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Greatest Trainer Duos/Tag-Teams

Discussion in 'Poképolls' started by shoz999, Oct 23, 2018.

  1. shoz999

    shoz999 Sonic's the name! Speed's my game!

    Basically this is about what you think is the greatest Trainer Duo/Tag-Team you've seen in the games, anime, manga and heck, in the future the Trading Card Game if you want since they are introducing Tag-Team cards sometime later. So what do you think is the Greatest Trainer Duo or Tag-Team?

    I'll start off with my favorite. Volkner and Flint of Pokemon Adventures.


    So if anyone played the Diamond and Pearl games, you know that Flint is an awesome energetic guy while Volkner is completely bored of Pokemon battles due to being too strong. In fact in the Pokemon Adventures manga, Volkner is so strong that he easily defeats two fellow Gym Leaders and an experienced Platina (the manga equivalent of Dawn). So what makes Flint and Volkner an awesome duo/tag-team in Pokemon Adventures?

    Some spoilers but what re-invigorates Volkner's love for Pokemon battles is that Volkner and Flint challenge Giratina, the creation dragon of anti-matter lol! They aren't afraid, they aren't escaping like most characters would do in a situation against a dangerous legendary, they just straight-up come to the distortion world and challenge Giratina to a Pokemon Battle and they actually fight really well against the dragon. They are so strong that they are one of the few Pokemon trainers to do some serious damage to Giratina together. It's pretty funny that it takes a freaking legendary to reinvigorate Volkner's love for Pokemon battles and you can clearly see in the image below that Volkner and Flint are having A LOT of fun. I REALLY want to see this Pokemon battle expanded upon and animated. They are just having so much fun taking on this monster-of-a-Pokemon!

    Last edited: Oct 23, 2018
  2. I found it amazing when Red's Poliwrath and Gold's Politoed worked together against Guile (The Armored Man).
  3. shoz999

    shoz999 Sonic's the name! Speed's my game!

    OH MY GOD THAT WAS SUCH A BADASS AWESOME MOMENT! I loved how Red and Gold exploited the weakness in Guile Hideout's armor. They don't explain it. Poliwrath and Politoed just show it without Red and Gold explaining a single word and it's SO FREAKING GOOD! Back than my mind was blown because it's so obvious but at the same I time I completely forgot that Guile's armor had BOTH the strengths and weaknesses of the properties it was copying. This is just one of the reasons why the Pokemon Emerald Arc has the ultimate Pokemon fanservice. I suppose the GSC arc is a strong competitor though.

    Last edited: Oct 25, 2018
  4. Ignition

    Ignition Smug Smasher

    Volkner & Flint are easily my favorite. Everything about their dynamic reminds me of my best friend
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  5. shoz999

    shoz999 Sonic's the name! Speed's my game!

    I wouldn't call it the greatest Trainer Duos/Tag-Team but it's definitely one of the best references to a certain duo from a certain movie! That's Butler and Diane from Jirachi Wishmaker who made a cameo appearance in Pokemon Diamond & Pearl in a double battle. Not only do they have the names but they do have quotes that do a fair job of representing the characters.
    Butler, "Did you enjoy the show! Super fabulous wasn't it?"
    Diane, "I grew up together with Butler and my team, right from my childhood. All our memories, we've always shared them."

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