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Guarding the Guardian of the Mountain! (739)

WaterDragon trainer

Freak Like Me
This was a pretty good episode, though I feel like Volcarona could have done a bit more.


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Fine episode. Seeing Brycen was great as well. The Pokemon Hunter section was okay, but I do wish Volcarona could have done more.


Pokemon Enthusiast
I thought this was a great introduction to Brycen without actually fully introducing him until the last 10 seconds of the episode. I thought the training section was good, showing Brycen and Beartic's prowess which proves they will surely be tough opponents. I also enjoyed Ash's battle with the hunter and it showed that Krokorok could hold it own against 1 Jellicent but Brycen and Beartic managed to finish the battle and save the day!

On to the next one :D.


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I thought the voice actor really did a great job with Brycen, his completely serious tone was a nice change of pace.


Everything stays.
I like the way how the men says "You'll have to beat my Jellicent" using this sentence for the two Jellicent, mwihih.
Anyway, I like this episode, but not too much, there was not a lot of action, and see Ash failed with Krokorok, not a lot interesting.
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lol that magic cage just kept catching everyone. and i wonder why cilan didn't know he was a gym leader, shouldn't all gym leaders know each other?


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Very decent episode, Brycen had a nice introduction & it was well paced. Only gripes I have I would've liked to seen more of Volcarona, TR would've been alot better than just some random hunter, & disappointed that Ash didn't use Pikachu to help him defeat the other Jellicent, but then we probably wouldn't have seen Brycen in action.


Your Big Buff Bro
Really good episode. It wasn't until now that I actually like Brycen. When playing Black and White, I thought ht was bland, since he didn't appeal to me so much. Now that I fully see him as a movie star, has a pretty good character, rather series, he's growing on me. His actions, along with Beartic were spot on.

I also agree this Pokemon Hunter has nothing on J. Not even close. Tricking/Cheating are totally lame moves for a hunter, or anyone really.

Krokorok was awesome as well. I'm glad we got to see more of him during this episode. Both dedicated and silly!

Looking forward to watching the Gym Battle in a bit.


Team Awesome
Mm, not the most interesting episode, and not the most interesting gym leader. The most interesting thing about the episode was it aired on Pokemon's 14th anniversary.



Lover of underrated characters
It was a great episode. Volcarona seemed weak though. I laughed when Ash fell down the waterfall


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Staff member
The first half or so of this episode was great IMO. I really liked how Cilan was such a huge fan of Brycen and knew everything about his movies. Personally, I found Cilan's fanboying to be endearing. The segment in which Ash and Krokorok were trying out Brycen's training methods was just as enjoyable. I loved how Ash and Krokorok weren't that good at copying what Brycen and Beartic were doing and it was funny to see how they would screw up. I think my favourite fail was when Ash fell down the waterfall.

The second part of the episode, with the Pokemon hunter plot, wasn't as interesting to me. I would have liked to see Volcarona do more because it is one of my favourite Unova Pokemon. But, I did like seeing Beartic's strength when it took down both Jellicent.

Overall, I liked the episode.


Just a member
The introduction of Brycen was well-done in this episode, It's cool that he's a movie star and a gym leader too. I liked how he defeated the hunter, His Beartic was strong.
When Cilan recognized who Brycen was, I was thinking "well, I guess I have to eat my words on gym leaders knowing of each other." But, he just recognized him as a movie star instead.
Volcarona sounded like Gollum in this episode. :)