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Guess what i SAW in kecleons shop

Discussion in 'Pokémon Spinoff Discussion' started by Asarath365, May 12, 2007.

  1. Asarath365

    Asarath365 Well-Known Member

  2. Charizard-Master

    Charizard-Master <- My newest hit!!!!

    yes so???? what's so special about it a much belt is not so rare as it first was......
  3. Shiny Trapinch

    Shiny Trapinch Well-Known Member

    Munch Belt's arent rare. Seeing Munchlax is rare and yes, he gives you a Munch Belt but they arent rare.
  4. Ultimate Glalie

    Ultimate Glalie Well-Known Member

    Munch Belts are often found in Kecleon Shops in Wish Cave. They're definetly not rare.
  5. SpriterRs!

    SpriterRs! Shiny Hunter

    Not rare at all.
  6. Asarath365

    Asarath365 Well-Known Member

  7. FrozenDragon55

    FrozenDragon55 Dragon Master

    I found 3 on the ground already.
  8. cfc-4-eva

    cfc-4-eva Well-Known Member

    ^^ same here i often find munch belts lying about on the ground of wish cave
    Rank Up :D
  9. IcyKerpymon

    IcyKerpymon Lan challenges you!

    I dont like Munch Belts... I only use them against bosses, when Im walking in dungeons, I use Tight Bells...
  10. Shinyzubat

    Shinyzubat The Fang Glider

    They aren't so rare. But they cost A LOT...
  11. SpriterRs!

    SpriterRs! Shiny Hunter

    I have like 7-10 of them.
  12. sceptile33

    sceptile33 Well-Known Member

    Munch belts aren't rare, but seeing munchlax sure is.
  13. Skater Trainer

    Skater Trainer Like a Boss

    munch belts arent rare before i stoped playing mystery duengon i found like 11 in wish cave on the floor. munch belts arent rare but seeing munchlax is
  14. IcyKerpymon

    IcyKerpymon Lan challenges you!

    I just sell them, I only use one, against bosses, but without it it would be easy so, I'm selling them all!!!
    Where does Munchlax appear?
  15. Asarath365

    Asarath365 Well-Known Member

  16. DaN ere

    DaN ere Fire Master

    Their not rare but if u see munchlax-that is! has any1 here actually seen him?
  17. Crasher

    Crasher Well-Known Member

    Nope! Where do you find munchlax? I'm glad nintendo added a little teaser of pomemon D/P! Munch belts aren't rare though, sorry.
  18. Shiny qwilfish of doom

    Shiny qwilfish of doom Back in White

    what the ho-oh does munchlax do?eat everthing in your inventory?or just stand there?
  19. Christopher

    Christopher Well-Known Member

    I have loads of munch belts.
    But in wish cave in the kecleon shop, guess what i found.

    A FRIEND BOW!!! They're rare
  20. rayquazadomain

    rayquazadomain Seabrook

    I agree that munch belts arnt rare, but I can beat it, cos I found a munch belt and a mobile scarf lying around in Buried Relic.

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