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Greatest Pokemon Battles in Pokemon History? (Games, Anime, Manga etc. SPOILERS!)

Discussion in 'General Pokémon Discussion' started by shoz999, Dec 2, 2018.

  1. shoz999

    shoz999 Accumula Town

    So to simply put. Throughout the entire Pokemon series, what do you believe are the greatest Pokemon battles in POKEMON HISTORY! No short answers please, explain. Was it an epic moment between two established characters throughout a story or perhaps an epic bossfight standing in your way in the games? The choice is up to you!

    There will be spoilers of course as we are talking about what we believe are the GREATEST Pokemon Battles in Pokemon history and many of the greatest battles tend to include final bossfights or end-game storylines.

    I'll start with my top ten favorite battles that I believe are some of the greatest!

    10. Gold vs. Silver (Adventures) - It all ends with Togepi!
    Gold asks Silver a simple question. Does he enjoy Pokemon battles? It's with this statement that the reader realizes, huh? We don't actually know much about Silver at this point. Gold offers Silver a battle challenge and what does Silver do? For the first time he actually smiles and accepts. It's so much fun seeing the two having a lot of fun together in a 6v6 Pokemon battle. We see Silver trash-talking Gold like a jerk rival. We see Gold making cocky decisions. We see trainers regretting start-out choices like actual competitive Pokemon and in return we see them make quick decisions to get out of a bad situation. We don't just see smart uses of moves but we also see the Pokedex entries at work here. In fact the battle starts out with Gold and Silver sending out their Pokemon at the same time, Quilava and Croconaw. Gold realizes how bad the situation is already as Croconaw uses water gun. Silver orders Croconaw to use bite to finish Quilava off, so Gold makes a quick decision for Quilava to escape it using double-team causing Croconaw's powerful jaws to break his teeth... only to regrow them quickly like his Pokedex entry says and this is just one of the matchups. What's funny is how it ends actually. Silver is having a lot of fun until he remembers he has to go somewhere. He wants to end it now and he shocks Gold by sending out Tyranitar. The thing is he has no control over Tyranitar as it's not originally his Pokemon and he doesn't have enough badges to tame it. This monster-of-a-Pokemon goes on a rampage defeating Gold's Pokemon leaving him with just Togepi. What happens? It all ends with a battle-harden Togepi against-all-odds launching the finishing blow to the uncontrollable Tyranitar lol. It's so freaking hilarious and even the edge-lord himself has a hard time processing this.

    9. Ash vs. Alain (Anime) - Arguably Pokemon anime's most epic Pokemon battle!
    THIS BATTLE IS SO FREAKING EPIC! EVERY BLOW! EVERY DODGE! EVERY TACTIC! Everything that happened in this battle felt like it was a step to victory for both sides. Even better Ash is just inches away from becoming the Pokemon Battles as this is the finals. And it all ends with Mega Charizard X vs. Ash-Greninja in a fight of brains, skill and brute power. This is arguably the best animated battle in the Pokemon anime series and it would be really difficult to top this off in the future. Even moreso when this battle was also somewhat meaningful to many Pokemon fans who were reminded of the very first time Ash lost in his first Pokemon League. To those who watches this, they could tell that this Ash has came a long way from the first started out from Kanto.

    8. Red vs. Giovanni (Adventures) - This isn't just a Gym Battle. This is a battle to end Team Rocket.
    I think we remember the first time we entered the Viridian Gym and battle Giovanni, the leader of Team Rocket in a fair gym battle. In the Pokemon Adventures manga however, it doesn't go for a traditional gym battle. The first time Giovanni enters the scene of the Viridian Gym, he plays mind games with Red. The man can read him like a book, cause Red to make hasty decisions out of frustration leading to mistakes. Giovanni explains that trainers who simply command their Pokemon don't have what it takes to be a great trainer. The trainer's reaction-timing, speed and thinking skills are just as important and the thing is. He's actually right at least lore-wise anyway and this is what Giovanni's Gym Battle is based around. It's a battle of not only Pokemon but also a test of a trainer's skills. It's here that Giovanni is freaking OP. As in this guy can easily overpower Cynthia's Garchomp from the anime. Battles are a form of character interactions and from this we see that Giovanni has gotten so strong that he's grown bored of his strength. The battle causes so much destruction within the gym and Red is the first trainer in a long time to actually force Giovanni to use his ground-type specialty and his ground-types are no joke as their power and speed are insane. For example, Nidoking's fissure literally destroys the entire gym with one blow. This is one of the most amazing Pokemon battles in the history of the Pokemon series. A lot of strategic choices and powerful blows happen here. In fact this is easily better than Ash vs. Alain so why isn't this higher? Even though the build-up and action is amazing, the problem this battle has is how it ends, more specifically it's a problem that a lot of Gen 1 adaptations have and that's adapting around the limitations of Gen 1's experimental battle system. For those who play competitive, you understand that so many Gen 1 Pokemon had a severe lack of type-coverage and we see that flaw through how it ends here. Red realizes this isn't just a Gym Battle but this is a battle to end Team Rocket for good. A lot of things are at stake here and Red manages to outsmart Giovanni, Pikachu's Thunderbolt overpowering Nidoqueen, a ground-type. This is arguably the most epic game-breaking finishing blow in the history of Pokemon.

    7. Cynthia vs. Cyrus (Adventures)- Cynthia the Young Inexperienced Pokemon Champion
    So you might be wondering why I mentioned Cynthia of the anime specifically in the previous examples and not just Cynthia in general. If you watch the DP anime, then you know that Cynthia is one of the most OP trainers in the anime-verse. The manga-verse is different. In the manga, Cynthia is sort of a younger and newer Pokemon champion, an inexperienced Pokemon Champion you could say. Basically she is still overpoweringly strong but she still has so much to learn and master about the world of Pokemon. It's through this however that we get to see that she has a lot of character progression here, step-by-step becoming the OP Pokemon Champion people recognize in the anime. It's through the fact that she still has a lot to learn that she runs into trouble with Cyrus. Adventures Cyrus is also one of the strongest OP trainers of the Pokemon series just in general. In fact if he could, he could probably challenge the Elite Four and defeat them as well. Here he pushes the Pokemon Champion to a corner. Cynthia is literally having a lot of trouble beating Cyrus. He is not using tricks. This is a fair Pokemon battle. He's not even using tricks in terms of Pokemon battling, He's using brute force and this alone is overpowering many of Cynthia's Pokemon, even her signature Garchomp is having trouble. It's an awesome battle to not only show just how strong Cyrus is but that not all Pokemon Champions are as invincible as they seem, that they too still have some room to grow, especially ones who are still fairly new to the position. In fact Cynthia has been pushed to a corner so much that she's forced to use an extremely powerful but incomplete Draco Meteor to end this once and for all. Even though it's incomplete, it's an awe-inspiring scene that even takes Cyrus by complete surprise.

    6. Everyone vs. Giratina (Adventures) - A battle of Battle Legends and Legendaries.
    In the Platinum Chapter, it has a lot of fanservice but that's okay as it actually enhances the plot, not stalls it. In fact it leads up to one of the greatest Pokemon battles in Pokemon history. Think of almost every Battle Legend and Legendary Pokemon going up against Giratina in his own domain, the distortion world. It's so awesome. Flint and Volkner regain their passion for battling by literally battling Giratina and actually doing a fair amount of damage to the healthy legendary. The stat trainers (think people like Riley or Cheryl) join the fight against Team Galactic during this chaos. Platinum, Pearl and Diamond team up with Palkia and Dialga. The Rotom forms make their first appearance in action. Diamond's Regigigas is an absolute beast that can take on Giratina 1 on 1. Darkrai, Cresselia and Heatran join the fight! And Cyrus. This is probably Cyrus's most epic and beautiful moment in the Pokemon series. It is so awesome. And how it ends? It ends with a far more experienced Cynthia using a complete Draco Meteor, delivering an absolutely devastating blow to the tired Giratina.

    5. Everyone vs. Fake Kyogre (Adventures) - The Ultimate Pokemon Fanservice to surpass Metal Gear.
    There is so much cool stuff going on in the Emerald chapter but in general this is a battle against a massive Fake Kyogre flooding the Battle Frontier and it's up to every single protagonist up to Gen 3 to stop it together using the ultimate elemental moves. For those who weren't here for the Gen 3 games, those would be Blast Burn, Hydro Cannon and Frenzy Plant which were really hyped up for many kids back than. Honestly in some ways it feels like the Battle Frontier vs. False Kyogre as False Kyogre does some serious flooding damage to the place. In some panels, it actually looks pretty like the thought of Atlantis. So how do they deal with False Kyogre with the ultimate elemental moves? Well first off, they don't really do it right off the bat. The protagonists together first have to deal with an onslaught of berserk rental Pokemon caused by the villain. Then they have to deal with the villain directly themselves, more specifically Red's Poliwrath and Gold's Politoed team up in a epic tag-team clash against the villain, destroying his armor through a specific exploit in the armor's properties. After this, the three generations of protagonists team up together and send the finishing blow to False Kyogre... except that wasn't the finishing blow and it turns out it's not enough. The finishing blow all ends with Yellow and the Pikachu family's Volt Tackle attacks. Pika, ChuChu and Pibu launches a combined Volt Tackle assault against False Kyogre, delivering the finishing blow to False Kyogre, ending the attempt to flood the Battle Frontier. With that, a happy future shines brightly on them.

    4. Mewtwo vs. Deoxys (Adventures) - Mewtwo is pushed to his limits.
    This is arguably the greatest Mewtwo battle in the Pokemon series. This is a battle where Mewtwo is in a fair 1-on-1 fight against Deoxys. These two Pokemon share the title the "Genetic Pokemon" and the "DNA Pokemon" which means the exact same thing however these two Pokemon couldn't be more different and it is here that Mewtwo is actually pushed to his limits. Thanks to the ruby and sapphire jewels Deoxys has obtained, Deoxys has access to all four of his regional-locked forms at quick succession. For those who were not here for Gen 3, Deoxys was hyped up as one of the promotional legendaries of Gen 3. However much of the marketing explained that he can only have access to his Normal form in Ruby and Sapphire, Attack and Defense in FRLG and Speed form in Emerald and that's how it works here for the manga due to the regional climates of Hoenn and Kanto. However Deoxys is no longer hindered by those limitations and proves to be not only a strong foe but one that actually overpowers Deoxys thanks to his quick form changes into the ultimate attack, defense and speed that surpasses Mewtwo and it is here that Mewtwo takes so much damage that he can barely lift a finger. For the first time, readers realize that Mewtwo could actually lose this fair 1-on-1 fight. However thanks to Red's careful planning and quick-second reaction, Mewtwo quickly delivers one powerful blow, albeit barely, to Deoxys's crystal core, where the ruby and sapphire jewels are stored, disrupting Deoxys's quick and accessible form change.

    3. Everyone vs. Lysandre (Adventures) - Gurren Lagann levels of badassery and craziness.
    An Adventure fan once told me that the fight between Xander and Lysandre was on Gurren Lagann levels of badassery and craziness and I couldn't agree with him more as Xander (the manga equivalent of Calem) does the seemingly impossible but at the same time, it makes so much sense that it doesn't actually breaks the game lore. Lysandre has controlled Zygarde and Yveltal and all he needs left is Xerneas. Zygarde is a very overpowering legendary, able to defeat Mega Charizard Y, Mega Gardevoir and even Mega Mewtwo, albeit through an exploit in Mewtwo's weakness. This isn't even his final form and Zygarde accomplishes this. So what does Xander do? He takes the Mega Rings from Green, Diantha, Blaine, Yvonne (the manga equivalent of Serena) and Korrina and places it upon himself. Through his five potentially mega-evolved Pokemon, he manages to shock everyone, even Lysandre, bypassing the one-trainer one-Pokemon mega evolution limit. It's through this that Xander gains a team of Mega Evolutions and with this he challenges the overpowering legendary, Zygarde. This is not by all means perfect. The amount of energy it takes to wield so many mega evolutions is draining his stamina and Lysandre realizes this. Luckily Diantha and Green team up to stop Lysandre's other Pokemon from attacking Xander. At the same time Xander's best friend, Yvonne assists him by having her Sylveon use misty terrain, halving Zygarde's devastating dragon-types moves and through this, Xander launches the finishing blows to Zygarde. Even worst for Lysandre is that these blows have exhausted Zygarde to the point that his cells are deteriorating causing an ironic blow to the villain itself. To say this was quite an insane battle would be an understatement.

    2. Red vs. Green (Adventures) - The very first adaptation of Red vs. Green of the Pokemon League.
    This was the battle that every Pokemon fan was waiting for, Red vs. Green. For those who didn't read the Adventures manga, they had to resort to watching the anime which depicted Ash vs. Gary after five long-spanning seasons of Pokemon. If they wanted a more accurate adaption of Red vs. Green outside of the manga, they had to wait till 6 generations of Pokemon to see Pokemon Origins. To those who read the Pokemon Adventures manga however, this was truly the first time Pokemon fans get to see Red vs. Green at the Pokemon League outside of the video games and it did not disappoint. This wasn't just an awesome battle showcasing their skills but also showed how much they changed. Green is no longer as arrogant and cocky as he was before. He has learned to care his Pokemon not as tools to get stronger but as friends with memorable experiences. Red's skills as a battler has only gotten stronger, through his friendship with his Pokemon he has manage to use some shockingly unorthodox tactics that will amaze you. If were extending this to the Pokemon League, there is also Blue the female protagonist who moments ago was a slippery mischievous thief is now crying in tears of joy as Prof. Oak comforts her like grandfather. I suppose you could say that Prof. Oak is everyone's grandpa lol. There was truly a lot of character development that lead up to and during this battle, so how did it turn out? Words could not do this battle justice. Every blow, quick decision and planning here counts to the point that it feels like a game of chess of trying to outsmart the other opponent ahead of time. How does it end? It ends with Red's Venusaur delivering quite a "shocking" finish to Charizard thanks to Red's genius battling skills and planning ahead of time. No one expected it would end like this. When the battle ends, the two part ways not necessarily as rivals but as friends with a newfound respect for each other.

    1. Everyone vs. The Mask of Ice - This felt like a celebration of the Pokemon series, a time when Gen 2 was supposed to be the last Pokemon games.
    For those who don't know, Gen 2 was supposed to end the Pokemon series with an epic bang. Similarly, Pokemon Adventures GSC chapter does the same thing with an epic reunion of Gen 1 and Gen 2 trainers teaming up against the mysterious Mask of Ice. I won't spoil who the villain behind the mask is but I will mention the action. The endgame storyline starts off with an exciting tournament between the Gym Leaders of Kanto and Gym Leaders of Johto before it escalates in a full-on Team Rocket invasion of the Pokemon League. Now the exciting tournament between Kanto and Johto Gym Leaders evolves into an exciting battle between the 16 Gym Leaders together against Team Rocket. Things only get better from there. The Tower Duo, Ho-Oh and Lugia, have gone berserk and the Pokdex Holders are powerless to stop them. So what happens? Other Pokemon trainers assist as in hundreds, possibly thousands of unnamed Pokemon trainers, young, new, veterans and newbies, anyone who loves Pokemon sending their own teams of Pokemon to deal with the fearsome Tower Duo. Heart-felt and epic reunions are made and shocking truths are revealed. Not only that but a new Pokemon team-member is born, Pibu the Pichu who is the son of Champion Red's PIikachu, Pika and Yellow's Pikachu, ChuChu. You can tell that Pibu is definitely the son of a champion Pikachu as he literally obliterates the Mask of Ice's attacks right from birth. It eventually ends with a battle between the Pokedex Holders of Gen 1 and Gen 2, the legendary beasts and the Mask of Ice himself. This villain knows he has already lost the match, only trying to stall time through his ice-clones who put up a good fight but are ultimately destroyed. How does so much exciting action end? It ends as a race against time, literally and figuratively. It's kind of strange though. This massive battle-spanning storyline doesn't actually end with a blow to the villain or his Pokemon. You'd have to read it to find out but it ultimately ends with the Pokdex Holders of Gen 1 and Gen 2 looking to a bright future.
    Last edited: Dec 2, 2018
  2. Ignition

    Ignition Well-Known Member

    I'll give s couple based on different media (I haven't read the manga due to disliking it heavily fyi)

    Ash vs Gary: Clash of 2 childhood rivals. Every 90s kid thought this was the climax of Ash's adventures. Even though this match is massively overrated, Charizard vs Blastoise saved it.

    Ash vs Nolan: First instance of Ash defeating a Legendary (put aside the type advantage lol). Plus I like aerial battles.

    Ash vs Spencer: I liked how they were constantly moving while battling. This was also a nice way for Sceptile to show off its new found power.

    Ash vs Brandon: Nostalgia, I always laugh at Charizard's easy defeat. and Pikachu Volt Tackling Regice was so cool to younger me.

    Ash vs Paul(Sinnoh League): The best battle in the anime to date (Alain who?). All I can say (without getting too ranty) is this is the best climax to a rivalry in the anime. The final part with a confident Ash controlling Blaze Infernape is still thrilling.

    There's a lot more in DP but meh. XY had Ash vs Grant (nice strategy), Ash vs Korrina (still hate her but Mega Lucario was dope), Ash vs Clemont (Bide too OP plz nerf), and Ash vs Swayer (best Kalos match). Oh and Zygarde Core Enforcing the Megalith (is that a battle or a curbstomp lol?)
    SM is lacking

    The games:
    Kanto & Johto was boring
    -Vs Steven: first difficult champion (in Pokémon standards). He kept getting Meteor Mash & Anicent Power boosts. I always beat the Champion's ace with my starter so it was tough
    -Vs Cynthia: hardest battle in Pokémon history from the best Champion? Makes sense. I was struggling with this as a child to say the least. Mach Punch saved my ass.
    Cyrus is the same as Cynthia
    BW was boring. Though I did have fun facing Cheren.
    Vs Colress: great theme. He's the only Plasma character I can tolerate & his team has a nice scifi theme.
    Vs Iris: The Unova Champion who actually matters. Great background and theme.
    Hugh was cool but lackluster.
    Lysander because he actually impressed with his convictions unlike Ghetsis.
    Gladion because he's my favorite rivalry after Barry
    Kukui because he's best professor
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  3. shoz999

    shoz999 Accumula Town

    Let's take a look at the ones you described in more detail. Also if you haven't read the manga because you already dislike it... then that's even more of a reason to read it lol. The lower the expectations, the more amazing the surprise and Pokemon Adventures is already amazing for established fans with high expectations.

    Ash vs Gary: Honestly I thought it was overrated too. The battle was just too slow and the build-up wasn't that good because of how stretched it is across the Kanto and Johto regions. Honestly I think the Pokemon League episodes are actually the first time we get to see Gary as more of a random rival who pokes fun at Ash, without even battling him that much, and as a character with his own dreams and aspirations. But yeah, Charizard vs. Blastoise was awesome. I liked how Charizard heated up the battlefield to his advantage.

    Ash vs Nolan: This was one of the best aerial battles in the Pokemon anime series. Also not everyday do you see Charizard challenging and defeating a legendary Pokemon. It's funny how in XYZ, we get to see Zapdos who is freaking massive but here, Articuno and Charizard are like around the same size lol.

    Ash vs Spencer: I don't know about you but this gave me nostalgia of the Pokemon Adventures manga how trainers often battle alongside their Pokemon by moving around and reacting swiftly outside of the usual official battles. In fact this reminds me of the greatest Pokemon battle that involves trainers moving around, Red vs. Giovanni from Pokemon Adventures.

    Ash vs Brandon:
    This was definitely one of Ash's greatest feats, a testament of how he defeated one of the most OP trainers in the anime. I personally though Brandon's Lock-On mechanics were freaking awesome. It reminded me of Pokemon Adventures, how Lance's Dragonite's Hyper Beam can change angles. Although to be honest, I think Emerald vs. Brandon is far better for three simple thing. The build-up, how Emerald had to go to find items, risk dealing with virtual trainers and other dangers that lied in the dungeon-like Battle Pyramid more accurately based on the games. Second, the fact that they incorporated competitive mechanics of Gen 3 into the battle made things much more satisfying and more riskier for Emerald's Pokemon who were already poisoned before they came to the top. Third HOLY CRAP! Your reminded how absolutely monstrously huge Registeel, Regice and Regirock are in the manga. They literally give off the atmosphere of titans. Because of this, Emerald vs. Brandon had a more David and Goliath feel to it then the anime take and I personally though was a far more satisfying, and to an extant hilarious ending to it. In fact, I'd probably put it in my Top 20.


    Ash vs Paul(Sinnoh League):

    Ash vs Paul is definitely one of the best rivalries but honestly I still think the Alain battle was better as it wasn't just a great climax to a rivalry, it felt like a great climax to the entire Pokemon series to those who first saw Ash lose in the very first Pokemon League. It shows how much Ash has come far from six generations of Pokemon animation. Whether you hate the fact that he lost or not, this Ash really has come far in the long-run and it feels satisfactory that he made it to the finals, especially when Ash shows off his skills. I don't think the anime can really top this in the future. They really should've made Ash won the Pokemon League right there and now. I seriously can't imagine how the anime crew can ever EVER top that. Also in terms of build-up, I actually think that Alains was better than Paul for the simple fact that Paul never really interacts with much of the conflict going on in Sinnoh, Team Galactic, whereas Alain does. In fact most of Ash's interactions with Paul are just Pokemon battles for the most part. The only time he does anything else is assist Ash against Team Rocket one time. Another would be through his Torterra helping out Ash's Grotle. In fact Ash vs. Paul kind of felt like it was less about the rivalry and more of how Infernape develops as a character. I suppose another reason why I'd put it in my Top 20 and not Top 10 is because I've seen this before only done better in terms of build-up, action, planning and execution.

    More specifically Red vs. Green. Even in the games and to an extant of the anime, Green the rival often saw his Pokemon as nothing more than tools to victory. He often boasted how he was a talented genius. In the games, we see him have a Raticate only to later ditch it for a far stronger Gyarados. Green is like this in Pokemon Adventures as well, in fact some Adventure fans think Paul is more closer to Green's character from the games and manga then he actually to Silver as some people have compared. One similar thing is their relatives. Paul hates the fact that his brother gave up being a Pokemon Trainer after one single loss against Brandon. Green's backstory however feels a bit more realistic then Paul's talented brother giving up after just one loss. It's something the anime absolutely fails to understand about Green that the manga and generations anime adaptation captured. Green lives in Prof. Oak's shadow, he's only recognized by so many people early on because of his famous grandpa. He's often referred to as Oak's Grandson or that's Green, the grandson of Oak. He's never referred to as simply Green for his own accomplishments early on and when he is noticed by his accomplishments, people often add he must've accomplished so much thanks to being the grandson of Prof. Oak. Green is annoyed of this. He wants to stand as his own trainer which is why he almost never brags about his grandpa being the great Prof. Oak in the games, manga and generations adaptation. Green in fact is annoyed at being compared to anyone really, he wants to be recognized for his own strength alone and through this he sees Pokemon as nothing more than tools to victory but Red thinks otherwise, wanting to be friends with Pokemon which completely dumbfounds Green. In one hilarious moment, Red and Green end up mistakenly switching Pokemon teams by accident. Red decides to befriend Green's Pokemon by having a swim in the lake while Green excessively trains Red's Pokemon to their limits. Once the mistake is realized, Red ends up getting chased by his own Pokemon for what Green put them through lol. Green on the other hand is frustrated that Red didn't seem to train his Pokemon at all but he has noticed something is different about them, the way they happily smile at him like a friend. This is just one of many moments that the build up to the upcoming final battle between Red and Green feels like a satisfying pay-off. In fact in some ways it reminds you of competitive Pokemon, not in terms of competitive mechanics but how you have to plan ten steps ahead of the other player to land the finishing blow like chess. This battle displays not only how much they change but their skills as a trainer. Green follows more closely to the mechanics of the Pokemon games but Red on the other hand thinks creatively outside of the box, using different moves in unorthodox ways. Anyways, getting back to the original topic, Ash vs. Paul. I'd put it in my top twenty. It's definitely the best rivalry but I wouldn't say it's the best Pokemon battle in the anime.

    Overall I think your list is pretty good, including the XYZ battles you mentioned.
  4. Ignition

    Ignition Well-Known Member

    Let me rephrase: I've read the original and GS arcs of the manga and I dislike it so I haven't given it a second thought.

    Ash vs Alain felt so lack luster. There was barely any personal tension once you put aside this is the finals. Matches like Weavile vs Noivern, Goodra vs Bisharp, and Pikachu vs Charizard just felt so boring. Alain is also a boring character and his battle style is just brute force. Not to mention that damn orange Water Shuriken that served no purpose. Match was just glorified hype bait in my eyes and the only thing I liked was Pikachu defeating two pseudo legends. I know everyone & their mother gets all jittery over this but I don't see it
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  5. shoz999

    shoz999 Accumula Town

    Fair enough. I suppose you made up your mind for both Pokemon Adventures and Ash vs. Alain.

    Back to the subject then, you know what's a really awesome Pokemon Battle! More specifically battles! Platinum (The Manga Equivalent of Dawn) challenging the Sinnoh Battle Frontier with all of her Pokemon she's gained through her Pokemon Journey challenging the Gym Leaders. IT'S SO FREAKING GOOD! I liked how in one scenario she's forced to switch her Pokemon team with the opponent's Pokemon team during the Battle Arcade! Or how she outsmarts Factory Head Thorton with rental Pokemon! Or the time she beats Darach and causes Unova Elite Four Member Caitlin to grow crazy because she hasn't found a proper opponent in a long time lol. The Battle Frontier battles of Pokemon Adventures are so much fun.
  6. RedJirachi

    RedJirachi Veteran member

    Cynthia is in my eyes one of, if not the best champion battle of all
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  7. shoz999

    shoz999 Accumula Town

    Oh yeah. In the Pokemon Adventures manga, she progresses as a Champion that still has a lot to learn. Easily her greatest feat of strength out of any version of Cynthia so far is that...

    she landed an awe-inspiring jaw-dropping finishing blow to one of the most feared legendaries in Pokemon history. It's so freaking amazing that I honestly can't think of any other Cynthia moment that can top that.

    I mean the legendary's reaction was probably like, "Oh, now that's just cuuu... OH S******T!"
    Last edited: Dec 3, 2018

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