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Guarding the Guardian of the Mountain! (739)


And, as if by magic, the webmaster appeared...
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Brycen Appears! The Holy Mountain of Volcarona!!

Nearing Icirrus City, Ash & co. are saved from a landslide by Brycen, the Icirrus Gym Leader and former star of various movies. Cilan knows about his new training techniques and he helps teach Ash these training techniques. However, soon after they begin, they get interrupted by a Pokémon Hunter who wants to capture the guardian of the mountain: Volcarona.

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Sick of dealing with idiots.
The Episode starts off with Ash and co. walking down a path.

2 Boulders fall down a nearby rocky cliff, but Beartic and Brycen break them and land on the ground.

Iris is scared and Cilan screams out in happiness.
It's that time again for Pokemon! Looking forward to this! Volcarona FTW!
your not the only one. so many great things in this episode. let's hope it turns out as good as we all hope


Sick of dealing with idiots.
Cilan fanboys over Brycen still.

Cilan calls him an action star.

Cilan: It's Movie Time.

Cilan shook Beartic's right paw. I think that was pretty cute.


Rotom Trainer
Iris is really showing her cowardice, Cilan is showing extreme fanboyness.
Man that is one calm Beartic.


Sick of dealing with idiots.
Flashback or something to Brycen and Beartic training or them being in a movie.

Brycen talks about a nearby Pokemon hunter.

Ash brings out Krokorok for some training and he interacts with Axew. I'm loving this episode already.


Rotom Trainer
Brycen is mega strong!!!
Godly strong even.
How could Ash measure up to THAT?!


Well-Known Member
Does Krokorok see Iris "freezing"?


Rotom Trainer
Ash come on save the Volcarona by catching it!
My poor bug.


Sick of dealing with idiots.
Ash and co. caught up to the hunter and Ash just Pokedex'd Jellicent.

Dare Da? Volcarona.

Time for Jellicent and Krokorok to battle, but it looks like Krokorok's losing.

Stone Edge from Krokorok.
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Rotom Trainer
Come on Krokorok bite the dang things!!
No!!! Bite is disabled!


Sick of dealing with idiots.
Krokorok's starting to do a bit better now, but he gets distracted with the compliments.

Time for Jellicent 2.

Krokorok gets pushed into a cage along with Jellicent.

Brycen steps in.