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Grievousdude's team BLOWS.. or does it, hmmm :D


Piplup says GTFA!!
so i need you guys' help kayy
bare with me i know u've probly seen like 54651341654 different teams with the same basic stuff

well thnx for comming and helping anyways :)

alright here we go:

nature: adamant
item: ??

Flare Blitz
Dragon Claw

nature: calm
item: ??

Ice Beam
Flash Cannon

nature: timid
item: ??

Sludge Bomb
Energy Ball
Weather Ball
Sunny Day

nature: adamant
item: ??

Brave Bird
Close Combat

nature: jolly
item: ??

Brick Break
Thunder Punch
Fire Punch
Ice Punch

nature: jolly
item: ??

Fire Blast
Stone Edge
Dragon Claw


so yeah thnx again
any help is greatly appereciated :D

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Piplup says GTFA!!
i guess.... nothing then?? idk
honestly i see alot wrong with my team but i just wanna know if its fixable or too major.



Well-Known Member
Not just an electric weak, but a MAJOR Bolt Beam weak.

Flash Cannon is incredibly redundant on Empoleon. Grass Knot would be better since it would let it take care of a lot of Bulkywaters, and help with the Beam part of your weakness.I guess Electivire can switch into electric attacks, but I dont see anyone even bothering to use an electric attack on anything other than Empoleon.

Cross Chop>BB on Electivire, Earthquake> Fire punch.

Charizard is really more hassle than it's worth. It does not seem to make a very good lead, and without a rapidspinner or wisher, there's really no safe way in getting it in.


Piplup says GTFA!!
i see...
so for electrivire
cross chop
elect punch
ice punch

meh well my charizard is shiny and i kinda want him leed, but i guess he really doesnt fit into this team, hmmmm

Thank u very much kairyu trainer.
any suggestions?
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Piplup says GTFA!!
wtf... i thought it wouldnt be asking much for someone to reply...