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greatest moment in pokemon


fear the green!!!
What do you think the greatest moment in pokemon is. Over all the years and storys pokemom has had alot of good moment, but which one is the best?


For me, finally catching all three Regi's in Emerald, I fished for weeks on end for that wailord, when I could have just fed a Wailmer some of my cloned rare candies...


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Mine was defeating Red with only level 60+ pokemon. Wasn't sure I'd make it out alive but that was just dumb luck.

7 tyranitars

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When I got my first non gyarados shiny :p.


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I really liked how BW ended with N saying 'farewell'. I played through it 3 times just to see him say that again.

Oh and beating the Elite 4 on RBY was a pretty big deal for me. Idk why but the original Elite 4 is a lot more challenging to me than the Elite 4s that followed.
Beating red in soulsilver was my favourite moment .....i just won due to a cricital hit :D
Oh.....and catching Articuno with just one quick ball


fear the green!!!
Mine was catching raquaza, groudon, and kyoger with just one pokeball. I almost had a panic attack i was so happy. Sorry for my poor spelling:)


fear the green!!!
In pokemon whit, my friend beat her with level ones.


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Beating Clare's Kingdra with my Typhosion (fav pokemon at the time) on Gold version and beating that annoying psycho Ghetsis. Man I thought that guy was insane...
When I caught my first shiny, an Oddish in the Safari zone in Ruby Version. I still have it, too :D