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Greta Fan Club

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Arena Tycoon Slaking

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Approved by Psi Umbreon

Welcome To the Greta Fan club where it is the place to talk anything about Greta

1) All SPPf rules
2) Do not go off topic
3) No Bashing at all
4) NO swearing or cursing ever
5) No fighting, please ever
6) Me or any Co-Owner is allowed to ban you, if you break any of our rules 3 times
7) Do NOT bash/flame others opinions; and respect other users
8) No double/triple/whatever! posts. We have an edit button
9) If you're banned, don't complain. If you got banned only once or twice, you still can come back
10)And any Co-owners can let you join
11)and most importantly Have Fun

I'm going to have 3 co owners and then we can start some topics

Members list

Owner: *Mind Reader
Co-Owner: XxGreivousxX
Co-Owner: Greta Lover
Co-Owner: Ash Pikachu

Have fun everybody:D
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I don't know........
I'll join! Greta's the best! I've never seen a girl do karate as great as she does!


I don't know........
Don't mind at all!


I don't know........
Okie! Let's wait! Mind if I hyperlink this club to my sig?


Coal Trainer
Can I join too? I liked Greta too.


Coal Trainer
Yes, I want to be a co-owner too.
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