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Grovyle taking on Flannery alone??

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My friend says she used her Grovyle that was between Lv. 31 and 34 and with moves Leaf Blade, Absorb, Cut and Quick Attack to wipe out Flannery. It didn't faint once. Can this realistically be done?


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Yes, if Overheat misses again and again. Accuracy is 90%.

Also, a critical hit Leaf Blade (12.5% chance) would have the power to KO Numel and Slugma and maybe Camerupt in one hit each. Torkoal, if extremely unlucky, would lose as well.

It is improbable, but it is possible whenever an opponent's accuracy is not perfect.


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It is possible if Flannery's moves keep missing.
Also if the pokemon does a dumb move that's not a fire type move...


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Well yes, considering that Grovyle has a high special attack stat and none of Flannery's pokemon can withstand more than two leaf blades from a Sp Atk + natured Grovle, bar Torkoal, it could be done. That is assuming this, and that she managed to get a critical hit with leaf blade on torkoal. Yes, this can be done, I've done it before, it just requires luck with leaf blade's high critical hit ratio and a miss or two with overheat.

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It can be done with a few misses from Flannery's pokemon and a few critical hits from Grovyle.


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Well there you go - with luck and/or some AI stupidity, it can. But it's none too likely, obviously.

Don't see much more discussion coming from this as we've established that fact...so going to close.
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