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Greetings from a friendly Froslass o/

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Hi everyone o/

I'm YunUroko, though you can call me Yunu. I'm a long time Pokémon fan (I have been hooked to the series when I was what... 6...? Yeah, it's been a long time), to the point that I'm currently working on a thesis on the subject !
I have known about Serebii for a long time, but it's only now that I've decided to join the community.

My three favorite types are Poison, Ghost and Bug, the latter two mostly due to how much fun I have drawing them. And, even though I love all of the games, Johto still is my favorite region, Pokémon Gold having been my very first game ever (though, if they eventually happen to make a third Kalos game, and include the southern part of France/Kalos in it, this may or may not come to challenge my ranking... Come on GF, there are so many wonderful places down the Loire !)

I have recently started doing some competitive teams, but I mostly spend my time Nuzlocking and/or shiny hunting (heck, just a few days ago, one of my friends won her bet of me hatching a shiny before finishing to breed my Mono Poison Team xD )
Also, I have renewed with the anime thanks to the Kalos series, and I can't wait to see the next movie. Finally, Ho-Oh is given some love !
Not open for further replies.