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GTS Guardians club

Discussion in 'Clubs' started by firewall, Feb 5, 2008.

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  1. firewall

    firewall don't pee in my lake

    Hello, I had an idea that may or may not work out.

    As you know, the gts is full of hacked event legends and it is unfair when anyone gets stuck with one. Such 'pokemon' degrade the quality of the gts trades. We have all complained about it....but why don't we take action?

    There is a way to remove such things from the gts that is simple but requires extremely generous minded people.

    As a GTS Guardian we can make a collective effort to remove fake event legends from the gts by actively fishing them out. By loading something legit onto the gts and asking for mew, celebi or jirachi you may catch the 'illegal' trade and delete it in your version by releasing it. You will need something legit that would actually be worth this type of trade-maybe clone something good.

    So our mission: To make the GTS honest and fair for everyone!

    What if I get a legit pokemon in return That is up to you. You may keep it, trade it, send it back or maybe think of donating it to someone in the trade forum who wants one.

    Members responsibility Post progress reports. If you are uncertain of something, put it up for examination. Be active. If you won't be around, let us know. Otherwise, your member status will become MissingNo status ;000;

    So if you are also disappointed by the tainted reputation of the gts, join us and help make a difference!

    Members ;251; for strong preformances!

    Firewall....owner/Hack hunter;251;
    Helldamphir.........member/hack hunter;000;
    Jean de Kotennoh..........Senior Analyst/ Co-owner
    John Light.............member/hack hunter;251;
    Light venusaur.........Member/hunter/tester;000;
    May's Brother..............Member/hunter/ analyst.;000;
    Johnny Knoxville.............Member/Hunter;251;
    Jack ladder..................member/hunter;251;
    Shiny Palkia................member/hunter;251;

    All members: please format reports as follows:

    Progress Report
    Pokemon Obtained:
    Analysis (ID number, OT, Encounter Location):
    Additional info:
    Action taken:

    Our long overdue banners include:

    choice 1: http://i271.photobucket.com/albums/j...ite/req112.png (Horizantal banner)
    choice 2: http://i217.photobucket.com/albums/c...ll_art/gts.jpg (the jirachi one)
    __________________there are more just don't have links.

    Hacks removed: 223!!!!

    Last edited: Oct 20, 2008
  2. firewall

    firewall don't pee in my lake

    Well unfortunately no members yet. Oh well, here's my initial progress report:

    Date: Feb 06 (yesturday's activities)
    Pokemon Obtained from GTS: Lv. 100 celebi with japanese lettering/ ot.
    Analysis: ID number 31121 and japanese names confirm that this is actually a legit Ageto celebi (what are the odds of getting hacks when looking for legits and legits when hunting hacks?!!!)

    Decided Action: As I already have my very own celebi I don't need another so it will be donated to the Trade Forum.

    If anyone is interested in joining, we need not only 'hunters' but an 'analyst' as well (someone with complete knowledge of legit event legends to help in those tough to determine cases)
  3. HellDhampir

    HellDhampir Vampire Hunter

    well i will join
    because have been trade hacked pokemon before but do you have to limit my self to gts because the wifi chat room has many hackers
  4. firewall

    firewall don't pee in my lake

    Alright! Welcome HellDamphir!

    Yes we are focussing on removing hacks from the gts. When I was getting my jirachi and mew I found that at least 3/4 or 75% were hacks.

    So are you going to be a hunter or an analyst? Or both?

    So the only rules are that we don't send hacks into the gts and we do progress reports here. If you get a legit poke instead of a hack sent to you it is up to you to decide. Just like I did in my first report.

    Welcome aboard and good luck!
    P.S do you have pokemon you can use for this mission that you don't want? Just checking!
  5. firewall

    firewall don't pee in my lake

    Progress Report: Firewall

    Date: Feb 8
    Pulled from GTS: A japanese mew lv.19.
    Analysis: It's ID number and japanese text confirms it is a legit wave mew. Sigh, weird how when I want legits I get the hacks but now it is backwards! Moves have been messed with but that could've been the trainer's fault and not a hack result since the three moves are all tms.

    Decided action: I am donating her to the trade forum.
  6. mrdurp4


    your gona need a co-owner

    soo that means ill join. we need to keep the GTS clean and safe for all
  7. firewall

    firewall don't pee in my lake

    Welcome aboard! So I am sure you know what to do and how to report so lets get cracking! Are you able to hunt?

    Here is one thing to look for: I have noticed one trainer named jesus repeatly for weeks putting up jirachi, always the same location. I know he is handing out AR'd jirachi as he announced his intentions on another forum. If we can grab his and release them that'd be helpful!
  8. Jean de Kotennoh.

    Jean de Kotennoh. Toujours en écrivant

    I certainly like the ideology behind this. It's a very noble kind of thing. I would absolutely LOVE to be a part of it... however... I have no Wi-Fi/GTS access at the moment, and won't until we move out of the apartment complex this summer. (Neighboring routers kill my connections... Sadness.)

    However... if it's something that one could learn to do (I like to think of myself as a competent individual), perhaps I could lend my efforts to analyzing? All I need to know is what kind of things to look for... gah, I'm making a fool of myself. If you think there's any way I could help, please let me know. If anything, I could at least be a kind of forum aid, no?

    Thanks for the consideration,

  9. firewall

    firewall don't pee in my lake

    Sure you can join. For now you can do Analysis. So If there is anything we find and are unsure of its legitimacy you can help make the call. You will need to have a knowledge of event legends such as details it should have. Like the OT, ID, english names or another language, type of ball it should be in, if there are any that could be personally caught or only through downloads. You can help out for sure!

    Welcome aboard!
  10. mrdurp4


    where gona need a banner... soo ill get to work on that in a bit... but in the meantime well need a good motto and links in our sigs
  11. firewall

    firewall don't pee in my lake

    yeah, I was thinking about that. If you are good at banners you can make them. I was thinking of a Jirachi with a confident/brave look on its face holding a sword and shield and in a cool pose and the background is the launch tunnel from the gts. Our motto? I thought of "Hacks stop here" or "GTS Guardians: the defenders of honesty" What do you think? I think whatever we have, should be mutually agreed upon.
  12. John Light

    John Light Well-Known Member

    Can I join,

    I hate hacked pokemon... Especially when they are on the GTS, ripping people off. I have recieved my fair share of fake GTS pokemon

    A level 20 houndour caught in the mining museum

    A dragonite caught in Victory Road

    and some more which I can not remember
  13. firewall

    firewall don't pee in my lake

    Yes you can join. Are you going to be able to find and "destroy" hacks? That's what we do. It takes having some pokemon you don't want anymore that you can send up and potentially pull out a hack. So, the only rules are to release hacks and post regular progress reports like I did. Also, feel free to have input on our banner.

    PS: when I first sought a mew and jirach I got those hacks that are in masterballs with trainers called "AAAAA" or the mew at lv.10 that said fateful encounter at lv.50!

    That's when I came up with this idea.
  14. John Light

    John Light Well-Known Member

  15. firewall

    firewall don't pee in my lake

    Sweet! thanks and welcome aboard!
  16. The King of Ho-oh's

    The King of Ho-oh's <---- Newest Shiny

    I'll join, got a hacked Articuno the other day.
    OT is EEEEEEEEEE. Also if some one gets a
    legit Celebi, Ho-oh, or Mew off the GTS let me know,
    Im lookin for them for my pokedex. I can trade right back.
  17. mrdurp4


    hmmmmmmmm the whole banner thing would be a little hard considering i cant find any picks of Jirachi like that. but i have another idea. i still like the whole sword and shied idea soo we can add that onto a regular trainer. and add him on both sides of the banner. then put a Jirachi in the middle. id then put a gts portal background. sound smashing or what!!!
  18. firewall

    firewall don't pee in my lake

    Excellent! That is pretty cool! Use a male and a female trainer ok? Also, consider whether the jirachi should be a legit aiding us or a hack that looks "glitchy" so the trainers are focussed their attention on it.

    The King of ho-ohs, welcome aboard! So, get after whatever you can hunt and prepare progress reports. So they're coming as "EEEEEE" now? Figures.

    Anyways, so is everyone in agreement with the direction of the banner?
  19. John Light

    John Light Well-Known Member

    Hi, just recieved and 'destroyed' a obviously fake shiny ralts, whose offerer wanted a female elekid level 9 and under

    level 50
    Jolly Nature
    Caught Route 202 at level 50
    OT: DoUgLaS
  20. mrdurp4


    good job john light. that brings our "kill" count up to two.

    oh and by the way if you find a legit event and you dont want it you can give it to me\

    firewall change my job to analyst. im good at that stuff
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2008
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