful Zygarde and by extension Yveltal. All he needs is Xerneas, captured by our protagonists, and he can fully destroy the world leaving a few behind. Green the rival, Diantha and Blaine all try to stop him with Mega Charizard X, Mega Gardevoir and Mega Mewtwo X/Y. Unfortunately through a mix of trickery and brute force, Zygarde easily overpowers all of them and this isn't even his Compete form. So what does Xander do? He grabs Green's, Diantha's, Blaine's, Korrina's and Yvonne/Serena's mega rings and puts them on himself. Can you see the loophole here? By using five mega rings along with the fact that Xander has five mega stones and five potentially mega-evolved Pokemon, Xander uses this loophole to create a team of Mega Evolutions surprising and shocking everyone! Even Lysandre is incredibly shocked and this villain rarely gets surprised or shocked. He's not just shocked, he has great difficulty containing on how incredibly excited of what Xander did. This moment is just so crazy and full of badassery. Even better, Xander isn't actually breaking the lore of the Pokemon games, this is a pretty obvious loophole but one that very few people talk about or recognize and yet it's proven here before our very eyes! SO BADASS!

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