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GTS stories: It ain't all bad

Mr. Reloaded

Cause a pirate is free
The GTS has become somewhat infamous or rather notorious for it's ludicrous requests and lack of any real moderation (showing off shines by asking for genderless Pokemon but actually being allowed to ask for he genders for example) but for every bad apple, there is a saving grace.

Post away your stories of your rare gettings and what have you.

Got a lot of cool Pokémon in apricot balls off this, and competitive shiny legendaries.


Master of Chaos!
I was trading away a Diglett in wonder trade when I got a shiny Genesect that seems to be legit. I wonder trade breedjects and gotten a shiny Drillbur, one time I even got a Type:Null.

The only shiny trade I waited was a level 100 Shellos.


I got a few Shinies like Achamo and Keromatsu after offering Legendary Pokemon a few months ago, but I doubt that they're even all legit unless it's normal in Gen VII to swap Shinies for average Pokemon.


Well-Known Member
I've managed to find a few Dream Ball Pokemon that were asking for fairly common Pokemon before. Usually they ask for legendaries. I'm ok with this though as I trade shiny Gyarados from Gold VC for virtually anything I ask for. Even got a few shiny legendaries from it. I then trade the regular legends for the Dream Ball 'mons.

I got a few Shinies like Achamo and Keromatsu after offering Legendary Pokemon a few months ago, but I doubt that they're even all legit unless it's normal in Gen VII to swap Shinies for average Pokemon.
Shinies are not all that special anymore so could be.

Mega Altaria

☆~Shiny hunter▢~
I managed to get a Hidden Power Fire Timid Tapu Lele off the GTS luckily in Sun a long time ago. Other than that, I've haven't really gotten too much other good stuff off the GTS really.

Requiem Aeternam

Dance like an eggplant!
I browse the GTS quite a lot and it’s sad that it’s become flooded with hacks and illegal trades over time. I still wish we could hide specific trades so they stopped appearing so it’s easier to find good trades.

I’ve gotten a lot of good Pokémon from the GTS including all the UBs and SM Legendaries for my Living Dex as well as numerous rare Ball Pokémon. I’ve gotten a lot of Apricorn and other rare Ball Pokémon including every kind of starter (barring Alola’s) in at least one different ball. I’m not currently looking for anything in particular so I just browse the GTS to see what I can find.

Sceptile Leaf Blade

Nighttime Guardian
I think the only good thing I got off GTS is a Defiant Farfetch'd from GSC for which I traded a Shuckle. Had to wait weeks before that trade came through, and I needed a Farfetch'd for chain breeding. I almost never trade on GTS anymore, it's just too much of a lottery filled with hacks.


Anime fanatic
If you don't care about the rampant amount of Pokémon obviously made through third party devices or cloned, the GTS is surprisingly a very cool way to get battle ready legendaries once in a blue.

Got 2 shiny Landorus's after trading breeding rejects with 5iv's in Apricot balls.

Kantonian forms you straight up can't get without Pokebank also go for a high price.

Other Pokemon you can't catch in vanilla and USM in apricot balls occasionally get you basic legendaries too. Like Kricketot and Cherubi.

Just gotta know how to play the system.

Mr. Reloaded

Cause a pirate is free

Someone basically just gave away their Heatran they used for VGC (probably 15), I knew because the set it had was basically standard on the infamous CHALK core that was happening at the time. Since you can can't use that Heatran in VGC anymore, the guy must have just felt generous. So thank you.

Also nabbed 2 Modest Heatran, one with HP Ice, another with a bunch of pointless champion ribbons and the ribbon you get for beating Red, so that's cool. Obviously had re-ev train it though.