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dunno why I'm looking at a thread that's more than a year old =D
but I was searching for grovyle pokemon mystery dungeon 2 on google ;D
so I only joined cos of this badass poke.
I felt uneasy about dusknoir lol, cos in the game ghost pokemon are never good >.> that gengar from team meanies was evil @ first so he counts too =D
grovyle is Pwn. My partner was a treecko lol so when i heard grovyle came from the future and someone came with him i thought i was his partner and treecko was him in the future :-D i suppose i was half right. grovyle was AWESOME. in all the pokemon games ever, there was never a pokemon with his personality (there was never a pokemon scene in anything that made me cry either, well until grovyle's sacrifice, anyway. both the game and that special episode of PMD3. At least I know that he lives in the future with celebi :) together they r so CUTE.
Please dont revive year old threads
Not open for further replies.