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Greatest "Travelling with Companions" storylines!

Discussion in 'General Pokémon Discussion' started by shoz999, Oct 8, 2018.

  1. shoz999

    shoz999 The Legend of Mudkip

    I am honestly surprised there appears to be no genre for your classic "traveling with your companions" story lines that you see in movies like Stand By Me. Although I suppose then too many movies could possibly fit in such an obscure genre. Anyways, all you have to do is name your favorite story-line or more that consist of a character traveling in groups for most of the duration of the journey. For example, Ash, Clemont, Serena and Bonnie during the XY/XYZ storyline. Unfortunately I suppose that means a lot of the Pokemon games and Adventure story arcs are omitted. However...

    My favorite "Travelling with Companions/Quasi-Roadtrip" story line is... Pokemon Adventures - XY Story Arc !

    "We all lose a turn. Cause some men just want to watch it burn. They've set up the system. The game is fixed. And if they win the future very well may not exist. Boys and girls it's time to wake up! The heat is too intense and you've had enough. So bring it back around!"

    This isn't actually from the manga but rather from a certain song. It feels like the dialogue was ripped straight out of the manga, perfectly describing what the story is about. But if your still confused, what's the story about here?


    On the run in a Team Flare-controlled Kalos

    It's about five companions, "X" (will call him Calem) the introvert who doesn't trust adults, "Y" (will call her Serena) the talented girl challenging her mother's authority, Trevor the kind-hearted scholarly narrator of the story, Tierno the rap dancing dreamer and Shauna, the snide but emotional girl who dreams of becoming a professional Furfrou stylist. I bet you guys and gals have at least one of these people as a friend in your life. You know the funny thing is Trevor, Tierno and Shauna are often considered great examples of how forgettable friendly rivals are, however here in the manga they are memorable supporting characters who make the journey a lot more memorable! We see them staying at hotels together, eating lunch together, exploring all sorts of locations together and of course go on adventures together meeting new people and Pokemon, especially Pokemon because a lot of the wild Pokemon they catch cause them a lot of unnecessary problems at first, it's actually quite funny. Later on, this journey literally turns into your classic road-trip story of a group of friends traveling across the European-esque countryside! I feel like out of all the unique characters that make up a group in the Pokemon series, these five are strangely the most relatable as a group in any Pokemon series.

    So why are they going on a journey together? Well it's more like they are forced to, on the run from Team Flare who literally controls almost everything in the Kalos region from businesses to the people's trust. The thought of this is actually quite intimidating and this easily makes this version of Team Flare the best adaptation of what many perceived as the most forgettable villain group.

    What's worse is that Team Flare is responsible for the destruction of their hometown, kidnapping all the adults who oppose them there, including Serena's mother. So these goonies are on the run, scared and unsure what to do, having a hard time trusting any adult since most of them have been bought out or convinced by Team Flare to join their side. It gets even worst that they not only saw something they weren't supposed to see but Trevor takes a photo of the man watching all of this destruction, evidence of who was involved. It freaks him out when that same man, Lysandre, smiles at Trevor like a friend making Trevor extremely nervous, demanding that picture back. So with them being on the run, who can they turn to? Well that's easy, the Pokemon Association which comprises of Gym Leaders, Elite Four, the Pokemon Champion and to an extant, the PC Admin. The five-kid journey is freaking awesome. They see different sights of the European-esque Kalos, there is this one point they have a small road trip, they meet a guy named Cassius, the PC admin of the Kalos region, who is given a more substantial and memorable role here than the games and anime (I bet most of you have no clue who Cassius even is unless you read the manga lol), they deal with the fact that kids aren't taken seriously by adults, they learn Mega Evolution from Korrina and they meet returning battle legend, Green from Kanto, while also trying to deal with Team Flare who are on the hunt for Xerneas and Yveltal. Best of all we get to see how they change over time, like Calem, a depressed loner, giving out a smile to his friends from time to time without realizing it.

    I just love this 5-kid character dynamic over the usual Ash and friends character dynamic. You know, ever since I've read this manga, I do think it's actually possible for Ash and his Alolan friends making into a 6-kid crew to travel together across the Alolan region. That would be so interesting to see what character dynamics unfold on the move, especially since a lot of locations from the Sun and Moon games, albeit minor ones, have missed their opportunity to appear.


    Also XY just has the most adorable take on a Charmander I've ever seen! Just look at him smiling, trying to keep his tail away from the burnable grass that could lead to disastrous wildfires spreading across the Kalos region.
    Last edited: Nov 19, 2018

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